And now, a message from Al Davis


Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune wrote such a nifty post on Wednesday that we wanted to pass it along.   (And let’s face it: there’s not a lot going on right now.)

He relayed a story from Bill Parcells, who was asked what he learned from Al Davis.

“Nobody cares,” Parcells said.  “Nobody cares about your injuries or your problems. All they want to know on Monday is if you won.”

That message can absolutely applied to the current labor situation.  Fans don’t care about the league’s problems.   Or the players’ problems.

Let’s face it: They are the problems of a sport that doesn’t have real financial problems.  They are good problems.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to understand this.  In a story relayed by Peter King in Monday Morning Quarterback this week, Goodell made a phone call to a faithful caller “Benny” of SIRIUS radio.  (Goodell often contacts fans directly that contact the league.)

Goodell’s message: “He told me, ‘Don’t take sides,”’ Benny said.

It’s a great message we’d like to hear more.  For the majority of fans, every word that comes from the players or owners until an agreement happens is just noise.

Nobody cares about the the owners or players’ problems.  We just want a win.

In this case, that’s an agreement.

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  1. Its hard not to take sides when you have players like AP making rediculous comments about the NFL. NFL=modernday slavery!? Really, we’re supposed to ignore things like that and be nutral?

    The players need football more then the owners, the owners are still going to be millionares without football, not sure the same can be said about many if any.

  2. Well done Roger. Very proud to support the owners and how they have been nothing but professionals throughout this whole ordeal.

  3. Nice piece Rosenthal.

    You’re right. We don’t care, but we’re still going to take sides. This is America. It’s what we do.

  4. Tell It Al! If this guy was 50yrs younger we would have football rightnow..

    The Man is the “BEST” owner in NFL History,.. Everyone talks of the rooneys and everyone else, But Al Davis was the MAN to bring the NFL & AFL together… “PRAISE AL DAVIS”




    GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  5. Hey, PFT! Whether you like him or despise him, show a little respect and kindness to Davis. Either use a different photo of him (one from several years ago) or don’t post his photo at all. The man is seriously decrepit and it’s shocking to see him in that condition.

  6. No. Actually Al about queered the deal by being an a-hole. It was Lamar Hunt that actually got the deal done. The same Lamar Hunt that formed the AFL so freaks in Oakland could have a freak show to root for.

  7. Did you know Al takes care of his players and their families? Medical bills and funerals……

    Thumbs up to Al.

  8. But you didn’t actually share anything from zombie Al.

    Sad way to try to make a horribly boring post less boring. Next it will be. “A message from Charlie Sheen and Michele Obama on the NFL” and the story will be a quote from someone who once talked to Sheen about the NFL and also shook Michele Obama’s hand months later.

  9. Al has been surprisingly quiet throughout this process. Would like to get his honest opinion of things because it would probably be the most sensible, fair and well-concieved one of any owner. He can never be called greedy or closed-minded.

  10. Davis was the one who had to step in the last time to get a deal done with the players. Roger should be calling the former commissioner for help once again, and keep the bozo’s like Kraft, Jones, etc….out of the picture…..All of the players know those guys only care about the buck, and nothing more, while all the players know that Al take’s care of the players.

  11. What lessons can be learned from Al Davis? How to pick 1st round busts and lose 11 or more games a season for seven years in a row.

  12. “No. Actually Al about queered the deal by being an a-hole. It was Lamar Hunt that actually got the deal done. The same Lamar Hunt that formed the AFL so freaks in Oakland could have a freak show to root for.”

    Nice try but not even close to what happened.

  13. goodell’s advice “don’t take sides”… i guess it’s okay. i’m not going to slam him for it. but it’s sorta self-serving. if polls saying 2 out of 3 football fans side with the players, then if goodell can convince people to NOT take sides at all, the net sum of that shift is good for the owners in the court of public opinion.

  14. @radrfan … given the fact that both owners and players (current and former alike) agree that the last deal was an absolute steal by the players, I don’t think Roger will want to thaw Al from his cryogenic sleep just so that he can blow it again.

  15. @mizzousooner – Lamar Hunt didn’t have nothing to do with the AFL DEAL! That was All Al Davis buddy….

    Chief are like the Lions when it comes to anything football seriously!

    That guy can’t even be brought up in the same breath as Al Davis…

  16. Other NFL owners could take one lesson from Davis, as an earlier response pointed out. Al Davis takes care of his players. You don’t hear about former Raiders having problems paying for their medical bills. If you are good to the organization, Al takes care of you. We can debate Al’s logic on other topics, but the fact is the NFL would be better if owners were more like Davis in this respect.

  17. The “Don’t take sides” quote from Goodell is a good one and makes a lot of sense. I’m just glad I don’t have to bet a paycheck on whether or not he actually meant it.

  18. @packerrube13…Exactly what I was thinking. Was the message “Nobody Cares”? Or was this just a precursor to a forthcoming article?

    Either way, it’s sad that we have to resort to posting crap comments like mine…..and all of us just wasted a few minutes of our lives we will never get back…..

  19. I guess everyone that makes fun of Al’s looks has supermodel looks, perfect white teeth and hardrock abs. Oh and you won’t wrinkle As you age. Lucky you.

  20. When I saw the headline, “And now, a message from Al Davis” I got very excited.

    My imagination could barely conjure the wild musings that would come from the crypt keeper on current events.

    So imagine my disappointment when I found out you were just rehashing something he told Bill Parcells years ago.

    Talk about anti-climactic.

  21. chargerbar says:
    Mar 24, 2011 1:29 PM
    What lessons can be learned from Al Davis? How to pick 1st round busts and lose 11 or more games a season for seven years in a row.


    Actually, it’s probably how to go 56-44-2 against the only team in your division that has never won a superbowl… one that seems to have its own problems with first round busts whose fans probably shouldn’t be throwing stones at glass houses….

  22. I strongly disagree with the notion that fans only care about their team winning… that assumption is very naive…..

    There are a variety of reasons people are into football, but my guess is that the regular Joe on the street:
    – sees that there are unlimited possibilities for “people like me”
    – roots with their friends for players they like
    – identifies with guys facing rough work to get something done….

    When players whine, profess greed at every turn, act like prima donnas, and reveal the fact that they think of themselves as better than the Joes…. they blow up that working man’s connection with the fans….

    and THAT is a disaster for the Players and by extension the NFL…. the Players are blowing this… big time… who wants to root for arrogant, greedy jerks?

  23. With every passing day, Old Al looks more and more like the old guy that likes Chris on Family Guy.

    Is that the okay way to say Moderator?! I didn’t realize referencing a character on a TV show was grounds to have a post removed.

  24. I love when Charger fans try to blast Raider fans for being crappy the past 8 years. When was the last time the Chargers won a game that mattered? Oh wait, they never have

  25. Uncle Al is right on the money. I have a soft spot for Al. Even though I was never a great Raider fan growing up here in the Bay Area (alliances lie with the Niners), he brought the Bay Area 2 super bowl rings. He still has street cred out here

  26. @radrntn – You do know Al Davis was against the NFL/AFL merger. Also, he presided as commissioner back in the day when then teams practically owned players and free agency didn’t exist. I’m not saying the NFLPA is right, but it was certainly easier to be a commissioner back then – that’s for sure.

  27. p4hbiz the raiders were on the right track, till they fired their head coach that helped them actually do something this past season. Can’t wait to see the raiders fall to a pathetic team once again.

  28. The Al is re-re-quoted by Parcells through a newsy, and gets more comments/attention here that any other article.

    For all the nego-nonspecific, unfounded trash that is spewed about him and the Raiders, there sure seems to be a lot of interest in them here.

  29. Why are Charger fans in here going off on Davis and the Raiders? Yes, you perennial underachievers once again failed to live up to expectations. That is all your organization has EVER done. You have a crybaby QB, terrible special teams, and ownership that is seriously considering packing up and leaving town. Oh, and that lightning bolt on your helmet is bad-ass.

  30. The presence of Al Davis makes the NFL more interesting. A true eccentric whose team reflects him in every way, from uniforms to stadium atmosphere, from players to strategy.

    We’ll miss that sort of thing when he’s gone. In an increasingly vanilla, corporatized league Al’s a true original.

  31. Al is the Only Owner To Win Superbowls in two different Cities…

    Try winning a SB in LA!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  32. It’s pathetic how you guys post all these comments about how Al looks, are you not smart enough to realize that he is 80 years old?!?!?!?

    Most of you won’t even LIVE that long (reality check), and ALL of “us” will never accomplish what he has accomplished, been where he has been, or have the RESPECT that he has… Al Davis has probably forgotten more about Football than any of us know right now… And he hasn’t forgotten much…

    You guys have such negative things to say about the man… like you don’t have grandparents or older relatives of your own… THAT is what is pathetic and completely ridiculous…


  33. kellyb9 says:
    Mar 24, 2011 2:21 PM
    @radrntn – You do know Al Davis was against the NFL/AFL merger. Also, he presided as commissioner back in the day when then teams practically owned players and free agency didn’t exist. I’m not saying the NFLPA is right, but it was certainly easier to be a commissioner back then – that’s for sure.


    Actually, Al wasn’t entirely against the merger, but he wanted a more favorable deal for his league. It was actually the NFL that came to the AFL asking for the merger because of Al’s outspend the competition ways that forced the NFL to worry about the competition and the dwindling talent pool. Much the same way he gets accused today of running up the prices on minimal talent. It can be argued either way, but for or against the merger, it probably would not have happened had Al Davis not been the commish of the AFL.

  34. And by the way, the NFL started the bidding war when the Giants signed Pete Gogolak from the Buffalo Bills….

  35. Yes Al was so instrumental in the merger of the leagues that the AFC Conference trophy is named after him…
    Oh wait…what?…it’s the Lamar Hunt trophy? Oh…never mind.

  36. Whatever Al did in the past,good or bad,the fact remains that the Raiders will never be on top again as long as Al is running the show.
    It’s sad to see him go down in history as the losingest owner in the NFL during his last 10 years as managing general partner of the Traitors.

  37. Wow! These stories really bring out the Al Davis haters, and the sycophants! One of my favorite high school teachers in his waning years was called a “has-been” by the PTA. He responded by telling them that to be a “has-been” you have to have been someone, so he thanked them for the compliment. It seems a fitting response to both sides of the Al Davis love/hate-clubs. He should have retired 5 years ago, then noone could have spoken a word of blame about him. Now he looks crazy. I hope I have the wisdom and courage to bow out at the right time, but I suspect that I will do no better.

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