Bill Parcells to re-join ESPN for draft special

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Bill Parcells is following a familiar path: Jump from the NFL to a spot on ESPN.

Michael McCarthy of the USA Today reports Parcells will star in a special to be aired the week before the draft called: Bill Parcells Draft Confidential.

(Alternative title provided by Greg A. Bedard:  “Please ignore the fact that I approved the drafting of Pat White Confidential”)

It sounds like the special will focus less on this year’s draft, and more on Parcells’ draft strategy wisdom.   Mike Tirico will host the 90-minute program.

It’s unclear at this point what Parcells will do for a full-time job next; he’s been trying to quit football unsuccessfully for 25 years.  ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer wouldn’t confirm to McCarthy whether ESPN is in talks with Parcells to become a regular analyst next year.

It’s a safe bet that Parcells isn’t ready to fade away into a life of horse-racing and solitude just yet.

15 responses to “Bill Parcells to re-join ESPN for draft special

  1. We can only hope that Parcells will regale us with even more humorous anecdotes and gentle witticisms akin to the wonderful Al Davis bon mot about how you should try to win.

  2. Please, ESPN, please take Parcells, aka; Tuna. We Dolphin fans have no further need of Parcells failed draft strategys. Oh sure he found one good player here and one there but his failures way out number his success. The Tuna is old and tired. Time to say goodnight.

  3. I met Bill Parcells once and I didn’t quite recognize him at first. I was surprised that this was one seriously out of shape dude.

    Its hard to imagine without actually seeing him in person. Grimace may spring to the mind.

  4. Every day he is not in Miami’s day to day operations, the better Miami is.

    He built a big slow team with no explosiveness. He used the Dolphins as his 80’s Giants reincarnation. He found his LT protoge in Cameron Wake but that was more Jeff Ireland’s score.

    Bigger may have been better in the 80’s. His theory was his big guys will wear the other teams guy down. Well, in today’s NFL, those big guys can’t catch those fast ones.

    Thanks for trying anyway Tuna!

  5. Don’t get all the hating, he took this team from 1-15 to 11-5. They may be average now but with out him they may closer resemble the pathers or skins over the past years. Remember after the 11-5 seasons he took less responsibility I’d trade Dan Snyder for him any day.

  6. Lemme break down some facts for you Miami Fans
    Starting with a History Lesson
    The Wanny years
    Remember those years, where Miami had Jimmy’s Players and utterly failed?
    Bust LB’s Bust Jamar Fletcher
    trading a 2nd rounder for AJ Feely
    How about Saban? Remember those drafts?
    Jason Allen, Duante Culpeper over Brees
    Better yet that CAM season, the one that netted Tedd Ginn Jr.

    Then Parcells comes in and brings in players like Solai, Jake Long, Vonae Davis…
    Oh finds a STAR in CFL Cam Wake

    Maybe Miami fans put expectations too high on Bill.
    But facts are facts, go look up his Career draft choices and its better than 95% of other people who have done his job.

  7. Yeah he can pick out the next great QB that fit his Pat White style. Or suggest to teams to invest heavily in franchise Left Tackles over franchise Playoff QB’s.

  8. The Tuna has sucked ever since Belecheck told him to screw! The only time Tuna did anything was because Belecheck dominated for him. Helloooooo!!!! Go crush a buffet somewhere Tuna……you’re a washed up BUM! Believe me..

    Shoola knows all!

  9. parcells didn’t take us from 1-15 to 11-5 alone. we should all thank mr. favre for going to the jets so we could sign pennington. yes parcells signed him, but pennington almost alone led us to the playoffs. parcells got lucky.

  10. YETTY: Bill learned ALL from Parcells, I’m talking coaching, and he got more out of players by dropping lugs on them in practice or during the game, even the famous Otis Anderson, 33 yr old, MVP, super-bowl 1990!
    No one does it better! Give this man his due, he’s freaking 70!

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