Chuck Bednarik hospitalized in serious condition


Pro Football Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik is in serious condition this morning at a hospital near his Pennsylvania home.

St. Luke’s Hospital would not provide any further information about the condition of the 86-year-old Bednarik, who played for the Eagles from 1949 to 1962 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1967.

Bednarik played both center and linebacker and was the NFL’s last full-time two-way player. He was on the Eagles’ 1949 and 1960 NFL championship teams.

Last year’s NFL Top 100 list ranked Bednarik as the 35th-best player in league history.

20 responses to “Chuck Bednarik hospitalized in serious condition

  1. Chuck has lived a long life for a former NFL player. Here’s to hoping he continues enjoying a long and healthy life. Pull through this Chuck!

  2. Caddied for Chuck about 35 years ago, hulking man with about the biggest set of hands I’ve seen. Funny, playing both ways hitting and getting hit on every play wearing minimal padding, why is it Chuck has been in such good health and lived so long yet these days all we hear about is player’s health and safety? Can someone do a study as to why? Would be interesting to do a compare/contrast type of thing.

  3. God Bless You Mr. Bednarik! Hope you get better soon. Thank you for your service to our country! A real man’s man….waist gunner on a B-24, flew over 30 missions over Hitler’s empire…..and played two ways. They don’t make men like Mr. Bednarik anymore.

  4. I will never forget his hit on Frank Gifford(which today would be illegal). Eagles went on to win their very last championship that year.

  5. Look at his fingers, that’s back when these guys laid their hearts on the line for the game. Much respect to Bednarik for playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. My best wishes go out to him.

  6. hahaha imagine if he were the owners’ representative in contract negotiations……….

  7. True story about Concrete Charlie….as told by Ray Didinger…..When he laid that famous hit on Gifford…(Yanno, the one the NFL sells photos of but now frowns on)and he was out cold, and taken off the field, seems an unfortunate fan had a heart attack during the game, and as chuck sat in the locker room, the only way the paramedics could get him out of the stadium, was down the hallway by the Eagles locker room, so he saw a man on a gurney with a sheet over him being wheeled by, and he said…..Oh My God, I killed Frank….

  8. Always liked watching shows about this beast of a player. The NFL cupcakes of today could learn to man up from Chuck.

  9. Too bad because he had a great career and a good long life. Good luck, get better and hang in there. Don’t give up yet.

  10. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Mr. Bednarik a few times over the years and he was always very gracious to myself and my kids. He’s a legendary Eagle and a very nice gentleman. Get well soon, Chuck!

  11. a real player and a real man. most of today’s players cant hold a candle to him.

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck and can tell you……Not only is he a genuine tough guy but also a wonderful person. Get well soon charlie.

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