Dez Bryant tweets an apology

A strange week for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant ended with an apology.

“To all my fans I apologize for what’s been going on,” Bryant wrote on Twitter. “The situation is behind me..moving forward to this upcoming year.”

What’s been going on is that Bryant was reportedly banned from a mall for wearing his pants too low, then denied that he had been banned from the mall, amid reports that he’s actually one of the mall’s most valued customers.

Now all indications are that Bryant is welcome at the mall, although Bryant’s former mentor Deion Sanders thinks Bryant needs some guidance.

In any event, Bryant says he’s sorry that he was at the center of a controversy this week. And NFL fans will all hope that soon, there’s some real news in the NFL so that we don’t have to keep talking about whether Dez Bryant needs to pull his pants up.

36 responses to “Dez Bryant tweets an apology

  1. “The situation is behind me..moving forward to this upcoming year.”

    The “situation” always needs to be covered when entering a mall.

  2. Dez does not need to raise his pants. Dez needs to drop his entourage (posse) so he does not have to perform for them.

  3. “Dez Bryant tweets an apology”

    Typical. The fact he tweeted his apology carries all the weight as if he blew a fart and quietly said excuse me.

    And PLAHLEEEEEAAAASSSSEE Deion!….stop playing apologist for every little turd boy out there.

    Dez Bryant is mega talented. I just really hope all the fame and accolades don’t go to his head and make it pop.

    Oh and also…..PULL UP YOUR DAMNED PANTS!!!

  4. Why are players sorry about the situation happening to them but few ever apologize about their own actions?

  5. Just pull your pants up, jerk. Too late for an apology. Keep ’em up and stop making an a$$ out of yourself.

  6. Why do I get the feeling that this guy is going to be a PFT Turd Watch regular in the years to come?

  7. Let this be a message to you and every lowlife walking around with their smelly, stained drawers showing.

    Grow up, get some class, and stop trying to be like every other low life, loser. This horrendous fashion trend is over.

  8. “I apologize for what’s going on…the situation is behind me.”

    Is this really an apology? Or is he essentially telling everyone to Shut the …. up?

  9. pants on the ground… pants on the ground… looking like a fool with your pants on the ground….

  10. I hate walking around a nice place with the family only to see people with their asses hanging out of their pants. The sad thing about this story is most of the people you see doing this are juveniles, which is why Bryant doing this says alot about the guys mental makeup.

  11. Jerrah Jones will regret drafting this dipstick. Sure, he’s talented, but that won’t mean squat if he keeps having run ins. He can’t even go to the local Footlocker without getting in trouble.

  12. Dez Bryant didn’t want to tarnish his good name by representing Under Armour. So they hired Cam Newton.

  13. Isn’t there anything else to do in Texas for recreation? There must be!

    Going to a mall three times a week with his pants around his ankles means the guy is bored out of his mind, yet filled with teenage rebellion.

    If nothing else, turn off MTV and go help at a soup kitchen.

  14. Why is it fans hold some much truths in what Sanders has to say?? He is a sports show reporter, he wants every player to get more and more money without regard to their skills, only what his relation is to this player. Dion and Carter should have a reality show….Who can we dump on today.

  15. The situation resolved itself quickly when Life Coach/Bail Bondsman/Proven Criminal, David Wells showed up. With Senator/Attorney/Bryant Family Enabler, Royce West in his back pocket.

  16. Making a scene at the mall with your friends? Thats for 9th grade kids Dez, wake up.

  17. Youre a grown man . Act your age and remember , youre not sixteen anymore . No family should have to walk down a shopping mall and see somebody walking in front of them with their ass hanging out of their pants . Not only is it idiotic , but what possible purpose does it serve ? You’re parading around in front of little kids that believe it or not , look up to you and want to be like you . That really gives them one helluva example does’nt it . Most towns in this country have indecent exposure laws . I guess Dez , has never heard of that . Go figure .

  18. lmao funny what happens when a punk kid gets paid!!! by the way they didn’t ban him for his pants on the ground they banned him cuz of the dodo stains on his pantie’s!

  19. This guy’s actions are a NFLPA publicity nightmare. He looks like a spoiled BRAT! Sheesh! It is getting easier and easier to side with the owners.

    I would have so much more respect for the players if the told Albert Haynesworth to give back his $20 million bonus for being such a lazy slob.

    Roll tape of Haynesworthless staying on the ground duing Eagles game……

  20. @iknowfootballandyoudon’t …

    Among the many things you don’t know about the game is that there about 1700 players in the NFL. The rest of them are no more responsible for Dez Bryant’s foolishness than the rest of PFT’s commenters are responsible for yours.

    Instead of focusing on Dez Bryant’s antics this week, I was more interested in a news story on Cowboy linebacker Bradie James’s program to provide breast cancer screening for low-income women to honor his mother, who died of the disease. So far, he’s provided 4,500 screenings. Twenty women have been diagnosed with cancers that would have gone undetected but for his efforts.

    No, James doesn’t strike me as overpaid or overpampered. Like many NFL players, he’s giving back to his community. And he’s not vomiting pink all over the football field for promotional purposes. He’s actually helping women with cancer.

  21. Nice spin and evasion. Still finding a way to put players on a pedestal, even when getting called out on it.

  22. @iknowfootballandyoudont …

    I’m not foolish enough to put public figures on pedestals–especially not athletes. But for supposed football fans, PFTers are too quick to point to the Dez Bryants and Pacman Joneses when just as many players are doing positive things with their time and money. Guess it’s a player-envy thing that I don’t suffer as a woman.

    My position on the labor situation doesn’t have anything to do with the character of individual players or owners, or how much money any of them are earning. I don’t have illusions that unions bosses are nice guys, and have my own issues with some of De Smith’s tactics. But I also know well how Corporate America operates and have been watching this situation develop for a long time. That’s why I feel the owners and Goodell bear more responsibility. Both sides must be willing to give to come up with a workable compromise. But so far the owners seem to be putting a lot more energy into their PR war.

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