Leonard Weaver apologizes for slavery comment


Last week, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson found himself in the middle of a media controversy after comparing the plight of the pro football player to “modern-day slavery.”  Peterson has not since addressed his comments.

Last night, Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver agreed with Peterson in an interview with Derrick Gunn of CSNPhilly.com.  On Wednesday, Weaver apologized for the remarks.

Weaver explained on his Twitter page that he had watched the video of his remarks to Gunn, and that Weaver was “very disappointed” with his comments.  He apologized for the “bad choice” of words, and specifically for comparing NFL players to slaves.

“Now, that I have seen it, I will say that it was hard for me to watch and after thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I represented my family, friends and organization the wrong way.  I’m sorry for those words I used and if I offend anyone, please forgive me,” Weaver said.

“To all my fans whom I’ve disappointed I’m sorry.”

Weaver said that he will explain himself.  We’ll be keeping an eye on his Twitter.

67 responses to “Leonard Weaver apologizes for slavery comment

  1. I thought that organizations couldn’t talk to their players? This was OBVIOUSLY someone telling him to retract his earlier statement.

    Either the Eagles are telling him what to do or the wife got a hold of him… HAHA!

  2. Lets see…..maybe he checked his bank account…and realized he signed a contract to be the highest paid FB in the NFL…..Realized he played one game, didn’t die and collected 3 million….That or he realized his he’s a complete idiot..If you can’t think before you speak, why open your mouth at all?

  3. Yeah yeah Weaver, issue your apology now b/c you have to save your job. I still believe that when he said it, that was exactly what he felt and what he meant.

    He is still a racist in my book. Blacks were not the only people who have been enslaved, and they do not hold a monopoly on it, no matter what they think

  4. We need a new word that means under-appreciated laborer who is treated like property but which doesn’t have all the other negative aspects of slavery. Millionaire status optional.

    (Am I being serious or facetious? Y’all can vote on that.)

  5. Weaver is pretty active on Twitter, I can’t imagine his agent or possibly Philadelphia’s players rep saying something to Weave. I cannot agree with the comparison, they get to play a game for millions of dollars!!

    It’s very disappointing to hear players compare themselves to slaves I wonder what their elders have to say about their suffering.

  6. Translation: “Ooops I pissed off a lot of people for saying something that I truly meant, sorry everybody I didn’t really mean it.”

  7. mistake my backside.. maybe AP made a mistake but when you repeat the same thing, then either your an idiot or you meant to make the comparison. Either way your not worth listening to.

  8. Here’s how you explain it: You’re a disgruntled employee. Your bosses want to take money from you and your fellow employees and you’re pissed off about it. We get it. It’s happening right now in the workplace to many if not most of us. And I don’t know many people who haven’t muttered under their breath at some point about how the boss is a “slave driver,” or that working someplace is like working in a sweatshop.

    But for heaven’s sake man, keep some perspective! No one REALLY thinks they’re treated like a slave. It’s just something you say when you’re ticked off, spur of the moment like. Don’t go public with those comments and then try to justify it or back it up, because there is no backing it up, and you come off as spoiled, arrogant and hopelessly clueless.

  9. There are more slaves today around the world than there were in the 1700-1800’s. They are sex slaves. True. Maybe weaver is referring to what goes on in the showers after practice. I give morons the benefit of the doubt too.

  10. So this is what slavery was like back in the 1800’s? I think that, if properly motivated, I could pick cotton for the league minimum. I’d even call someone “massa”. It’s high time we all got in on this slavery thing.

  11. And nobody is forced to play football against his will. For millions of dollars. And they have free agency. Out of touch? More like dillusional.
    Get back to the bargaining table, whiners.

  12. So will the NAACP ask for his job, as others in the broadcasting arena have been, for comments with some racial undertones???

  13. Thanks Weave. These idiots show their true colors. Where’s the player response to these dopes? The players are losing the PR battle because of AP, Weaver, and Cro opening their mouths. Weaver was just “keepin’ it real” with his buddy DGunn.

  14. Hard after watching it?? What he meant to say was hard to take after the big guns got after him and told him to apologize. The PR machine is rolling on everything you say and it is not forgotten. Just keep talking, digging a deeper hole.

  15. Pro athlets, like children, should be seen and not heard. Or better yet, just play your games and Shut The F*** Up already.

  16. Nor did they have the choices players have. But I do give Weaver credit for at least seeing he made a mistake.

  17. The guy who replaced Len last year did a pretty good job. Maybe Len will be looking for employment next. He ought to keep his mouth shut

  18. Too bad Weaver. I used to be a big fan of yours.
    Lets hope Owen Schmitt doesn’t run his mouth like a dope too.
    Have fun as a footnote of obscurity Leonard. You could’ve had a future in broadcasting around here. Not now. Buh bye.

  19. If they want a proper analogy its sharecropping, not slavery. The best thing for everyone to do is to zip it. All these statements on both sides is going to make for some amkward moments when they do settle this and go back to work.

  20. wow don’t apologize. if you’re gonna say it don’t try to pretend like you didn’t mean it. either say it or don’t but don’t apologize afterwards

  21. elrushbo2 says: Mar 23, 2011 10:43 AM

    He still thinks it…….. he’s just sorry he said it publicly.
    That may well be true and if so that’s fine by me. I would venture to say we all have thoughts in our head that we shouldn’t say out loud.
    I agree with moggy, it’s refreshing to hear someone own up to something these days without the application of passive voice or passive aggressiveness or excuses.

  22. These guys are just following DeMoron’s lead. You have to believe a fraud like Smith put this bug in the players ear… play the race card, it’s worked for De!

  23. confucius say man who always speak without thinking have to issue quick meaningless apology all the time too.

  24. Well ill say at least he grew a pair and admitted he was wrong, whether he means it or not idk.

    But the thing that really gets me is if a white guy made those remarks that Weaver and Peterson made he would be crucified and called a racist. Even though none of them ever experienced slavery. I don’t mean this in a bad way, and I have a ton of black friends and I ask them the same question: Why do some african americans play the race/slavery card when there is not a single african american in this country right now that has ever been a slave?

  25. Many of these athlete-millionaires are out of touch with reality. Spoiled, coddled, arrogant jerks who make 100 times what the common man makes, but find reasons to bitch and moan all the way to the bank. Loserville.

  26. I understand Weaver is backtracking, and I have always liked Weaver – the guy is a fan favorite in Philly, but when ANYONE comes out with statements like this, it just shows you are a box of rocks.

    This situation couldn’t be further from slavery. If it were slavery could someone like Barry Sanders or Tiki Barber retire at the top of his game because they chose to do so, or because Jake Plummer chose to do so, or Carson Palmer is threatening to do so?

    I have read and heard the argument that these players can’t freely pick up and go as they please, which obviously is SOOOO similar to slavery, but aren’t these the same guys involved in negotiating their own contracts? If you don’t like your contract, or your employer, you DO have the option to leave and go find another form of employment.

    I’ve also read that these guys can’t afford their own healthcare. Don’t these guys, at the very least make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year? Do the players realize that for the average american, it can take 10-20 years of working just to break the $100,000 a year salary mark? And thats probably a small percentage of the average working man that even gets to that point?

    Please forgive me if I don’t cry a river for the downtrodden hundred thousandaires and millionaire NFL players.

  27. The idiots in the league are really showing their true colors. I will forever think of Peterson and Weaver as simplistic morons who are completely out of touch with reality. Idiots!

  28. I can barely pay my rent and my mom is about to lose her house. I wish I was a nfl slave.

  29. The NFL doesn’t give IQ tests before signing football players.

    No one ever said they are the brightest people in the world.

    In fact, some football players say stuff almost as dumb as the comments posted on PFT (but not quite).

  30. MichaelEdits says:
    We need a new word that means under-appreciated laborer who is treated like property but which doesn’t have all the other negative aspects of slavery. Millionaire status optional.

    How about “employee”? It works for the other 99.999% of the population.

  31. Thank you for your apology but your comments still show the mentality of the players in this lock out and how far removed they are from the reality of the average American worker.

  32. Translation: dang didn’t think people would be pizzdd at me for speaking my thoughts. Guess I better try to save face and apologize.

  33. By far not a player supporter in this issue. I even commented on the other Weaver article condemning the idea of NFL players being modern slaves. I however commend Weaver for having the manhood to admit he was wrong.

    My father would take it the grave before he ever admitted he was wrong. My wife as well can not ever admit she was wrong. Even if completely proven wrong, she can not say “you are right, I was wrong”. The vocabulary is just not there.

    So kudo’s to Weaver for owning up.

  34. Don’t make statements in front of a camera and then apologize on twitter. Get your arse back in front of a camera and apologize like a man.

  35. I guess I could choke it down if these morons compared it to a modern-day version of indentured servitude; modern-day in the sense that they are being paid wages rather than in food, clothing, and shelter. And very similar in that indentured servants would sign a contract, OF THEIR OWN VALITION, that would normally last 3 to 7 years, but these comparisons to slavery are downright insulting.

  36. Don’t apologize to us. Apologize to the memory of the thousands of slaves you have insulted, including your own ancestors.

    I’m pretty sure they were rolling in their graves, knowing their conditions hardly compared to yours!

  37. I saw this episode last week. Isn’t it the one where the guy made a slavery remark because he makes a lot of money? What an idiot. Did Adrian Peterson’s PR person just fax over Weaver’s Agent the apology he wrote for Peterson?

  38. Panther17,

    No offense, but it doesn’t take a man to “Own up” to it via Twitter. For all we know, it was his Agent writing those things for him.

  39. The fumbles just keep on coming for D. Smith and the former NFLPA* (wink wink)……… The players at some point after desertification had to have been advised against making any type of inflammatory comments to the media. Certainly after the recent Adrian Peterson, Rashard Mendenhall ridiculous and insensitive comments comparing the NFL to slavery of all things the players must of been cautioned again right…..well maybe not…. Enter Mr. Leonard Weaver…… who for some reason felt he needed to add his public comment to a situation better left alone at this point. Unless part of the player’s strategy is to turn the entire NFL fan base against them. Where is the union leadership on this, and what if anything are they doing about controlling it? Perhaps D. Smith is somewhat overpaid at the $o salary he’s making since he can’t seem to get a handle on this. The other owners seem to have put the brakes on Jerry Jones and his antics. The union better do the same with it’s rouge players.

  40. Wow, a whole lot of moral superiority taking place here.

    The dude apologized. Take him at his word, or don’t. I just KNOW none of you have ever used hyperbole out of anger and later regretted it.

    Well actually, I’m not too sure 2/3 of you know what hyperbole is, so once you look it up you can level some of that precious moral outrage at this comment.

  41. EVERY sports reporter in the country should ask EVERY single athlete of the 4 major sports the same question…

    “What do you think about AP’s slavery comment?”

    That would allow us the chance to get a really good initial categorization of a huge number of players that are clearly ignorant and classless morons. It would be really helpful to have a nice list of all the players that chime in with agreement and vice-versa. What’s wrong with reporters that they don’t ask that question to every athlete they encounter? It takes 2 seconds and it’s a potently valuable question to ask and also a chance to get a big story out of it too.

    C’mon guys, the fans don’t have the ability to interact with these pros, so it’s on YOU so-called professionals to ask the important and key questions that SHOULD be asked. Do your jobs!

  42. Obviously he didn’t really mean that, he was just speaking in the moment of things. Good on his part for apologizing for his comment. People always say things they wish they could take back, the fact is you can’t take it back, but apologizing is the next best thing. If you actually believe he still means what he said you’ve got your head up your ass.

  43. Hi Len, looked over your shoulder lately? that is if thats still in one piece. Owen Schmitt is 25 years old dude. A lot healthier, taller, stronger and keeps his mouth shut. Also I think Owen has a lot more upside. Lets see you are gonna be 29 years old and had more operations than Univ of Penna. Hospital. That and your attitude = see ya pal

  44. Why should he apologize? If Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin had said it, you guys would have been talking mad trash about the owners.

  45. phillyjeff your obviously an idiot please explain how these owners are making billions off these players even in college making tons of money and you want more games more rules and less money yeah let them do that to you at mcdonalds and lets see if you like that

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