Ken Whisenhunt says he didn’t know how hurt Adrian Wilson was


When Adrian Wilson revealed after the season that he needed surgery to repair an abductor injury that had bothered him all year, it was a surprise: Wilson hadn’t talked about the injury during the season, hadn’t missed games or even practices and hadn’t been listed on the team’s injury report.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says the news of Wilson’s surgery came as a surprise to him, too.

We didn’t know how bad it was until afterwards,” Whisenhunt said this week, per Mike Sando of ESPN. “But I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he did and I believe that this year we will see more of the old Adrian because he’ll be healthier.”

Although Wilson was healthy enough to start all 16 games, he wasn’t the impact player he has been in the past. Whisenhunt said he now believes Wilson’s injury was to blame.

“It’s pretty apparent that he was affected,” Whisenhunt said. “Any time you have the type of injury that he had, it’s very difficult to change direction, to move.”

The Cardinals expect Wilson to be healthy and ready to go for the 2011 season, whenever the NFL is ready to go for the 2011 season.