Nick Fairley to visit eight teams in the top ten

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley has lined up official team-facility visits with eight of the franchises drafting in the top ten.

The only top-ten clubs not hosting Fairley are the Cowboys and Cardinals. So that means he’s heading to Carolina, Denver, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, San Francisco, Tennessee, and Washington.

On his blog, McClain makes the claim that Fairley’s reported pre-draft fall is inaccurate, or at least unwarranted. McClain cites “three scouts and personnel guys” who say there’s been no recent movement on Fairley’s draft stock, and likens the criticism of Fairley to “looking for a pimple on Halle Berry.”

However, the Cowboys and Cardinals’ lack of interest in Fairley is telling. He’s not nearly as valued by teams that run 3-4 defenses. Fairley is 6-foot-3 and somewhere between 291 and 297 pounds, and is not “scheme versatile.”

For instance, a 4-3 team in search of a pass-rushing “three-technique” defensive tackle might grade Fairley as a top-five player in the draft. A 3-4 team, however, could have him in the teens or 20s.

Combine one-year wonder concerns with Fairley’s lack of appeal to a large number of NFL teams, and he becomes a realistic candidate for a slight slide down the draft board on April 28.

10 responses to “Nick Fairley to visit eight teams in the top ten

  1. The part about 3-4 teams not being as interested is warranted. He really does not project as a good 5-tech. When you consider how many teams are playing the 3-4 now, it makes where he lands easier to predict.

  2. Is his Wonderlic score greater than his time in the 40 yard dash? If so, draft him! He’s a rare one-smarter than a snail!

  3. He might as well cancel his trip to Buffalo, a hybrid Defense isn’t Fairley’s best spot.

  4. It’s a little disappointing to me that zero teams seem at all concerned that Nick Fairley is an outright dirty player.

    If all you know about this is the characterization that Fairley got called for “some hits after the whistle” I ask you to head to YouTube or some other such site and just search “Nick Fairley dirty” and see the plays yourself.

  5. Burrito,

    You know who else had the dirty player tag coming out? Guys like Rodney Harrison, Troy Polamaulu. You think the Steelers are gonna cut James Harrison anytime soon?? I’m guessing no.

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