Controversy at Michael Vick’s high school over displaying his jersey

When Michael Vick went to prison in 2007, Warwick High in Newport News, Virginia, decided to take the jersey he had worn at the school off display. Now there’s a movement to convince the school to put the jersey back up.

School officials told TMZ the jersey will not be put back on display for at least the remainder of this school year, citing a concern that it could be a “distraction to the student’s education” as well as the possibility that the jersey could be vandalized or stolen.

The Virginian-Pilot reports, however, that students have asked the school to hang the jersey, saying they’re proud to attend the alma mater of the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

The controversy over whether to honor Vick at the school now has dueling Facebook pages, Michael Vick High School Jersey Reframed and Michael Vick Petition To Not Rehang His Jersey in Warwick High School.

At the moment, those in opposition to re-hanging Vick’s jersey are winning the battle of Facebook “likes,” 1,046 to 603.

41 responses to “Controversy at Michael Vick’s high school over displaying his jersey

  1. Wait I thought he grew up in that type of “culture”? He is probably their hero.

  2. Doesn’t matter if they put it up, it won’t be long before it comes back down. You don’t just “get better” from being a psychotic maniac.

  3. Well I guess we’ll have to take your word for it xxwhodatxx…you speak like a man who certainly would know.

    Bet the people that don’t want it reframed are not students nor parents of students nor even live in the community of the school at all.

  4. Maybe the labor negotation posts aren’t so bad after all if we are going to get more Mike Vick stories?!?

  5. Half you people on here are absolutely stupid. How long does a man have to show he is doing well until you forgive the man?

    Dante Stallworth killed a human driving drunk. Ray Lewis likely stabbed up his girlfriend.

  6. Hey, I have to go down to Norfolk next week on business. Does anybody know where the GOOD dog fights are being held these days?

  7. Warwick High School is also considering the controversial move of hanging Father-of-the-Year Andy Reid big and tall Tommy Bahama fat shirt as the curtain in the auditorium.

  8. I love dogs as much as everyone else. But this is ridiculous. There are players who hae done FAR worse. LT? Stallworth? Rex Ryan with that foot video? I know you catch my drift.

    Its time to leave Vick alone. He paid his debt. He has lost more $$$ and suffered more than any of those bozo’s and the dude still bounced back! His jersey should still be displayed because he has conquered more than just football. Just sayin…..

  9. Hell….The Wharton School of Business at the University of Penn has taken down photos of disgraced businessmen…Same thing right….It’s a freakin HS jersey, if it hangs or doesn’t hang, how does it effect anyone? Does a sophmore say, you know, i wasn’t gonna drop out, but then they hung Vick’s jersey back up and i got inspired…..Please

  10. 6250-
    You beat me to it! Why not just display Vick himself? ” Look, son. There’s the famous fake quarterback and dog killer…”

  11. he has’nt done anything to make them think of putting it up again.maybe they should put it in the mens lockeroom so people can spit of $hit on it,their choice!

  12. Vick paid the price now let’s move on. There are alot of guys that do wrong things. Look at Ben Roeslingberger, he should be registered as a sex offender. He is always forcing himself on women. Yes, I am an African American woman that is speaking up but since Vick is African American people continue to bash him but Ben continues to do the same thing and nothing is said. Go Eagles !!!

  13. You can kill a man a be forgivin,Kill a animal and your done for life.I am totally against animal cruelty, I own 2 dogs myself and but we just can`t keep harping on this subject let it go already stop living in the past.

  14. LOL. Go ahead and hang his jersey up in a high school. He’s a great role model for young black babies. Meanwhile, I need to drop my kids off at Lawrence Taylor Junior High.

    (Just kidding I don’t have kids I’m not old)

  15. I own an OJ jersey that was given to me by a friend who purchased it back when Simpson was still playing in the NFL. The jersey sat on a wall at his bar in downtown Buffalo for years until his shocking murder trial, then it sat in a box until it was given to me. The point is since it was pulled down it should never be put back up. Even after he was said to be Not Guilty. Once a murderer always a murderer. Even if OJ became a Nobel Peace prize winner, in a box it would still sit.

    To me putting it back up would teach kids the wrong thing.

    Vick may have not murdered a human, but he murdered a humans best friend.

  16. @Northeastern31:

    You’re comparing a guy who put untrained house pets into a ring with pit bulls and laughed and joked while the pit bulls ripped the house pets into pieces to a guy who made a foot fetish video?

    You can stop lying about loving dogs now.

    And who did Michael Vick pay his debt to, exactly? I always love this statement.

    It’s like no matter what you do or how morally corrupt or mentally unbalanced you have to be to do it, once you’re out of prison, you should be considered a completely normal person.

    As if 18 months in prison somehow cleansed your soul of the ability to enjoy screaming, bleeding dogs.

    Because, of course, that’s what prison does. Turns sociopaths into moral, law abiding citizens.

    Happens all the time.

  17. “Vick may have not murdered a human, but he murdered a humans best friend” which is FAR WORSE than killing a human or raping a woman!!!! People can be so stupid sometimes…two sided like a cheap coin. You forgive Ben and OJ and everyone else but not Vick.

    Vick is doing nore through charity than all those bums btw…

  18. Well…being from his hometown…should the jersey be hung in celebration for a lot of the GOOD he did in that town and for that school etc…not the evil deeds?

    and on a similar topic w…hen the hell are you guys gonna stop hanging that damn rebel flag …and keep using the excuse Southern Pride…maybe when a black man stuffs it down a rednecks throat…

  19. @6250 & @kevsright…those types of racially charged comments should be reserved for…thanks

  20. @ ocho& pnoty96

    Maybe there are some extreme comments(hanging) but aside from those, just because someone makes a negative comment about a black man doesn’t make it racist like most uneducated people think everyone has equal opportunities to succeed or do terrible things so don’t get mad cause “ya boy” screwed himself

  21. @ladydawk

    I believe that being forced to register as a sex offender, there first must be criminal charges filed, a trial then follows, and, depending upon whether or not the jury in said trial returns a guilty verdict, then and only then are convicted people forced to register as sex offenders.

    Uh, is it just me, or are you as dense as you seem to be?

  22. xxxwhodatxxx what are you even talking about? Did you even read what i wrote? I didnt address nor did i find offensive other than those “extreme” comments…get a clue

  23. Just hang his jersey upside down with a picture of a dead dog. Teach those future high school drop outs what NOT to do with their young lives. They get visuals, not history.

  24. They should hang vick not his jersey he did it to the cute little pittys
    This is the school that taught him and molded him into the scum that he is?

    Did they not teach him anything there?

    Hang his mug shot and a sign saying study or this could be you

  25. I am ALL FOR hanging Vick’s Jersey, preferably around his neck high from a tall tree with him in it.

  26. The media wont say it because its a sensitive issue. I have always said no opinion is wrong. But in this case…. ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO CONTINUE TO BASH VICK ARE THE REAL LOWLIFES. ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHICH IS WHY THIS WORLD AND SOCIETY KEEPS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE. The man went to prison for god sakes. Your like them actors in “The Passion Of The Christ” movie where they do not accept any punishment from the king accept crucification. You people are are pathetic. +1 for hanging it!!!

    Next time “THE LAW” pics up a dog downtown and locks it in a cage I want you guys to fight the driver. Next time a hunter shoots a deer, cuts off its head, stuffs it and hangs it on his wall for the poor joy and sport of it I want you to hate and bash him forever. OK!!! Idiotic people!!!

  27. @ pegggs81

    And you just proved to me and everyone else that your nothing more then a hater and a hipocrit. You hate Vick for killing dogs yet you want him dead? Your an idiot and since Vick went to jail and has shown change to his charactor… You on the other hand have just typed that statement which means your still pathetic. Which means…

    Michael Vick > YOU

    Anyone else want to stay on your high horses because Id be glad to knock you off of them…

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