Jonathan Baldwin benefits from work with Revis, Fitzgerald


Former Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin is getting ready for the NFL draft by working with two former Pittsburgh players who are among the best in the business, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Baldwin said today on ProFootballTalk Live that Revis has given him some insight into what makes life difficult for an NFL cornerback.

“He’ll tell me, ‘I have a hard time with this,'” Baldwin said. “If you’re going over it with someone like Darrelle Revis and he tells you something like that, you want to learn those things he doesn’t like so you can incorporate it into your game so you can be a better receiver.”

Fitzgerald, meanwhile, is trying to show Baldwin some of the finer points of playing receiver in the NFL.

“When you’re working with someone like Larry Fitzgerald, I know he’s been successful in the NFL so I try to incorporate those things,” Baldwin said. “Running good routes, being fluid coming out of my breaks, things like that.”

Baldwin’s comments are below:

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