LeSean McCoy fails to show for paid autograph signing

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Well, at least Mike Vick isn’t the only member of the Eagles who fails to show up for stuff.


Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that McCoy failed to attend a paid autograph signing event in Ashley, Pennsylvania on March 11.

Per Domowitch, McCoy received $2,500 of a $5,000 fee up front from Bentley’s, a local restaurant and night club.  Bentley’s had to refund the ticket price paid by “hundreds” who waited in vain for McCoy to arrive.

“We’re investigating the full extent of what happened and why he didn’t make it there,” attorney Jonathan Comitz told Domowitch. “If necessary, we’ll pursue all available options. We spent a lot of money on advertising for this event. We took a hit to our goodwill because those people were livid, to say the least.”

In other words, Bentley’s apparently will sue McCoy not only for the return of the $2,500, but for all other direct, incidental, and consequential financial injuries.

The event was scheduled by McCoy’s brother, LeRon.

“We gave [LeSean] half of the contract fee,” Comitz said.  “He just never showed up.  There were phone conversations back and forth with him and his people all night.  There were a lot of people waiting for him.  A lot of them waited until midnight hoping he still might show.”

McCoy posted messages on his Twitter page indicating that he had a flat tire and that, as of 11:14 p.m., he was on his way to Ashley.  But he never showed up, and that was the last tweet of the night.

McCoy’s nickname is Shady.  And it’s never been more appropriate.

UPDATE:  LeRon McCoy has responded.

47 responses to “LeSean McCoy fails to show for paid autograph signing

  1. Reid seems to run a pretty loose ship. His kids are doing hard time, Vick’s his boy now and he’s got guys like McCoy and Jackson running around like children.

  2. $2,500 for dealing with Eagles fans? I wouldn’t have shown up either, it’s a ripoff!

  3. “The event was scheduled by McCoy’s brother, LeRon.”

    Gee, what could possibly have gone wrong?

  4. Couldnt resist the cheap shot at Vick when its apples to oranges. Vick canceled his appearances with ample notices, so it wasnt a no-show on his part. When Michael Vick does something wrong, this site have it covered from every angle I’m sure. Until then you should refrain from the cheap shots.

  5. thats wrong, but really what do you really expect from these guys, to be professional? get real.

  6. I’m curious as to why “hundreds of people waited around until midnight” to get this guy’s autograph.

    Why would anybody do that? Why would anybody pay to get his autograph?

  7. Another display of player classlessness. Nine years since a conference championship, 51 years since an NFL championship. Worst fans in the league. Okay, that’s from GQ, not exactly a sports analysis powerhouse. But why is Andy Reid considered an expert at coaching, generating a winning culture or having good judgement?

  8. RIDERSPANTHERS, You had to throw Desean in there too, huh? What has he done? He doesnt run his mouth about his contract(he’s well underpaid) and wasnt he just on The View visiting a little boy who was bullied and beaten up? Your comment doesnt make much sense. Hater.

  9. McCoy does tons of appearances and signings…more than any other player I have seen. I can honestly say something must of happened because he is not like that. He is always traveling far distances just to do a signing or an appearance. Dont knock the guy if you dont know much about him.

  10. Eagles fans are going to wish they never dumped Kevin Kolb.

    Mike Vick just isn’t smart enough to lead an organization to the Super Bowl. Yes he is athletically gifted but that can only get you so far.

  11. I believe he was stranded with a flat tire. I live about 20 minutes north of Ashley in Scranton (The Office) and the roads in all of Northeast PA are terrible. There are potholes so deep that if you hit them you blow a tire. PENNDOT sucks.

    Still no excuse for why the grown man doesn’t know how to change a tire. I’m sure he had a spare.

  12. I wish i could say Philly’s fans deserve better..but I’m gonna guess not much of pft planet is gonna feel too sorry for them.

  13. What does Vick have to do with this? He canceled his apearances with advance notice, and it was established he didn’t NO show. This was a club appearance not like Vicks which one was charity the other Oprah. Cheap shot. Until Vick does something wrong, quit cyber insulting him and let him make the most of his 2nd chance. Which he has done………….Writing to myself again, since my last comment don’t get posted.

  14. “McCoy’s nickname is Shady. And it’s never been more appropriate.”

    Are your joke writers on lock-out too?

  15. Not Sean or Ron “Le” Sean and Ron…LMFAO !

    When you come from the projects you show your “creativity” by adding a Le or De, or a La or Da, to any normal name.

  16. Character and mettle of an individual is formed during one’s developmental years. In relation to this particular incident……makes one wonder.

  17. “McCoy’s nickname is Shady. And it’s never been more appropriate.”

    This might be the best one-liner of your many dry, failed attempts at humor.

  18. brownsfn says:
    Mar 25, 2011 6:09 PM
    The philadelphia eagles…the team of d-bags…


    This is coming from a browns fan? Hahahahahaha please. Good luck wining 3 games next year. You can practice littering the field with beer bottles like u did a few years ago.

    Talk about d-bags!

  19. dgnyg says:
    Mar 25, 2011 6:18 PM
    One word”Turd”!!!


    One word “mature”

    Typical from a giants fan. Remember when that “turd” ripped your hearts out running for a 50 yard td late in the game???

    He’s still running right alongside d-jack.

  20. Anybody who pays money and waits around for hours to get another person to sign their name on a piece of paper for them deserves whatever they get.

    Seriously, autographs? I’ve never understood the fascination.

    You do understand that pro football players are just people, right?

    There isn’t a person on the planet that I would stand in line for 30 seconds to get their signature on a piece of paper.

    I mean, really, what’s the point?

  21. yeah, i think that eagles fans deserve much, much better. wait .. no, i meant worse. much, much worse.

  22. berniemadoffsides says:
    Mar 25, 2011 9:06 PM



    Wow! That’s weak and un- original. Also has nothing to do with the story.

  23. “One word “mature””

    From a guy who signs in as “dallassux”.

    BTW – Still waiting to take the train down for that Super Bowl parade. Any year now, right?

  24. But dallas does suck right? I think even dallas fans will admit that.

    Just saying. I think I found another bitter giants fan. I love it.

  25. Seriously I am getting real tired of seeing comments talking about Eagle payers being classless. I would actually argue that the Eagles are probably one of the more “CLASSY” teams in the league. Might be boring but the coach never sells out his players after a loss. The Players never talk smack on another team or give the other team bulletin board material. Its a real tight lipped organization. So some of you really are just trying to be haters and you clearly are not making any sense!!!

    As far as calling the Eagle fans out is again being a hater. Every fanbase is about the same. There were people stabbed in other stadiums as well as batteries being chucked in anothers yet were still talking about snowballs being thrown at a drunken santa like 50 years ago? Seriously? Philly fans you guys are classy compared to New York & Pittsburgh fans. Its time the classless fan steriotypes get pointed to the fanbase’s that really deserve it!!! Eagles care more for their team then any other fanbase though I must admit that. And since when is that wrong? Other fanbases should fall in line right behind them!!!

  26. This is just one more example of how important the fans are to NFL players.[ this time you pay them and they still dont show !!]

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