Report: Eagles looking for more than a first-round pick for Kolb

So we’ve established the Eagles are more than ready to trade Kevin Kolb.  And they won’t even require a 2011 draft pick in return.

(Which is good, because trades probably won’t be allowed before the 2011 draft.)

So what exactly are the Eagles looking for in a trade?

According to Reuben Frank of, the Eagles are hoping to acquire “at least a first-round pick and a second pick somewhere in the first three or four rounds for Kolb.”

SI’s Peter King reports at least one team has offered a first-round pick for Kolb, but coach Andy Reid was hoping to get a higher pick in the first round.    We guessed that team is Seattle, but another NFC West team may be showing more interest.

CSN’s Derrick Gunn reports that Arizona has “expressed the most interest” in Kolb so far.  It’s hard to believe the Cardinals would give up their No. 5 overall pick for Kolb, but perhaps they could package a player and a 2012 first-round pick.

We have our doubts that Kolb is worth such a sweepstakes, but there are a lot of teams desperate for quarterback help.  And the Eagles know it.

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  1. hey eagles maybe you can win another salary cap bowl again, o wait, there might not be a salary cap this season, darn better luck next season!

  2. You’re not the only ones who doubt he is worth that much, but then, I doubt he should be worth even just the first-rounder.

    And the Cardinals should know better than to hang their hopes on an iffy four-year veteran QB with just one year of an 80+ QB rating under his belt…right?

  3. While I am not certain that getting rid of Kolb is the right thing to do, that’s more than he’s worth based on what he’s shown.

    Then again, if Whisenhunt was as smart as he thinks he is he wouldn’t have gotten rid of the best QB on their roster right before the first game of the season and ended up with the 5th overall pick. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona ends up with Delhomme this summer because that’s just the way they think.

  4. After last year, Arizona would be crazy NOT to give up that #5 pick. That team actually would’ve been somewhat competitive if they didn’t have the worst arsenal of QB’s in the league.

  5. That’s why Kolb will be on the team at the start of the season. They have already said they will wait until after the draft to trade him, thus getting no help this season. Eagle$ overvalue their players and think they are the smartest guys in football.

  6. Kolb is worth what the market commands, just like an equity. If the QB’s in the draft all turn out to be duds, what is the opportunity cost for selecting one of them, instead of trading for a guy who spent four developmental years under guys who know how to coach QB’s? The head coach’s job? The GM’s job? Would you risk your career on the next Jemarcus Russell?

  7. Danny, don’t do it…put the checkbook down, and slowly back away…..You’re going to draft a starter with the 10th pick, keep all your picks, and build the team right this time…..easy now…..

  8. I know they don’t have a choice since they can’t currently trade him for a 2011 choice, but trading him for picks in 2012 is strange on a couple of levels.

    First of all, the notion that a team has already offered a first round pick but Reid is looking for something higher makes no sense since he has no idea where that team will be drafting in 2012.

    Secondly, if Kolb is as good as Reid is touting, doesn’t that mean that Kolb starting for said team will mean that team will be better in 2011, thereby making the 2012 pick even lower?

    And why would you even bother to mention that Arizona is offering their #5 pick in 2011 when you acknowledge right at the top of the article that it is highly unlikely they will be able to move Kolb for 2011 picks?

    See, now my brain hurts. Thanks a lot.

  9. Only reason a team would give as much as a first rounder for Kolb would be if they wanted him so badly as their starter, they don’t want to risk seeing him become a free agent. Given his limited and mediocre body of work – and the fact he was a second rounder in the first place, says his trade value is inflated.

  10. What the Eagles are saying with statements like this are either “We’re looking for a complete sucker who will overpay for a mediocre QB” or “We don’t want to trade Kevin Kolb without saying we don’t want to trade him.”

    The guy has 11 TD’s to 10 INTs if you exclude the one game 3 years ago against the Ravens when he gave up 4 picks. Then it’s 11 to 14. His win percentage is around .500. The guy’s worth a low 2 tops. That’s being generous.

    But if I were the Eagles, I wouldn’t want to trade him anyway. Vick has only played a complete season once in his entire career and missed 4 games last season. Having a good backup is clutch when that’s the case.

  11. Vick has only played a complete season once in his entire career and missed 4 games last season.

    And while that may be true, it’s very misleading. In the last 4 years that Vick was a starting NFL QB, he has missed a grand total of 5 games due to injury. The whole “Michael Vick is injury prone” thing is severely overblown.

  12. Peter King probably got duped by the Eagles, who probably told him someone already offered him a first round pick. After all, Peter King told a nationwide audience on Sunday Night Football that the Eagles have two of the top 12 QBS in the league. Obviously, somebody is offering him the Eagles Kool Aid, and not suprisingly, Peter King is drinking it. NOBODY IS OFFERING A FIRST ROUND PICK FOR KEVIN KOLB. Just get one game tape on that guy, and he isn’t even worth a third round pick.

  13. To me, this says that the Eagles don’t want to get rid of Kolb, but if someone wants him, this is the price. Any team would be stupid to pay that price. Especially once you consider that Kolb is now on the last year of his contract…so you can give up 2 draft picks for one year of service…certainly not a good idea. I’m just glad I don’t see any fellow Vikings fans saying “take the deal” because it would be worse than the Herschel Walker trade. At least we had him for more than a season.

  14. They would only sqander a high first rounder on some smallish d-lineman, or another o-lineman that can’t play, or even trade down in the draft with Dallas to make them better to save money. Leave Kolb on the roster and stay put in the draft, since the Eagle$ can’t figure out how to help themselves anyway. Wish Belichick was coaching Philly.

  15. @ijr213

    agree. i just don’t get why a team would pay so much for kolb. yeah, there is a QB shortage but anything more than a 2nd round pick is robbery.

  16. If the picks are going to be in 2012 and not 2011, it would make sense that they want more than just a 1st. Picks in future years are always downgraded in comparison to picks this year so a 1st and a 2nd next year is likely only worth a 1st this year.

  17. you people make me laugh… have you not paid attention to the QB’s who get traded in the last 20 years? They are all overvalued, every single one of them. And why is that, because there aren’t enough to go around. To me, Kevin Kolb is Matt Schaub version 2.o… same experience level, same question marks and I think that worked out just fine for Houston.

  18. The Eagles have invested a lot of time in Kolb, and it would make sense that the team that was interested would be one that runs the same type of offense. Seattle has to be team, trading him to Seattle for a 2012 fist round pick could end up being a high pick. The Seahawks squeezed into the playoffs and fluked out getting to the second round. Odds of them repeating are highly unlikey, Andy Reid would be stupid not to jump at the chance to move Kolb for a first round pick…. that could end up to be a top ten pick.
    The Eagles play Seattle next year too.

  19. whathappenedtovox said
    And while that may be true, it’s very misleading. In the last 4 years that Vick was a starting NFL QB, he has missed a grand total of 5 games due to injury. The whole “Michael Vick is injury prone” thing is severely overblown.

    Yeah well your statement is very misleading.
    He missed 4 games last year, was a back up the year before that, was in PRISON the year before that, and missed a game due to injury the last time he was a starter.

  20. Ahh this reminds me of the days of Hershel Walker trade. I just hope the Vikings aren’t a victim of it this time around.

  21. The only teams who he possibly will play for next year is the Vikings, Eagles, or the Seahawks.

  22. Didn’t the Texans originally say that they wanted both a 2nd and a 3rd round pick for Sage Rosenfels? Didn’t they later trade him for just a late 3rd rounder?

    Vegas odds are that the Eagles are doing the same tying, and that in the end they’ll be trading Kolb for a 2nd round pick and a talented backup player that can help on special teams.

  23. Consider this: In his first year as a starter after Favre left, Aaron Rodgers was a fair to middling QB – a few good games, a few really bad games. Now imagine if he had been hurt that year, and the backup took over the job. Are you telling me that half the teams in the league wouldn’t love to jump in a time machine and offer up that years #1 pick (and more) to get Rodgers? THAT’s how the Eagles should be spinning this.

  24. Kolb is a lot better than most of you think.. Now a first & second thats a little crazy.

    Honestly,, this kid kept getting rocked cause Ried likes to get 6th round talent to play G & has nothing but scrubs behind his starters. If Kolb had a quality OL and blocking scheme he woulda never gotten the consusion that took him off the field & the Vick saga woulda never happened.
    BUT IT DID. .

    If this kid goes to AZ he can turn that Offense around. If he were to head to SF he’d have all the pieces to work with and a solid D. and cant really speak for the other interested teams cause they are AWAYs off.

    As a sensible football guy, i believe Kold should be a player for player trade. We could use a starting rCB or a stud LB.

    If we can get a pick thats 20 or below this year we can sure up our team considerably with guys like Jim Smith and Gabe Camirini..

    but honestly, Vick isnt a lock to make it through 16 and we can definitely use a guy like Kolb in reserve. but the birds are pumped up on Kafka too, that plays a lot into this decision.

    I’d like to trade Vick away first, but i know that wont happen. ,, either way this move will make or break Andy and philly for the next 5-7 years.

  25. look at all the teams who need a Qb, then look at Gabbert, Newton and the rest of this class. If you think they cant get at least one 1st round pick or two 2’s then you have not been paying attention to the NFL over the last decade. He’s worth what the market says he’s worth.. simple supply and demand.

  26. wow so many eagle haters on here. he’s worth whatever they can get for him. nothing more, nothing less. would i rather use a number 5 pick on a project or someone with no experience? probably not. he could definitely start for a number of teams in the league RIGHT NOW. that’s mroe than can be said for most of the qbs that you can get in the draft.

  27. @patmcrotch

    He missed 4 games last year, was a back up the year before that, was in PRISON the year before that, and missed a game due to injury the last time he was a starter.

    – He missed THREE games (not 4) in 2010 due to injury. The 4th was the meaningless Week 17 game against Dallas when they had the 3 seed wrapped up.

    – He didn’t miss ANY games due to injury the previous season, but didn’t play in a few because of suspension or coaches decision. Don’t forget, McNabb was the starter then.

    – And you’re right – he missed the entire 2007 and 2008 seasons because of jail, but that wasn’t due to injury.

    – In 2006, he started all 16 games, and in 2005 and 2004, he missed 1 game each year.

    So I’ll reiterate my comment again, this time using caps to emphasize the parts you didn’t comprehend:

    In the last 4 years that Vick was a STARTING NFL QB, he has missed a grand total of 5 games DUE TO INJURY.

  28. Kolb may not be a future HOFer, but he’s a better choice than any of the dud QB’s in in this years weak draft. And he has a better chance at a ring than Vick does. Pocket passers win championships.

  29. I would find it funny if they get more in a trade, for a guy that started a handful of games than vs. one of the most prolific passers in your franchises history. I know McNabb was older and all that stuff, but its just funny to me.

  30. AS a Eagles fan let me just say that is NOT going to happen…be lucky your getting a first rounder (if the end up getting one)

  31. He’s gonna go somewhere and succeed, guaranteed. The Eagles can’t delay this kids career anymore.
    A proven talent with big upside, he just needs to land in the right spot. (maybe a team that could actually protect him) For example, if he goes to San Fran or Seattle, their instantly in the playoffs.
    It’s a damn shame Vick landed here in Philly because Kolb is BY FAR a more accurate passer. I would’ve loved to watch him continue to develop here.

  32. How about this? The Eagles trade Kolb and DeSean Jackson to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald and the 2012 first round draft pick? Sound crazy? Maybe, but Andy Reid was very non-committal when asked about Jackson’s contract extension. Could it be that he thinks Jackson is overrated, injury prone and isn’t worth a long term commitment for megabucks?

    Stranger things have happened.

  33. I hope the Vikings give up picks for Kolb and then watch Favre show up in August. After all, you know, he needs to “stick it to Ted”.

    How many rings does Ryan Longwell have? I sure hope his wife is enjoying all those restaurants, since she complained that there’s only Applebee’s in Green Bay.

    Right, LOL.

  34. Kolbs stats on games he started and finished

    61% 391yrds 2tds/3ints
    2of the ints were in the last minute when game was out of hand

    71% 327yrds 2td/0ints

    67% 253yrds 1td/0ints

    79%-326yrds 3tds/1int

    54% 231yrds 1td/2int
    both ints were last 2 minutes with game out of hand

  35. i did not include the dallas game because we sat every starter and played agiasnst dallas first team. we had a free agent rook playing his 1st game ever blocking dware. it was ugly

  36. kevinfromphilly says:
    Consider this: In his first year as a starter after Favre left, Aaron Rodgers was a fair to middling QB – a few good games, a few really bad games.

    That’s just not true. Rodgers’ first season after Favre left was a pretty good one. 63% completions, 4038 yds., 28tds v 13 ints., Qb rating of 93.8.

    The knock was that he couldn’t win games at the end. That had more to do with the defense though.

    I’m not saying Kolb is garbage, but he needs more time and more reps to blossom. If the eagles can get a first for him they should take it and I’d consider him more safe than all the Qbs up for the draft.

  37. He’s not worth a first. Maybe second or third. Certainly not a 1 and 2. But some stupid team will bite and blow their draft. Maybe a 3 this year and a conditional 3 or 4 next year and see if he can last a season. He’s proven he can’t so far.

  38. I suppose if you have 2 QBs and need to move one, let it be the year with what has widely thought of as a weak QB class. They may be able to milk a little extra value out of it.

    Poll: Is it better to trade for Kolb instead of drafting one of the top 3 QB prospects?
    Yay or nay?

  39. I follow the Cardinals more than PFT follows the NFL. The Cardinals WILL NOT offer the 5th pick in this draft for Kolb.
    While they want him they are happy to go after Marc B. Marc isn’t my 1st choice, but the Cardinals are going to be happy to have him.

    Cardinals will keep the 5th pick and the 2 targets are Von Miller and PP7.

    They won’t go trading the 5th pick who will get a 4-5 year deal when Kolb only has 2 years left on his current contract.

    We’d love to have Kolb, but we can still trade for Palmer.

    The Cardinals QB rotation 2011-2012 will be (in no order) Marc B, Donovan McSoup and John Skelton. Practice squad Max Hall (aka the Mesa Shrimp)

  40. What is it that every one sees in this guy. He was a second round pick and has hardly ever played. He’s not even proven yet that he is this superstar that he’s portrayed to be.

  41. Having promise/potential goes a long way in the NFL, especially with QB’s. (see Cam Newton)
    The Eagles are trying to see what they can get for Kolb. If they know they can get a 1st for him and a few teams are interested, they’re going to drive up the price to see if they can get a 1st and a 3rd, for example. Doesn’t matter if you don’t think he’s worth it. They’re trying to get what they can get for him.

  42. Eagles fans,

    Tell me how that Tapp for Clemons + 4th round pick went, you super fleecers 🙂

    I always thought Seattle should offer a low pick (5th round or so) for Clausen and keep Hasselbeck, then see if Clausen or Whitehurst would be a starter.

  43. I think Kolb will be a good quarterback in this league. It is apparent that he will need a good offensive line to be successful though. He may not have the strongest arm, but he is accurate and makes good decisions when given time.

    I don’t know what the Birds will get for him, but he will be worth it to whoever wants him.

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