Tom Coughlin: Eli Manning throws picks because he wants to be a hero

Last season, Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw a career-high 25 interceptions and took a career-low (for a full season) 16 sacks. Giants coach Tom Coughlin says that’s Manning’s problem in a nutshell: He tries so hard to make a play, on every play, that he just won’t go down when the play’s not there.

“He’s a great student of the game, he wants the ball,” Coughlin said. “He wants to be that type of hero. The guy works so hard. We don’t have many sacks, he’s a big part of that. He doesn’t let it happen, but sometimes in doing that you put the ball in a precarious circumstance. Sometimes take the ball and go down. And I think that’s something we’ve got to do a better job of coaching and understanding that.

“You don’t ever want to take a guy’s, whatever you want to call that, the ‘will to make plays,’ the ‘competitive spirit,’ you don’t want to do anything to that but you have to, in that split second, you’ve got to try to enforce on that occasion sometimes a better judgment. Like for example, maybe it’s 12 interceptions and a few more sacks, which wouldn’t hurt our football team at all. That’s where it has to start for us.”

The most heroic play of Manning’s career, of course, came when he avoided a sack and heaved the ball down the field to David Tyree at Super Bowl XLII. But Coughlin thinks plays like those need to be the exception, not the rule.

“We’ve got to shore up,” Coughlin said. “If we don’t turn the ball over, we’re a pretty good football team.”

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  1. He’s still not Peyton. Never will be. Superbowl ring or not he’s still in Peyton’s shaddow.

  2. In other words, “Without Peyton’s little brother making all these mistakes, we could win another Super Bowl.”

  3. I hate the Giants….But i like Coughlin. Watching him go crazy on the sidelines after a penalty or fumble or pic is entertainment in itself. He kinda reminds me of an old school parent, like my old man. There was no “nice try” crap, you screwed up, he put his foot up your ass, and you didn’t screw up again. I guess with the sissification of America, he might be considered old and crusty, but i like the fact he lets them know they screwed up…

  4. Tom Coughlin is incorrect. Eli throws a lot of interceptions and has very few sacks, because he is unwilling to take hits. We have all seen his signature move. When he is about to get hit, he throws the ball and immediately turns his whole body away from the line of scrimmage. That is not heroic and shows no will to make plays. Frankly, it is embarrassing.

  5. Brother Peyton’s unsually high number of picks last season were also attributable to him trying to do to much on his own – and led to him making decisions and forcing balls him typically wouldn’t.

    Both instances were a direct result of their teams struggling running games, injuries to other playmakers and not having the roster depth to overcome them.

    By contrast, the Packers also struggled during the season, but their backups were able to step up when it counted down the stretch and in the playoffs.

  6. @Al Davis

    So he’s not the greatest QB of all time? Wow, they should just cut him now then.

  7. I’m a Giants-hater….but I actually think that Eli is an underrated quarterback (among non-Giants fans, anyways).

    He’s probably top-12 in the league right now.

  8. Eli’s the man. He’s not the problem with the Giants. Not by a long shot.

    Btw, Lol at that headline. It is idiotic; bratty. Bravo.

  9. Eli will never be as good as his brother Peyton, he has surpassed his father Archie, but thats not saying much.

    What Eli needs is more time to think about each play in order to execute it right. Unfortunately, time is not something there is a lot of in the NFL.

  10. I’ve seen lots of people in the media make this same bullsh*t excuse for Eli over the years. They say he’s “extending the play” or, like Favre, he’s a “gunslinger”. But when Jay Cutler does it, it’s a boneheaded mistake. It’s bad judgement. Everything about the guy comes into question. Someone above said it best: if this clown’s last name wasn’t Manning, he’d be in the AFL by now.

  11. When you have Eli and Bradshaw on the same team (#1 and #2 in most turnovers) how do you expect to go far?

    ^^Coming from a Giants fan

  12. Eli is a good but not great QB IMO. The greatest game he will ever play was in the SB of 2008 and I don’t think he’ll ever come close to being that good again.
    He is technically sound and all that but he doesn’t scare the s..t out of the other team’s defense when he comes on the field with the game on the line and less than 2 minutes to go in the game.

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and now Aaron Rodgers are the only ones in that category now.

  13. I’m not a Giants fan, but whenever I get a chance to watch Giants game, I always feel so bad for Eli. He is not THAT horrible, yeah he is not Peyton, but really who is, so quit comparing and bashing. I mean Eli has a ring. If my team didn’t already have a great QB, I wouldn’t mind Eli leading my team.

  14. Eli did NOT avoid that sack in SB 42..should have been in the grasp…even Carey practically admitted it.

    It’s interesting that Coughlin would say this….guess all the analysts who blamed the WR corps all year were off base.

    I actually like Eli but I think he is what he is at this point QB wise.

  15. no, he throws picks because he has the accuracy of a high school quarterback and the decision making of a high school backup quarterback.

    its only a matter of time before they bench, trade, or cut him

  16. But in the end it’s …

    Eli… one Superbowl win and the MVP award.

    Rivers… nothing

    Eagles… nothing.

    How do you like those apples !

  17. I have to agree with SDboltaction. I am glad that SD took Rivers instead of Eli, cuz if you look at River’s stats over the last few years, he has had way better numbers than Eli. I know that he has won a Superbowl and everything, but that defense has carried that mediocre quarterback through his whole career. Heck this year Eli threw more interceptions than Rivers by a large margin. If you look at River’s interceptions for the last three years and counted them, He still hasn’t thrown the number of interceptions that Eli threw in this year alone.
    All I have to say is who do u want leading your team late in the fourth quarter? The answer to me is simple it is River’s cuz he has more fourth quarter come backs and throws less interceptions. Clearly the better quarterback and he is in the top five rankings as one of the top elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Rivers needs to get a ring whenever the NFL season starts, so that he will have the one thing that Eli has over him, because he dominated Eli in every category.

  18. He throws picks because he has NO receivers. They need to run the route that was called instead of running around like on a playground. He may never be as accurate as Peyton but he’s better than 25 picks.

  19. too many people out there just love to hate eli. honestly guys, for those of you who call eli a terrible qb and say things like “if it wasnt for his last name he’d have been cut years ago”, etc., etc……you really have no clue about the game. despite his crazy amount of picks, any person who doesnt rank eli (AT LEAST) in the top half of the leagues qb’s (and only THAT low because of the pick’s last year) should find another sport to follow because they certainly dont know this one. idiots.

  20. As a Cowboys’ fan I don’t think Eli is as bad as everyone says, but I do think he gets a slight “pass” because he is a Manning.

    With that being said, how much would it eff-up the football gods and “experts” if he were to somehow win a 2nd SB ring and Peyton only had one?

    Is Eli then considered “one of the greatest QB’s ever”???

  21. I’m a Giants fan and when a team wins the superbowl its from a collective effort, Eli has had bad games but when a team looses its a team lose , meaning it takes every one to win or lose.
    That being said I think Eli is a decent quarterback, but I also dreaded the Dave Brown days

  22. So Coughlin would rather Eli protect the ball but Ben Roethlisberger gets blamed for doing the same thing by idiots who just want him to chuck it to avoid sacks?


  23. “If we don’t turn the ball over, we’re a pretty good football team.”

    Sure.. And we all know that the good teams blow a 30 point lead within 8 minutes..

  24. He throws picks because his receivers don’t hold the ball when it’s in their hands, and also because he doesn’t want to take the hits that come with the sacks. That’s why he’s started over 100 games in a row. Aaron Rodgers throws the best ball in the league, but in only three years as a starter he’s had multiple concussions. Not gonna last too long at that rate. Peyton has the fastest release in the game and knows his offense better than his coaches so he avoids sacks and injuries. You don’t think they talk about that?

    Bottom line: Eli took a mediocre 9-7 team on the road for four straight wins including the -2 degrees NFC Championship where Favre spit the bit and SB 42 vs 18-0 NE. He’s proven he’s a gamer and can take a team to the top. Your guys in Washington, Philly, Dallas, 2d City and San Diego can’t say that and never will.

  25. terrellochouno says:
    Mar 23, 2011 10:37 AM
    I’ve seen lots of people in the media make this same bullsh*t excuse for Eli over the years. They say he’s “extending the play” or, like Favre, he’s a “gunslinger”. But when Jay Cutler does it, it’s a boneheaded mistake. It’s bad judgement. Everything about the guy comes into question. Someone above said it best: if this clown’s last name wasn’t Manning, he’d be in the AFL by now.

    No, maybe he’s in the NFL because he’s a Super Bowl MVP in one of the most celebrated Super Bowls of all time.

    Cutler and E. Manning have both had 11 2+ INT games over the past two seasons. They key difference is:

    Cutler is 1-10
    Manning is 4-7

    When Cutler throws picks, he freaking throws picks, that’s why people say they’re bone headed.

    Manning isn’t much better, but he has came through in the clutch before. All Cutler has ever done under pressure is fold. In 2008 he couldn’t lead the Broncos to ONE WIN to take them to the playoffs, not even against his rival Phillip Rivers.

    Do your homework for once.

  26. Eli is a retard…Just look at him, he evidently has Down Syndrome…

    The Giants are done and they are not even a factor anymore.

    This team has three SB rings like us. However, we dominated our SB wins – The Giants won two SB’s based on the fact the otther team screwed up.

    case in point 1). Scott norwood misses the short field goal to win the frist Giant SB – Nothing to do with the Giants, everything to do with the Bills.
    The Giants backed into this win…Can you say Gift?

    case in point 2) Samuel the defensive back for the patsies lets a game winning interception go right throuh his hands. Otherwise, you never see the “Retard” throw a Brett Farve pass that the freakin receiver catches on the top of his freakin helmet! Wow, that takes practice. surely they worked on that all year…The Giants back into another SB win…What an impressive team…LOL!!!

    All Eastcoast teams suck. The SB belongs to the Silver and Black attack and it’s back Jack!

    Deal with it the Raiders will be unbeatable when football resumes….UNBEATABLE!!!


  27. My favorite Tom Coughlin moment: Screaming at his punter after he kicked it to DeSean Jackson in the final seconds of a tie game. We all know what the result of that was 🙂

  28. Giants… 3 Superbowl wins… count ’em… 1… 2… 3.

    Eagles… ZERO

    My favorite moment is every year when Philly chokes out of the playoffs. Yeah baby… big fun.

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