Cam Newton will have a busy month


Former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton remains one of the hottest names in the 2011 draft.  But at a time when it’s becoming more widely believed that former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be the first quarterback — if not the first player — selected, what better way to build some buzz than to leak Newton’s dance card over the next month?

Regardless of who the source was, someone with access to Newton’s calendar has spilled the beans to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  Here’s what the Heisman winner will be doing over the next several weeks, per Schefter.

On Sunday, Newton will work out for the Dolphins at Auburn.  On Monday, he visits the Bills.  On Wednesday, the Vikings will work him out at Auburn.

On Sunday, April 3, the Bengals will visit with Newton at Auburn and work him out on the next day.  On Tuesday, April 5, Newton visits the Panthers.  The next day, he visits the Titans.

He then visits Cincinnati on April 12.  He then wraps up his pre-draft visits with trips to Cleveland on April 13, Washington on April 15, and Denver on April 18.

Thus, Newton will over the next few weeks visit with or be visited by every team with a pick in the top 12, except the Cardinals (No. 5), the 49ers (No. 7), the Cowboys (No. 9), and the Texans (No. 11).