Vincent Brown improves forty time


San Diego State wide receiver Vincent Brown had a terrific Senior Bowl week, but his postseason momentum hit a speedbump at the combine when he ran the forty-yard dash around 4.7.

Brown improved that time drastically at his pro day on Thursday according to Adam Caplan of, running between a 4.52 and 4.57.  Brown isn’t known as a burner, but he has good hands and excellent route running skills.

“Well, I play much faster than my 40-time says. I can be a deep threat and I have a pretty good feel for the game,” Brown said.

Brown fits the profile of what the Chargers usually look for in a receiver, and they  seemed to show special interest in him throughout the draft process.   He’s likely a mid-round prospect.

5 responses to “Vincent Brown improves forty time

  1. We KNOW that times recorded at the Combine are accurate. Same cannot be said for Pro Day.

  2. Rosenthal, where do you get your inside info? A magic 8-ball?

    The Chargers LOVE the size-speed WRs like Vincent Jackson 6’5 240-4.5, Malcolm Floyd 6’4, Naanee 6’2 220-4.4, etc. Almost all of the WRs they draft are well over 6’… and Brown is 5’11… he is anything but a typical Charger WR. Your intelligence is faulty.

  3. So he (and others) improved his time. Big deal. Does that mean he will always run this fast as a player? Nope! Do the techniques of running he learned to improve his 40 time translate to a football field? Nope!

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