Glanville: UFL plans to aggressively court undrafted free agents

The UFL has barely been a blip on the football radar the last two years.   The league has seemingly teetered on extinction at times, but the NFL’s current work stoppage gives it a great chance for new life.

The UFL could steal some of the NFL’s attention in July and August if the lockout continues.  It will also try to steal some of its players much sooner than that.

New Hartford Colonials coach Jerry Glanville told Florio on PFT Live Thursday that he will aggressively go after players that go undrafted in April’s NFL Draft.   NFL teams won’t be able sign undrafted players during a work stoppage.

“I think this is an unbelievable opportunity . . . I promise you I’ll be on someone’s front porch,” Glanville said.  “I’ll be there in person.  If we can sign the people that we want to sign that aren’t drafted, we’ll have great football teams.”

The best of the undrafted free agents may not listen.  But if the UFL could convince others to try their league first, they would create an uncomfortable situation for the big boys.

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16 responses to “Glanville: UFL plans to aggressively court undrafted free agents

  1. ..about how much does the UFL pay a first year player? I dont see why a player wouldnt take the offer if it paid more than a run of the mill job on the street.

  2. It’s not a problem. They’re just filling the jobs most Americans don’t want…

  3. Why wouldn’t a guy go play for the UFL if he’s undrafted or even a really late pick? Sure he’d make more as a rookie in the NFL, but he’s not going to get a signing bonus or even a contract for months or even a year or more if the lockout continues.

  4. thetruuf says: “..about how much does the UFL pay a first year player?”

    According to Google, only about $35,000.

  5. The NFL should have a farm system!

    People can joke all they want about the UFL.

    In reality however, most people would rather spend their day at a UFL game than most MLBs games. Attendance proves it.


  6. these dudes ever get that last check? i remember reading the season ended and dudes never got the last game check.

  7. jnbnet says: Mar 24, 2011 1:40 PM

    Way to go. Light a fire under their butts…and if there is no NFL football, I will watch UFL.


    I watched both last year.

  8. Add 1 or 2 investors with deep pockets and that would really get the owners uncomfortable. I’m sure there are a couple big money guys out there following the situation.

  9. touchdownroddywhite says: Mar 24, 2011 1:40 PM

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…


    FYI – Sam Shields – one of the guys responsible for Roddy White’s “stellar” playoff game against the Packers – was an undrafted free agent.

    As was Frank Zombo, who had 38 tackles, 4 sacks and 2 FFs in 12 games last year, mostly as a backup.

  10. I’d watch the UFL — heck, I even watched the XFL (albeit with the sound on “mute”).

    If, of course, they could manage to get some kind of Over-The-Air broadcast going.

  11. Agreed with the comment that the NFL should have a farm league. The NFL could help finance the UFL with the billion the two sides are fighting over.

  12. Alex Smith is available… oh please let him go to the UFL… Can’t stand another year with him at the helm.

  13. The UFL should have its season similar to the beginning of the USFL. Start it in March/April, let the college kids come in later and finish up before the NFL regular season begins. The USFL died as soon as they (read…Trump) thought they could goe toe-to-toe with the NFL’s season. There is a huge football void between the SuperBowl and the start of NFL/NCAA football seasons. They could give the “tweeners” a legit shot to impress an NFL squad. The league would just have to have a reasonable comp deal with the players or the NFL team that signs them.

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