Chargers, Browns, Cardinals, Bucs cut ticket prices

At a time when NFL teams are alienating fans with a lockout, only four teams are attempting to entice fans by offering reduced-price tickets.

The Associated Press reports that four NFL teams are reducing the cost of tickets for the 2011 season: San Diego, Cleveland, Arizona and Tampa Bay.

Two other teams, the 49ers and Chiefs, are cutting some prices but raising others.

Overall, most NFL teams are saying it’s business as usual as far as ticket sales are concerned: Fans who want season tickets for any team other than the Giants will need to buy them in advance, paying now and getting refunded only if the lockout causes some games to be canceled.

Nine teams are raising ticket prices, confident that the fans will pay what they’re asked to pay. One such fan, Saints season ticket holder Hank Graham, explained why he bought season tickets again: “I renewed, like any good sheep would, because there are, supposedly, another 50,000 or so lunatic sheep like me waiting.”

17 responses to “Chargers, Browns, Cardinals, Bucs cut ticket prices

  1. Looks like the players’ revenue split is headed for lower $ figures even if the percentage doesn’t change. Maybe they should get it together so the fans know there’ll be football.

  2. I love the viewpoint of the writers here at It was the players that walked out on the negotiations, not the owners. What were the owners to do when the (fake) decertification occurred and the players filed a lawsuit against the teams? Does anyone continue to cut a paycheck to an employee, and let them in your building when they have sued you?!?!? Get real! I’m happy top see that the spirit of LBJ is alive and well at this website and the former/future/former union headquarters. To paraphrase: Call the owners p*gf*ckers and make them deny it!

  3. but then how will the owners make their money?!? oh yeah, by taking an extra billion off the top…right.

  4. Why wouldn’t it be business as usual? Other than the free agent hot stove news, what have the fans really lost?

    I keep reading posts on here from people who say they are done with the NFL, that they can’t believe they are being treated this way, yada yada.

    What am I missing? Are there NFL games in March that I don’t know about?

    As I have said before- I realize this offseason hasn’t been nearly as much fun as usual, but there is no real reason to believe there won’t be football this year.

    And when the season starts and we have a new 8-10 year CBA in place, how long will it take us to forget about this? One week, two weeks?

    What say you, toe4?

  5. This doesn’t entice me in the least. The Chargers will have to pay me to attend games to get me to show up.

  6. I guess no one watchs Ohio’s STO channel. I been watching MAC basketball on that channel since it began broadcasting. The BROWNS have been running a COMMERICAL for SEASON TICKET for $19 PER GAME since atleast the begining of the year! $19 bucks is a roll back, but it’s the BROWNS! Puke!

  7. cowboy erik…. who cares if its the browns…. im a jets fan… i will never see $19 parking…. i would love to the a browns fan in cleveland right now (not really) but ya know what im saying…

    2 nose bleeds for a jets game w/ parking is $300 easy..

  8. The guy with the PSL suing the Browns may have to drop his suit now.

    I refused to pay mega bucks to sit in the nose bleed seats with an obstructed view in Dallas last season. I will never pay that kind of money to attend a game in JJ’s palace.

  9. I would like to see what “real” investigating went into this story….I and my family have been season ticket holders with the Bucs since 1979!!! When our renewal came for the 2011(?) season….NO DISCOUNT on tickets. They did lower PARKING and offered a $10 coupon for the over priced food at the stadium…but the face value of our seats remained @ $99 per seat per game!!

  10. Yeah Cowboyeric…because the GIRLS are so good and fun to watch..I would have to say the Browns have more pieces to the Puzzle than the Girls do…

  11. Why would you not want to be a Browns fan?

    If you want to back only a winner, then I can see why.

    If you want to ride bandwagon after bandwagon when a team rises and falls…then definitely not.

    If you cannot deal with the dissapointment of watching your team suffer yet another season of failure, then definitely being a Browns fan isnt for you.

    But if you are loyal, if you want to see years of agony and pain start to wash away…then this is the ride for you.

    We dont just lose…we lose in spectaular ways. We name our great losses. The Drive. The Fumble. Red Right 88, We lose spectacularly.

    And now…we have a new management team in town, with a mission of changing this culture of losing. And it is starting to look promising.

    We WANT a season in 2011 and not just for those cheap tickets. We want to finally hold our heads with the rest of the league and say…WE ARE BROWNS FANS!!!

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  13. The Cleveland Browns are the most fan friendly team in the NFL. Heck, It’s questionable if their owner even knows there’s a lockout considering he owns a pretty successful british football franchise that offsets the Browns losses.

    After all, part of the reason the team has so many loosing seasons is because the guy makes business decisions based on fan reaction. Didn’t he have a meeting a couple years back with season ticket holders on the state of the franchise? Browns fans, players and ownership are probably on the same page. I wouldn’t be surprised if the players got raises just to offset the potential financial loss if the owners win their 1 billion ON TOP of the lowering of tickets for the 2011 season for the fans.

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