Growing belief that Bills will take quarterback with No. 3 pick

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The longer that draft season lasts, the more likely it appears that Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will both get taken very early in the process.

There are just too many teams desperate for a quarterback and not enough can’t miss prospects at other positions.  The Bills are one of those teams, and coach Chan Gailey sounds convinced both Newton and Gabbert are worthy of a high pick.

“I can tell you right now there’s no question they have an outstanding skill set, both of them,” Gailey told SI’s Don Banks.  “Outstanding. Not average. Not above average. Outstanding. Both of them [will] play early and long. I knew that after I watched them on tape.”

Gailey later threw caution on those words, but Banks walked away from the conversation believing Gailey will take a quarterback with the No. 3 pick.  Former Rams executive Tony Softli believes the Bills are especially fond of Newton.

“Don’t be surprised if quarterback-friendly head coach Chan Gailey makes a hard play for Newton if he is still on the board.  Sources say they feel [Newton] is the franchise quarterback for the Bills’ organization and would have time to develop because of [Ryan] Fitzpatrick’s presence on the roster,” Softli writes.

We think Buffalo would be a great fit.  Gailey is a perfect mentor for Newton’s skill set, and they could afford to let Newton develop a little more slowly than other places.

It may be tougher for Newton to become an icon or an entertainer in Buffalo, but that’s probably a good thing.

56 responses to “Growing belief that Bills will take quarterback with No. 3 pick

  1. “It may be tougher for Newton to become an icon or an entertainer in Buffalo…..”

    You said it all right there. Newton will hate Buffalo. Absolutely terrible fit.

  2. not saying Fitzpatrick is their answer, but they need offensive line, a corner, Vonn Miller, or a receiver opposite Steve, before they need a QB.

  3. It will be either Marcell Dareus or Nick Farley, they desperately need the help in the defensive line especially at the tackle position.

  4. Whats wrong with Ryan Fitzpatrick? he did a great job with what he had, 3000 yards, 23 TD 15 INT in just 13 games and only 24 sacks. it would only be a marketing plow to sell t-shirts if they go QB in the first round

  5. There going to need a running QB as the Bills continue to neglect Offensive Tackle in the draft. The Bills havent drafted an offensive tackle in a round higher than 5 in like 8 plus years…


  6. “It may be tougher for Newton to become an icon or an entertainer in Buffalo, but that’s probably a good thing.”

    That’s the thing with Cam-I-Am.
    He puts being an entertainer or icon above beging a football player.

    If chosen by the Bill expect a Elway, Manning type of “I won’t play there, I want to go to…..”

    Any team that draft Cam-I-Am in the first 10 picks are doomed to be picking in that range for the next decade.

  7. @davis… good assessment except for the receiver part. they have a receiver opposite steve johnson. lee evans’ presence was the reason for johnson’s good season.

    @dawkins… fitzpatrick put those numbers up in garbage time of most games. where they would be behind by multiple tds and therefore have to pass against prevent d. the lone exception was the baltimore game. every other game where they needed to pass for important points he fizzled. you dont go 4-12 with a veteran qb, and then hope that veteran is your franchise qb you’ve been looking for

  8. Wasn’t Fitzpatrick one of the higher rated passers for much of the year last season? I don’t get why anyone thinks he can’t be the guy for the long term. The Bills have far more pressing needs than a QB but this just shows that the media wants to talk about the most exciting possibility as opposed to the most logical.

  9. I don’t believe either of the top 2 Qb’s rate the #3 pick. They are both first rounders, but not that high.

    If they are dead set on taking a QB, they should trade down, which may actually be possible this year if the owner’s are convinced the new CBA will have a rookie cap.

    I think they could go as far down as #10 and still get one of those guys.

  10. Yeah (the legend in his own mind) Newton will hate Buffalo and will never re-sign there — He will be one and done contract wise and try to be his goofy old icon self somewhere else — The writing is on the wall with this one — For Sure

  11. if the bills draft newton or fairley they can have my season ticket.

    playmaker on d please, not a 23 yr old man who put up huge numbers playing against much younger competition, and who can’t compete each down. don’t even get me started on newton. can’t have a qb in the nfl who can’t get past the first read. you expect a franchise qb to develop sitting on the bench next to aaron maybin?!

  12. It doesn’t matter, whoever they take will be a bust as long as Gailey’s there. Have the Bills ever been relevant other than losing 4 super bowls in a row. Dead end for any talent.

  13. Even as a Pats fan, I hope the long suffering people of Buffalo don’t see their team waste an opportunity to improve on yet another QB bust.

    If the guy is there then that’s fantastic, but reaching for a QB is how many teams have extended their periods of futility.

    If anything Buffalo should take advantage of another desperate team and let them make the mistake while the Bills collect some more picks.

  14. ahhhh……… the bills just continue to find ways to disappoint year after year……after year !!!! i can see it now….get your new look cam newton bills jersey, only $80.00

  15. I have to disagree most of you who would rip the Bills for taking Newton. I think it would be a great idea for the Bills to take him. This team more than anything needs a jolt of excitement for the fans. Newton would sell tickets and revitialize the fan base. Also, the truth is, NO ONE knows if he will be a bust or a pro-bowler. In fact, that’s what the draft is all about. ANY player that is highly touted can end up being a bust. Granted, most Super Bowl QB’s have been pocket passers, but I’m sure Bills fans would be happy just to be relevant on a consistant basis. I think they should grab him if he’s there.

  16. Cam Newton will be the final death blow of the Bills franchise. You cant possibly have a worse fit. His ego can not handle being stuck in upstate NY

  17. Have any of you folks with such strong NEGATIVE opinions about Can Newton seen him play? And..are u all Yankees? Just sayin’ will be eating some serious SOUTHERN STYLE crow when he saves your sorry franchise.

  18. Ryan Fitz is an above average QB that can get alot better if the Bills add more offensive line and skill players. Plus their defense is awful and they play in the same division as the Jets and Pats…doesn’t matter who they draft really, playoffs won’t be happening anytime soon.

  19. “fitzpatrick put those numbers up in garbage time of most games”

    This just goes to show you how little people pay attention. Fitz and the Bills are only a couple of key players away from a playoff team. Take a look at their 2010 schedule. Out of 14 losses 9 were to playoff teams including the super bowl champions runner ups and the AFC and NFC championship runners up. They arguably play in the toughest division in football.
    The Bills were a dropped pass in overtime ffrom beating the stealers, field goals in overtime from beating the Ravens and Cheifs. A field goal from beating the Bears. If they take a defensive lineman with their pick who won’t flopp, i.e. not Farely. They will be a playoff contender. If they take Cam I am, I will sell my season tickets to a homeless man for a nickel.

  20. Can a Bill’s fan please explain to me the hate towards Fitz? The guy had a pretty solid year last year….

    Why are the Bills so hot on picking up a QB with thier 3rd? Seems like it could be used for bigger needs.

  21. I am going to take the word of Mike Mayock over anyone who has posted that Cam will be a bust. Just saying.

  22. Can a Bill’s fan please explain to me the hate towards Fitz? The guy had a pretty solid year last year….

    Why are the Bills so hot on picking up a QB with thier 3rd? Seems like it could be used for bigger needs


    Bills fans love fitz, he could probably get us to the playoffs eventually, and to many fans that might be enough

    but if your actually trying to build a winner, a team that can go to the superbowl, Fitz isn’t that guy.

    Thats what makes taking a guy like newton even more of a fit for buffalo.

    1)Chan has done very well with qbs like cam that has had much less talent

    2) Chan develops his offense to the players strengths not the other way around

    3)We have fitz who will start in 2011 regardless, great for Cam to learn under

    4) Fitz is probably the smartest qb in the league, another great fit for cam to learn under fitz.

    5)If fitz can transplant his knowledge into the game into cam’s body then you have a great qb.

  23. @kc4life7

    My fellow Bills fans hate Fitz because we love him. Remember the last time we loved a QB? He was benched in the playoffs, you know the last time we went. I really like Fitz, he deserves a shot to start without anyone peering over his shoulder. Cam is an ideal pick for a team that is ONLY lacking a QB. Fitz can guide us to the playoffs with some help, if we draft Newton we can just flush this season down the tubes. Also, Cam says he wants to be an entertainer/icon. I do not want that in my city. I would rather be know for the tough as nails gunslinger QB, than some flashy loudmouth who can’t stay out of trouble.

    Amen! Also to the idiot who mentioned garbage time. How many games did the Bills have garbage time in when Fitz played? 2 games. As soon as he took over this team was one of the most competitive I’ve seen in a long time.

  24. Picking Newton will set the team back at least 3 years. He is overhyped and destined for the “bust” label. He will do to the bills exactly what Jamarcus Russell did to the Raiders. Just say no to Cam.

    The Bills need serious help on the front 7. No pass rush and last in the league in run defense. They have a more than capable QB in Fitzpatrick.

    As a Bills fan, I could actually see myself throwing in the towel if Newton is the pick. What a waste of an opportunity to get a game changer on Def.

  25. Gotta trust Chan, dude made Fitz, Jay Fiedler and Tyler Thigpen into legit QB’s.

    Now that blowhard Nix on the other hand, maybe he should stick to drafting guys out of major colleges instead of trying to find a diamond in the rough in rounds 2 -7!

  26. To everyone defending Newton you need to keep one thing in mind… he tried to get paid to play college football. That tells me one thing: He cares about money more than he cares about football. If that’s not true he wouldn’t have tried to get paid at all. The guy risked his entire college football career to try and get a measly $180,000. That being said, how do you think he is going to react when $50 million is dropped into his lap? I’d be shocked if he stays motivated after getting paid all that money.

    Then to suggest he would be a good fit playing in upstate New York?? I can’t think of a worse fit for Newton or the Bills, and Rosenthal should get slapped around for saying otherwise. Think about how Lynch acted in Buffalo. I can see Newton being the exact same way.

    Fitz should be the guy in Buffalo. He is good enough. He likes it there. The team likes him. The fans like him. That’s as good as it’s gonna get in Buffalo right now.

  27. Man I hope someone takes newton before my skins pick @ 10. We need another team to save us from ourselves!

  28. As a Bills fan, I only hope that the Panthers take Newton, so we can take Gabbert.

    He appears to be much more concerned with being a good quarterback instead of an icon and entertainer.

  29. First, Flutie Flakes then, Toasted Oats…now, Cam-ios? Seems appropriate. Sounds like a quick appearance in the movies (which fits in with his entertainer/icon wish) but may wind up representing a quick appearance in the league. He may turn out to be a decent player but it is rarely seen from a player so overtly out for their own fame

  30. Newton would have time to develop because of Brian Brohm’s presence on the roster!

  31. The reason fitzgerald is not a franchise qb is because they went 4-12 as much as u like to think how good he is. He was a short term chance but mainly they had him to be able to draft one this year

  32. fitzpatrick games this year

    wk 3 247 2 tds vs ne in 8 point loss. one td coming while down 15 late in 4th quater.. thats a garbage td

    wk4 128 2 tds in blowout loss to jets..more garbage tds

    wk 5 220 3 tds in 10 point loss to jax.. 2 tds in the 4th quarter while down 24 ..more garbage

    wk 7 good game at baltimore

    wk 8 at kc 223 1td 1 int. 48 attempts. mediocre

    wk9 299 yds 1td 2 int vs chi 51 attempts. more mediocre

    wk 10 146 1 td vs detroit. detroit. below mediocre

    wk 11 good part of game vs cincny but garbage time started in 3rd quarter while down 21. you better hope you have cincy on the schedule 16 times next year

    wk 12 265 1 and 1 vs pit. but should have had 30yard td in ot.. best game of year, considering opponent

    wk 13 158 1td 1int in blowout loss to min. garbage time td in 4th quarter. below mediocre

    wk 14 142 1 td against cle. mediocre

    wk 15 223 2td 1 int in win over miami. good game

    wk 16 251 0td 3 int in blowout to ne. those yards are all garbage time yards.

    sorry but im not sold on fitzpatrick being anything more than a stop gap solution.

  33. All you people who actually think Fitzpatrick is a franchise QB are clueless. Sure he put up nice stats, but alot of those yards came in garbage time, and even then, when he had a chance to win games for them, he couldnt do it. He was basically just a stat machine, and didnt actually lead them to victories

    Also, Look at Chan Gailey’s offensive system, its set up for QBs to put up great numbers. Look at when he was the OC in Kansas City and had Tyler Thigpen as his starting QB. In 11 starts, Thigpen had 2600 yards, 18TDs, 12 TDs, Looks pretty similar to me, would anyone here call Thigpen a good starting QB?? Before playing in Gaileys offense, Fitzpatrick never had a season where he threw more TDs than INTs and never had a QB rating higher than 70. Sure the bills need more help than just QB, but to say they dont need a QB all together because of Fitz is moronic.

    Now, personally im not sold on either Gabbert or Newton, but if the Bills coaching staff is convinced that either of these guys are franchise QBs, then they have to take them.

  34. @ citizensmithgobills

    You said what I was going to post until I saw that you already took care of it for me……Anyone who paid attention and watched the Bills games would know that there were not too many “prevent” games. He probably just looked at the 2010 record and made assumptions like most people.

    Fitz played excellent this year…..he throws more interceptions than I’d care to see, but the risks that he takes also put us into positions where we have a chance to win. Stevie Johnson was a fantasy football god this past year…..this kind of thing doesn’t happen to Buffalo very often.

    No QB in this class is worthy of a top 10 pick. I would be happy with the Bills trading down, but not for Newton…..terrible fit for the team and the city. I like Fitz, and we have bigger fish to fry from a positional needs standpoint than QB.

  35. Buffalo would be wise to take the best DL or LB w pick 1 but trade back a couple spots. There are 4-5 talented QBs in this draft to be gotten in Rd 2-3.
    Fitz will be the starting QB again this year whether they pick Newton or Mallet so improving both O and D lines and the run D are critical.

  36. Dear Disgruntled Bills Fans:
    It could be a lot worse for you at QB. You could have Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Ken Dorsey, Jake Delhomme or Colt “paper -mache” McCoy as your starter. Get Fitzpatrick some help on offense by trading down for some picks. You might also get a shot at Gabbert or Dareus. Marty Hurney may get so intoxicated with Newton, that they pick him. I agree Cam Newton is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    Sincerely : Disgrunted Browns fans

  37. Even though I am a Pats fan I actually feel for the Bills’ fanbase. They have stayed pretty loyal and passionate even though their team has struggled. I also like and respect Fitz a lot. I can’t say any QB the Bills have had in many many years, including my team’s old one, has scared the pants off me when he has the ball except Fitz.

    Is Fitz the long term “answer”? Probably not, but he could start there for quite a few years and keep things competitive while the Bills concentrate on building a better team around him that’s more ready for a young stud QB to take over and not having to reach for a “franchise guy” until he is actually there, which I don’t believe is this year with any of the QBs.

  38. Perhaps the Bills are playing the old game, hoping #1 or #2 will take him so they will have a better choice for some one else. Bill

  39. edukator4,

    There’s nothing to be sold on. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a backup QB in this league and anyone who’s watched him play knows as much.

    However, our fellow commentors here seem to be more involved with dislike for Cam Newton than actually being objective. One guy said that he wants Gabbert because he essentially says all the right things, lol. Never mind that he was largely mediocre over his career at Missouri and didn’t elevate his team to anything special even while the Big 12 was way down this year.

    The fact that you have people actually coming here vouching for Ryan Fitzpatrick as a short term or long term solution to anything let’s you know all that you need to know about these people’s agenda, especially when 95% of the comments don’t focus on Newton’s on field exploits, mechanics, leadership qualities, elevation of Auburn this season, etc. in contrast with Gabbert.

    and for the guy saying that he believes whatever Mayock says, that was McShay (same guy who gave Andre Woodson and Jeven Snead first round grades) not Mayock who said Newton might be a bust, so you might want to make sure you’re thinking what your guy told you to, which is that he believes he’ll be good.

  40. Oh yes, a guy from a sports talk radio station in ST LOUIS said “Don’t be surprised if the Bills take a QB at #3” so that means the Bills are taking a QB. As for Gailey’s comments, he was asked specifically about taking a QB at #3 in his press conference. What do you expect him to say? Buddy Nix explicitly said last year that he does not like one year wonders. Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, D’Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley, they’re all one year wonders. Plus after taking Spiller at #9 last year, the Bills can’t neglect their #32 run D two years in a row. If they don’t go front 7, they’ll take Peterson who sounds like the only blue chip in the top 5.

  41. Anyone who thinks fitz is the answer is a complete moron I swear….I’m a bills fan n I’m not agreeing on take Cam but if there is a year where u can take a risk at taking a player like Cam, its this year …bc of the depth on the defensive side of the ball we can take tht chance with him..and the guy who said we’re a couple picks away from become a playoff team is an idiot..a complete idiot

  42. I like Fitz, but he has an average skillset. Didn’t Edwards impress the new coaching staff more in camp, thus earning the starting job? I think if the Bills don’t see a “franchise” QB in the first, they should beef up their line. Fitz is good enough to keep them competitive while they solidify the team. It doesn’t matter who is throwing or who is running as long as there is piss-poor blocking. Good (long-term) teams seem to be built from the lines. Good QBs look like garbage with a bad line, great with a good one.

  43. @ those of you dissing Fitz, Supporting Cam

    I am a very objective Bills fan, I have watched Cam Newton play. I have watched Troy Smith, Vince Young, Brad Smith, Michael Vick, Matt Jones, Tim Tebow, and Terrell Pryor play. This also isn’t some racist post either. All those guys have one thing in common when coming out of college… If it isn’t there, they will try and beat you with their feet. I don’t care how good a guys mechanics are, or how good their numbers were. What I care about is a guys brain, can he make a split decision that is “Throw to receiver A, or B” not “Throw to Receiver A, or Run.” That is what Cam is, watch his games and see how many times he only gets through the first read. Also, when the protection breaks down see how many times he just takes off, and doesn’t look for the broken play down the field. In the NFL, he won’t be able to run wild like that. All of the Highlights I have seen have either been Long runs, or single read bombs to a receiver who just out ran coverage. Muscle memory will take over evertime once the adrenaline starts pumping. Now as for Fitz. First does anyone know what garbage time is? Garbage time isn’t in the 3rd quarter then goes away in the 4th because you came back. Also, when your down by 14 with 10 min + left in the game, still not garbage time. Garbage time is down by 21, 28, 35, 42 or more with 10 min or less in the game. He audiables at the line, turns broken plays into big plays with his arm, very mobile, and has a pretty good arm. Does he throw some stupid picks? Yes. Do I like the aggresiveness and forgive him for it? Yes. I have no way to prove it, but, I have been on the Fitz bandwagon since he came over from Cincy. I agree with the line help, but if we can get some solid D play that doesn’t lose games for us, this team has potential to be a playoff team. Again, this Bills team has potential to be a playoff team!!

  44. @Rabidbillsfan

    U don’t kno nothing, if u THINK the bills can be a playoff team..I agree with u on wat u said about cam but fitz has one good year n ur gonna ride tht to the playoffs n we have the patriots n jets to worry bout?? Ur a fan thts it….just for the record cam scored well on his test, so maybe he will be able to read defences… I’d rather take the d-linemen instead but mark my words we all gonna regret not taking him.

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