Rex Ryan on beating Tom Brady: We had a great plan

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Two months later, Jets coach Rex Ryan is still relishing his playoff win over the Patriots — and attributing it largely to his own game plan against Tom Brady.

“We mixed it on him. We mixed coverages and all that,” Ryan said. “I think we had a great plan and Tom Brady is as good as it gets at quarterback.”

Ryan also makes no secret that he takes a lot of pride in outwitting Bill Belichick.

“I feel like at times we’re only team that can beat him for whatever reason,” Ryan said. “They lost three game last year. Two to us and one to my brother.”

Belichick didn’t attend the coaches’ breakfast where Ryan made his comments. But I’ve got a feeling Belichick will hear about what Ryan said. And remember it.

38 responses to “Rex Ryan on beating Tom Brady: We had a great plan

  1. i guess belichick didn’t video the jets walk through! next time they play just get some high school cheerleaders, that will distract sanchez!

  2. I highly doubt Belichick will get riled up by this comment. Rex is right.

    As a Pats fan I know hating Rex Ryan should go without saying. But the guy, for all the bluster and stupid comments, goes out of his way to compliment the Patriots every chance he gets. He, just like Belichick, tries to keep the spotlight off his players as much as possible. Belichick does it by acting like a douche, Rex does it by being outlandish. Very diffrent ways of doing things, but they both have the same results: Winning.

    If the Jets had a QB they would actually be the team to beat (if there was a football season).

  3. Well BB better remember it…and do something about it.

    It pains me to say it, but Ryan was right. The Patriots had a 14-2 train rolling with home field throughout and the Jets knocked them right off of their feet.

  4. Why didn’t you post the funny stuff Rex said? For instance, when asked about Tom Brady, he said “You know he can’t stand me” and “One day, I expect him to roll out one time and just launch a ball at me and take the incompletion. That’s what I worry about. I do like to play with him a little bit. But what a great quarterback.”

    Rex is nothing but a guy who loves the game of football, a guy who loves having fun and a guy who’s confident in his players. Big. Deal.

  5. Say what you want about Rex Ryan but I think he’s great for the league. I know I get tired of hearing the same canned answers from the coaches and players all the time.

  6. How bad do you have to feel for Rex’s wife when there’s no football? When he’s not sucking on her toes, you know he walks around the house talking non-stop about how great he is, and guaranteeing things that he knows he can’t deliver. “I guarantee that I’ll get the roof re-shingled today!” “I guarantee that I’ll paint all the rooms today!”

  7. Congratulations to Rex and the Jets on the greatest victory( per RR) in your franchise’s history EXCEPT still no Lombardi Trophy as guaranteed ?

    Tanny pushed the chips to the middle of the table on didn’t get it done last year.

    Kind of ironic that Mike Tomlin isn’t crowing about his game plan that beat the Jets and made the Jets bridesmaids again while Pittsburgh went to the game.

    Happy 42nd Anniversary to the Newark Jets and their fan/s.

  8. The Jets did have a great gameplan against the Pats in the playoffs. Totally threw the Pats off their game.

    I give Rex credit for not letting the December mauling get him down.

    Rex does seem to have BB’s number……he gets the entire organization madman-like fired up for those games.

    They just have to understand that beating the Patriots is not the SB – they have to win more games.

    But Rex’s bravado act was needed to change the sky is falling culture in NYJ land……Red Sox fans can understand that culture and appreciate what it takes to turn it around – even if we despise the Jets and Ryan.

  9. I really can’t stand this fat bag of hot air, but on this one I have to agree with him…they had a great plan for stopping the Patriots and the players executed it to near perfection. All three losses coming at the hands of Rex or Rob Ryan would clearly suggest that they have the Patriots figured out.

  10. Belichick can remember the comment all he wants, but in 2 years he has yet to shut Rex up. The facts speak for themselves, the Jets have gone further in the playoffs then the Pats. I still stand by my statement, the Pats will not win another championship until Brady and the Hoodie are gone. The bread is stale.

  11. Amazing Rex..Simply Amazing

    Maybe next year you will come up with a game plan to win the AFC Championship game

  12. Anything “Rex Ryan” is considered gold for the media. Yes, those Jets wins were great when they happened, but now it’s getting old. Enough already…

  13. I wonder how much Rob had to do with the gameplan? Considering Rob was a D coordinator on the Pats when they were winning SuperBowls…

  14. @duanethomas
    reminder:the jets have won the afc e twice since 1972.
    What does that make your bread?

  15. It’s really not hard to beat Brady. All you gotta do is get a little pressure on him and he turns into Akili Smith and throws every other ball at the turf to avoid being hit.

  16. Maybe the NFL should pay Rex to come up with their plan to beat Brady in the court case too. . .

  17. @ampats

    You obviously aren’t from this area. The jets and giants don’t play in Newark. They play in East Rutherford right across the river from the city big difference. Get your facts straight hater! I see you are still bitter over that loss. Get over it.

  18. Yes..he mixed it up…and yes it helped.

    BUT…jets didn’t win for that reason..NE moved the ball early and blew some opportunities…TD drops.

    The reason NE lost was [ for one of the few times in his career] Tom Brady didn’t play well. He would have lost to a few teams w/the game he played.

  19. ny82jy,

    you obviously have to be a relatively newbee on PFT. Anyone who has been on PFT for more than 6 months understands the comment.My usual Jets fans commenters know what I am saying

    By the way, I got over the loss watching the Jets fold in Pittsburgh like a metal chair in the AFC Champ, AGAIN.

    Keep up the bright comments!

  20. Did you hear that Rex Ryan guaranteed that he’d eat the most at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet? This time, he was right!

  21. @ duanethomas
    you do know that the jets had a worse record than the patriots and the pats were the AFC east champs in 2010. the patriots also had 3 offensive line starters on IR … Buy the way east rutherford is still NJ……………

  22. Let’s see…. Two years with Ryan, and the Jets haven’t even won their division. Meanwhile, BB is Coach of the Year.

  23. @ampats

    Whatever you say man. Glad you had fun watching the jets lose in the Champ game. I bet it even would have been more fun for you to watch if your team could have made it to the game. You tell me to keep up the bright comments after you say the jets play in Newark. ok haha

  24. MDS I believe there is a genuine respect between RR and BB..he isn’t going to take it as trash talking or disrespect.
    I can count on one hand the amount of HCs who BB hugs after a game and RR is one of them.

    I honestly wish the media hadn’t gone ON AND ON about the Pats winning 45-3 before their playoff game. The NYJ w/RR are exactly the type of team that will use that to beat your team over the head.

  25. Hahaha, this is why no one takes Jets fans seriously, and why everyone thinks you are nothing but a group of d-bags. I cant believe Jets fans are actually bragging that they made it farther in the playoffs. Wow, there is a real zinger, LMFAO. Only one team can brag in the off season, this year that team is Green Bay, last year it was New Orleans. You get the idea. Plus, in the last 2 years, Rex Ryan has a record of 3 wins, 2 losses against the Pats. A winning record, but you Jets fans act like the Jets have dominated the Pats in those 5 games….only 1 of those games was a blow out, and your team was on the short end of it

  26. if fatrex means beating tom brady with his broken foot, bad shoulder and hurt finger then yeah he had a great plan. i seem to remember a bad snap to a rookie that cost us the game not his fat a@#. he is a horrible coach and the worst thing to happen to new york since the kardashians

  27. As mentioned…BB will remember it. Whether he and his staff and his players are able to do something about it is another story altogether.

    Pats made some defensive strides, but they need to become a force on that side of the ball. Once they have a more lockdown defense (Can’t Wait was right btw) their offense is going to be that much more an impact on the game. The offense can’t carry it all when we get to those tough games…our defense needs to win a few with more regularity.

  28. @ytsejamer1

    Yes, but the Colts fans have been saying that for years too. The Pats will always be an offensive team as long as Brady is there.


    Nice excuse there, buddy. Last time I checked, nobody on the Pats did anything (except Alge, and he sucks anyway) in that playoff game. Pats got force fed crow, easy as that.

  29. Too bad you have to beat more than one player to make it to the superbowl you tub of crap. I would rather listen to the same old canned answers and cliche remarks from the “coaches handbook” than listen to the pie eating prick think he is being cutting edge by making guarantees he cant keep. If we listened to Chunk Ryan and beleived his spew then we would never have to watch the NFL because the Jets a guarnteed to win as long as tubby is calling the shots. Focus on your diet dumbass, had the lapband for over a year now and I think he has actually gained weight.

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