Retailers at Dallas mall say they’ll miss Dez Bryant


With the lockout sucking the life out of the NFL, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has provided a welcome diversion.

He reportedly was banned from a Dallas-area mall after allegedly wearing his pants too low on Saturday.  Though Bryant denies the allegations, it appears that the banishment indeed occurred.  Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Bryant’s adviser, David Wells, and a lawyer went to the mall on Wednesday in an attempt to have the 90-day time out lifted.

“It’s not true,” Wells said. “I was there.  I never saw a verbal warning.  I went back up there Monday and talked to security and they said nothing was going to come of it.”

Fine.  So why was Wells back there on Wednesday trying to get the ban lifted?

Hill reports that retailers at the mall have said both on and off the record that they’ll miss Bryant.  He reportedly shops at the Foot Locker store three times per week, and he routinely signs autographs for customers at the store.

“We are sad to see him gone,” an unnamed parking attendant at the mall said.  “He would tip of 40 or 50 bucks every time.  He was good to us.  He treated us well.”

For those of you looking to make things interesting, we suggest a friendly wager based on whether Bryant will return to the mall before he returns to work.

We’ve got a feeling the winner is “mall,” even with the 90-day ban.

53 responses to “Retailers at Dallas mall say they’ll miss Dez Bryant

  1. I’ll put my money on the mall as well. I don’t think there’s going to be a season in 2011. Hope Bryant finds fulfillment in his three times a week visit to the Foot Locker.

  2. So we have a multi millionaire that sends his team of lawyers down to the local mall to negotiate relief from the banishment penalty. Who did the lawyers talk to? Mall Cop, lol….unbelievable…you stay classy Dez

  3. I wonder how many times he has met with his financial adviser this off-season? Why is he going to Foot Locker when he has a Nike contract? Why go where you’re not wanted and your every moved will be scrutinized from now on? He needs to grow up and realize just because he has great income, that doesn’t mean he is above the law or mall cop justice….

  4. Shopping 3 times a week?, tipping well?, signing autographs for fans? This must be the chractrer concerns everyone was talking about befor the draft…

  5. thetruuf says:
    Mar 23, 2011 11:19 PM
    Thats what were talking about Dez! show them owners who’s boss! Youre not about to start saving your money!


    If he keeps playing like he did last year, saving money will be the least of his Problems…

  6. Well at least Bryant is represented by some genius who never “saw” a “verbal” warning. No kiddin’?

    Let me guess, this “adviser”, before Bryant was drafted, was one of Bryant’s buddies?

  7. Dez doesn’t really need anything from Foot Locker. He goes there just for “kicks”.

  8. Why should we believe what the parking attendant has to say when he is not willing to identify himself? It could be anybody.

  9. Dez says he wasn’t wearing saggys in any case. It’s just that sometimes when he dresses in the morning he is in such a hurry he gets his shirt tucked inside his shorts when he pulls them up. Kids were always giving him a hard time about it in school.

  10. Ever been to Texas? That is ALL they have, Malls, Strip Malls, and chain resturants…nothing to do but shop and eat.

  11. “It’s not true,” Wells said. “I was there. I never saw a verbal warning. I went back up there Monday and talked to security and they said nothing was going to come of it.”

    How do you ‘see’ a verbal warning?

  12. Dez is innocent. He could not find a restroom in time and his pants were carrying a huge load is why they were so droopy.

  13. Who’s been passing around those dirty little rumors that NFL millionaires are idiots that piss away their money and go broke just a few years after retirement?

    Tipping a parking lot attendant $50 3 times a week is standard gratuity isn’t it?

    I wish those evil owner-lovers would just stop passing around all those lies about how stupid and irresponsible players are with their money!!!

    Enough is enough!!!

    (BTW, I’m gonna quit my day job and become a parking lot attendant in Dallas)

  14. Thats what were talking about Dez! show them owners who’s boss! Youre not about to start saving your money!

    Do you mean “we’re”?

  15. “We’ve got a feeling the winner is ‘mall,’ even with the 90-day ban.”

    You have NO IDEA how many retailers and the majority of patrons of Northpark want that idiot, and idiots like him, out of their mall. I think the general belief is, “Let him go to the Galleria. Or, better yet, Red Bird.” Not sayin’ that’s right or wrong…. that’s just the way it is.

  16. Mark…I believe you’ve made this ‘story’ as ‘interesting’ as it can possibly be made. Parking lot attendant quotes and all…

  17. Am I the only person that thinks this is a case of a white security guard not liking the black man’s attire? I mean yeah, I’ve looked at people with their pants around their knees and shook my head in disgust. But if the man isn’t hurting anyone, why would they waste their time making him pull up his pants. This story annoys me. Anytime a black man is getting harassed for something stupid, it annoys me.

  18. Mall–

    But like some NFL teams Dez Bryant will break the rules a little and vist before 90 days.

  19. Sounds like some employees were just reacting to the news that he was banned without knowing for sure if he was banned. If this is true, I’m sure the stores will miss his money, employees will miss the tips and the mall goers will miss the experience and autographs. Wait a minute, who cares?…

  20. what in the world does one buy three times a week at foot locker. At least he seems to be generous with his money if the story about tipping is true.

  21. At least he treats the mall store employees with respect. Given my own past experience with players, that is not always the case. That wins him some points, not many, in my book.

  22. First off , if its true , he should be banned . No family walking down the mall with young kids should have to look at some guys butt falling out of his pants . What is the purpose ? What does it prove ? What it does show is your ignorance by not pulling your pants up or simply putting on a belt . (1) Grow up (2) Put on a belt (3) Remember the golden rule , CRACK KILLS .

  23. “It’s not true,” Wells said. “I was there. I never saw a verbal warning. I went back up there Monday and talked to security and they said nothing was going to come of it.”


    A case of the dumb represting the dumb.
    “I never saw a verbal warning/”====ummmm, duh, isn’t that why they call it a “verbal warning”?

  24. Sounds like a shoe fetish on the scale of Imelda Narcos. Dez, why don’t you just buy the store and solve both problems.

  25. “…I never saw a verbal warning.”

    Well, he MUST have heard the written warning then.

  26. For all the money that we give these players you would think that they would go buy a dang belt. And maybe quit lying while they’re at it. Jeesh

  27. Contributing to the local economy and showing his appreciation for the fans, I guess that’s better than claiming he is a slave, right?

  28. He was banned for wearing his pants too low? A case of mistaken identity? Maybe they thought he was LT trolling for 16 year old hookers.

  29. Hey Dez, next time you’re at Foot Locker why don’t you fill out an application?

  30. You go to Foot Locker three times a week to buy shoes like milk and bread and I doubt he shops in the sale section.

    Stop with all the does he have a shoe closet comments. He has money and if he can afford a new pair of shoes for every day of the week then let him buy.

    At least he’s not doing dumb things with his money like investing it or buying cars or going on vacation.

  31. Can’t someone “see” a verbal warning administered? I mean, no doubt you hear it as well, but if you watch someone deliver a verbal warning is this not “seeing” it?

    Second to that, people who have made comments about “no one should have to see someones underwear” and things of the sort are just ridiculous. Fashion evolves and changes over time, you don’t have to like it, but the man’s bare ass wasn’t showing so he was fully dressed. Boxer shorts are no more or less revealing than gym shorts or short shorts that I routinely see on women. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, and just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s right or correct. Once upon a time it was a fashion faux-pas for a woman to “show her ankles”, thank god times like that don’t exist anymore.

    If a fully dressed man can be thrown out of a mall for wearing his pants too low (supposedly) is fully ridiculous. Being a nerdy-white guy, I’m of the belief that this was nothing more than jealousy/racial issues/power happy security guard. Heaven forbid a black guy is dressed in a trendy fashion is flashing money around the mall, right? Better get him out of here before he signs some more autographs.

    Biggest problem was probably that he was tipping the parking lot guy 50$ and not the security guy….

  32. You guys obviously don’t understand, do you want the guy walking around with dirty shoes?

  33. Just another case of cop abusing his authority. I had an issue in NJ with goofy mall cop, that looked like Timmy from Lassie. Stopped to speak to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and he told us to move it along. I stopped a friend from throwing him in the fountain.

  34. Seems to me the mall is nitpicking!!!! Guy signs autographs and the stores love him. Hes good to the fans unlike alot of these aholes leave Dez alone.

  35. Um, why not just go to a different mall? Surely this can’t be the only mall in the Dallas Fort Worth area that has a Foot Locker.

    On second thought, why am I even wasting my time discussing such a stupid and pointless non-story?

  36. Not only is this kid way out of his tree, but he’s on his way to going bankrupt Antoine Walker style.

  37. From the comments I have read about the mall, it sounds like they are the kind of upper crust place that almost has a dress code. I know for a fact there are other malls that had behavior standards. I got reprimanded over a PA system once in Boston @ Copley Place because I was sitting on the floor in a hall waiting for someone.

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