Mike Sims-Walker would like to follow in LeBron’s footsteps


Mike Sims-Walker will be one of the more intriguing wide receivers on the market when football re-opens for business.

There has already been outside speculation about teams that could be interested in the Jaguars draft pick.  Sims-Walker made it clear on Thursday there’s one specific team he’d like to join.

Asked on Twitter where he wants to take his talents next year, Sims-Walker wrote: “I’m trying to pull a lebron *hint*”

In a series of tweets that followed by Sims-Walker and his college buddy Brandon Marshall, the two players basically pushed to start a movement to bring Sims-Walker to Miami.

It’s not a surprise Sims-Walker would want to join the Dolphins.  He’s from the area and is still close with Marshall. It’s also not the most unreasonable fit in the world.  While Miami has a solid group of wideouts, they don’t really have a guy that can stretch the field like Sims-Walker.

In the end, we think Miami has more pressing needs and probably wouldn’t spent market value for Sims-Walker.

They also may not view reuniting Marshall with his best friend as the greatest idea in the world.

28 responses to “Mike Sims-Walker would like to follow in LeBron’s footsteps

  1. “Pull a LeBron”? Is that where you are horribly overrated and handed a bunch of titles and a hall of fame career from the media before you actually accomplish it?

    If so, Peyton Manning already beat him to it.

  2. Yeah cuz that has worked out so well for Lebron’s popularity. He needs to start the process by letting one of his teammates “go deep” with his mom.

  3. Impossible — In order for MSW to pull a “LeBron” he would have to grow up in Jacksonville, totally revive the enitre’s city pro sport nation, totally revive the entire’s city night life and make Jacksonville a talked about town. And then and only then he would have to take everything away from his home city on primetime television with the whole nation watching and write it off to “it’s for the kids telethon”. Hopefully LeDuche is able to read and knows that Akron STILL HATES YOU!

  4. to pull a “Lebron”= to lose all credibility, to be full of oneself and to be hated and despised by everyone other than your new city.

  5. HA HA HA HA @whathappenedtovox, so true. Sims-Walker is definitely not a stretch the field type of receiver. Someone has that wrong… He is a lot like Marshall in that he is big and strong.

    One clap…. Randy Moss for cheap to Miami? He takes the ball deep and takes the top off the defense. It’ll take a lot less “straight cash homie” to get him there than MSW. Just saying.

  6. To “Pull a Lebron”? you may want to be .. I dont know top 50 at your position…Other wise we call it “Pulling a Free agent move.. and nothing more”

    Maybe he should pull some more passes down and then we would actually care about him..

  7. “If so, Peyton Manning already beat him to it.”

    The difference is Peyton won a title, and has put out a Hall of Fame career.

    Lebron hasn’t.

    Miami could always use more offensive help, but not sure Sims-Walker is the best choice of free agents for Miami. They need to either get Henne over the hump or find someone that can get it done.

    Miami has been a QB graveyard since the legend retired. Now, they have a healthy run game, a dangerous pass game, and a defense that is looking much better, time to get someone to lead this group. That’s how Green Bay did it, got themselves a leader who could take the talent they built around him and lead them to the top.

    Henne is the guy? Time will tell, I still feel he can, he just has to get his head right.

  8. You mean drop the ball every other reception? Or be inactive for a third of the season? Or play in a game for exactly 1 reception for 5 yards? I didn’t know Lebron was an incredibly talented underacheiver

  9. this guy wont get 10% of the attention lebron got. itll be an embarassment to attempt such a thing, he just isnt big enough to put on a show

  10. I have 2 major problems with this article:

    1) That isn’t a pic of MSW. That is 1st round bust Reggie Williams.

    2) MSW doesn’t stretch the field……at all.

  11. To pull a LeBron?

    To have the franchise treat you like a man and then act like a punk? To leave your baby-mamma and kids and start a new life in Miami? To go from a main attraction to an “also starring”?

    Don’t pull a LeBron. Be a man, give your kids someone they can admire as they get older and don’t be afraid to be in the spotlight.

  12. How do they not have a guy that can stretch the field? They have Brandon Marshall, i thought that’s why they brought him in?

    Miami is a gimmick team that will never emerge from the AFC East, sorry MIA, go heat i guess haha

  13. I find it funny that you call Sims Walker a stretch the field type of guy . The Jags let him go and kept Hill because he was more of a stretch the field type of guy.

    Plus how many drops in critical situations has he had i just speculating alot.

  14. Why would he want to go from one bad team to another? Wouldn’t he prefer going to a team that’s been winning and have a chance to make the playoffs?

    I’d like to live in Miami too, but not with another also ran.

  15. Hey Rosenthal…these college teammates, what school did they attend?

    I know this is an NFL blog, but it would be a little more thorough to mention UCF once in the article.

    I’m sure if they attended whatever school you went to — probably somewhere in the Northeast — you wouldn’t have neglected to mention it.

    Show some love!

  16. zoxitic says: Mar 25, 2011 12:10 PM

    I have 2 major problems with this article:

    1) That isn’t a pic of MSW. That is 1st round bust Reggie Williams.

    2) MSW doesn’t stretch the field……at all.
    I have 1 problem with your post.

    That is in fact, Mike Sims Walker. Reggie Williams did wear #11 but was cut before the Jags trotted out their new unis 2 years ago. Fair mistake.

    One thing you could have mentioned is that MSW is not from Miami, but rather Orlando. Orlando is “the area” to Miami almost like saying San Antonio is “in the area” to Houston.

    I for one think we’re putting a little too much trust in Jason Hill and Jarrett Dillard to produce, and apparently expecting Mike Thomas to take that next step.

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