Da’Quan Bowers’ agent says there have been no “setbacks” or “new concerns”

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With the draft five weeks away, players and agents are getting antsy about their draft prospects.

None are antsier right now than Da’Quan Bowers and agent Joe Flanagan of BTI Sports Advisors.

“Recently, inaccurate reports have surfaced regarding our client, Da’Quan Bowers, the health of his knee and the scheduling of his workout,” Flanagan tells PFT via e-mail.  “Bottom line: Da’Quan’s knee has progressed ahead of schedule, in every regard, since the day he walked out of his procedure. There have been no ‘setbacks’ or new concerns’, and Da’Quan is very much looking forward to his workout on April 1st.”

Flanagan also summarizes what he contends are the facts.

“Shortly after the combine, on our advice and based on input from the teams at the top of the draft, it was decided to push Da’Quan’s workout deeper into the [Pro Day] schedule, simply to give him more time to train.  On March 4th, all NFL clubs (and certain media) were notified that Da’Quan would hold his proday at Clemson on April 1st, the day after North Carolina’s proday, to best accommodate NFL personnel.

“As announced at that time, Da’Quan will indeed work out on Friday, April 1st, at 9:00 a.m. at Clemson University.  He will participate in all combine and defensive line tests and drills.   He will be meeting and dining with several teams in both the days leading up to and after the workout.

“Starting on April 4th, Da’Quan will begin traveling for visits currently scheduled with 8 teams at the top of the draft. Those teams will visit with Da’Quan and conduct physicals. He will also participate in the medical re-check in Indianapolis, which will lead to updated medical information being provided to all 32 clubs.

“We believe this series of events . . . the meetings, dinners, workout, visits, physicals and re-check . . . will show that there exists no short- or long-term concern about his knee and also confirm that Da’Quan is the best defensive player in this draft, with as much upside as any prospect in a very long time.”

Regardless of what anyone says about Bowers, good, bad, or otherwise, the reality is that the teams will make the assessment based on what they observe medically and physically.  Everyone knows the concerns is present; the onus is now on Bowers to prove that it’s not an issue.

4 responses to “Da’Quan Bowers’ agent says there have been no “setbacks” or “new concerns”

  1. I sure hope he’s that truly rare form of agent – an honest one, because if Bowers is healthy, he could be outstanding in the NFL.

    That said, his agent sure as hell isn’t going to ‘spin’ the NFL teams – they’ll know EXACTLY what the condition of Bowers knee is.

    Anyone else pick up on the fact that the agent completely ignored addressing the fact that it was the NFL’s medical people who wouldn’t allow Bowers to participate in the Combine?

  2. Thats pretty much does it for me, an agent always tell’s the truth about his player’s whom he has a vested interest in………….NOT.

  3. Da’Quan… its like his parents said, “Yep, he’ll either be a football player or in jail with this name. Lets use it.”

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