Mike Mayock thinks a top-10 team will take the chance on Cam Newton

During his Wednesday visit to ProFootballTalk Live, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock talked about Cam Newton’s chances of being picked in the top 10 of the 2011 draft.

Mayock explained that he buys Newton the quarterback, and that the question is whether a team will buy Newton the person.

Mayock thinks that someone in the top 10 will feel strongly about Newton as a quarterback and as a person, and that both Newton and Blaine Gabbert — the guy Mayock regards as the top quarterback in the draft — will be taken among the first 10 picks.

Mayock also touched on the chances of Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett being taken in the next 10, or the next 10 after that.

Mayock’s entire interview can be seen (and heard) at the PFT Live home page.

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10 responses to “Mike Mayock thinks a top-10 team will take the chance on Cam Newton

  1. A “top-10 team” is actually a bottom-10 team — you know that. They got there for a reason — like taking risks on high draft picks with guys like the “icon.”

  2. Newton will go top 5, but he won’t catch Gabbert. Gabbert is just a different kind of beast.

  3. God forbid someone takes a chance on a guy who scored 50 touchdowns this year and dominated in every game he played in, when you can take a guy who ran middle of the pack in the Big 12.

  4. I have no problem with Cam Newton getting picked in the top 10. As a fan of a team picking in the top 10 I’d prefer Newton over Gabbert.

  5. Mayock, Lombardi,, that Charlie guy, at ESPN/NFL are all the same. Cam scares the heck out of them and they trying their best to undermind him. He and his buddies (Lombardi and Charlie whatever his last name), have been intentionally planting seeds of doubt about Cam since they got “paid” to do so by Blaine’s agent. That is why they are playing such silly little mind games with their BS about “buying Newton the person.”

    There was always something about Mayock that didn’t sit right with me. Especially when anyone at NFL would mention Cam’s name. Then when I saw how he would easily criticize all the other QBs but when it came to Blaine, the ONLY thing he found wrong with him was that he came from a spread-offense, I was like, this man is full of it. I still want to know what tape he was watching of Blaine’s game for him to say all the BS he was pushing.

    He, Lombardi, and Charlie’s can’t stand Cam Newton and he will never ever give it up 100% to him. It’s clear he doesn’t want folks to see trust Cam that is why he will always find a way to plant a seed of doubt about him. He want folks to buy into whatever he and his croonies at the NFL Network and ESPN are sell of Blaine cause they are friends of his agent who has a great deal of inside pull.

    Everybody knows that Blaine wasn’t even on Mayock’s radar until he hired Tom Condon as his agent. Then he went straight to the head of Mayock’s QB draft pick and stayed there . Isn’t it funny that all Tom’s draftees either went off the board first or was the first QB to be pick in the last three years in a row and now we have Blaine.

    IMO, Blaine is Brett Farve part two. The male, bit off more than I can chew… nothing is ever my fault…I’m so into myself that I would bring down a team for my own selfish gain,” DIVA..

  6. i hav 2 agree with whatwiththehate regarding the downgrading of the other qb’s newton, mallett especially, both played in the toughest conference in college football, the SEC. just because mallett did not win the sugar bowl, because the receiver ran the wrong route and his last pass was intercepted, mallett has been hammmered by the media and the so-call experts and it started right after the sugar bowl game. it sad that agents hav to downgrade one prospect over another and line the pockets of the so-call experts to hype their guy, so that they have the heads up on next years prospect. once again whoever draft mallett will get a steal, this kid produced in the SEC for 2 yrs. sure he made some mistakes while qb at arkansas when making decisions on the field in boby petrino’s offense, but what do u expect from a young ab, it better he learns from his mistakes now with excellent nfl coaching then 2 b under the perception he has arrived. this kid will come into the nfl with a chip on his shoulders to prove the naysayers and so-called experts wrong.

  7. Teams have one question: Will Newton works as hard to become a top 10 QB as he’s working to become a top 10 draft pick.

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