Jeff Fisher says he won’t work in television this year


When Jeff Fisher parted ways with the Titans, he looked like a guy that could use a considerable break from coaching.  He’s going to get that break in 2011 without hitting the airwaves.’s Paul Kuharusky passes along word that Fisher will not work in television this year.  Instead, Fisher will work in some capacity with the NFL and look to get back into coaching in 2012.  Fisher made those comments to Hope Hines of WTVF in Nashville as part of an interview that will be aired Sunday night.

It’s a little unclear what he would do with the league.  The league says Fisher could assist on some projects, according to Kuharsky.  Fisher mentioned being involved with the competition committee.   (It was announced previously he would be a consultant for he competition committee.)

Perhaps the most significant item above is that Fisher plans to get right back into coaching.   That would be a similar route to the one Mike Shanahan took rather than Bill Cowher’s extended absence from the sidelines.

11 responses to “Jeff Fisher says he won’t work in television this year

  1. …OH MAN – THAT’s a relief…have you ever heard him talk for an extended period of time? i have – it would be horrible…tv’s ok the tuna’s comin’ back…

  2. List of Things Bill Engvall could do during his year off:

    1. Stunt double for Bill Engvall

  3. I read on footballphds a while back that he is going to be the next coach of the USC Trojans when Lane Kiffin gets fired. Kiffin not the guy out there, I guess.
    Rock Mayock says that Kiffin in trouble with the Athletic Director. But I don’t think Fisher is going to return to the NFL.

  4. Of course he won’t work in TV…..a mustache like that belongs in only 2 places… auto-repair shop and hardcore porno.

    And neither of those are suitable for TV…..yet.

  5. That’s a shame…I was looking forward to watching him do games and criticizing the litany of stupid pansy candyazz rules the CC has proposed while he’s been on it.

  6. Interesting that this announcement came after enough time has passed since his firing for him to audition at every network that has any connection to the NFL.

    Maybe he finally realized that the market for ex-coaches with a mediocre record, a blank stare, a terrible mustache and a wooden delivery just wasn’t that big.

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