Elway calls Cutler “the kind of player you don’t give up on”


It’s not quite clear how new Broncos front office boss John Elway feels about the quarterbacks he inherited, Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton. But based on Elway’s comments this week, it sounds like he wishes he had inherited Jay Cutler.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Elway isn’t so sure the Broncos made the right move when they traded Cutler to the Bears two years ago.

Asked in a radio interview if Cutler would still be in Denver if Elway had been in charge of the Broncos in 2009, Elway answered, “There’s a good possibility, yeah. I would say that.”

Elway tried to make clear that he’s not second-guessing the decision-making process that led to the Broncos sending Cutler packing. But he does think he would have tried to make things work for Cutler in Denver.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t in the middle of that. I didn’t know Jay real well,” Elway said. “But I would have done everything I can, especially when you have a talent like you have in Jay. Those guys don’t come around very often.”

Elway seems to believe that former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen were too quick to cave in to Cutler’s request to go elsewhere, and that things could have been smoothed over between the Broncos brass and Cutler.

“I would say, to be honest,” Elway said, “he’s the type of player you don’t give up on as easily as we gave up on.”

42 responses to “Elway calls Cutler “the kind of player you don’t give up on”

  1. The Broncos didn’t give up on whiny-b!tch Cutler, he gave up on them by putting on a spectacular “whiny b!tch demonstration of monumental proportions.

    Elway wouldn’t have been able to keep the crybaby in Denver either…

  2. Damn…I loved watching McDaniels destroy the Broncos…I guess it was too good to last.

  3. It’s that sort of thinking that allowed Jeff George to hand around the NFL as long as he did.

  4. You would like to think that at least Elway knows a good quarterback when he sees one. Typical Bears haters will always hate Cutler…

  5. Neckblubber would be despised in Denver instead of Chicago if it was up to Mr El The Transparent Bronco.

  6. As a Bears fan living in Denver, I also wish he hadn’t been traded. Cutler has entitlement issues. He may have all the talent in the world, but you can’t do anything to help a guy who has no heart. If you could put Tebow’s heart with Cutler’s talents, you’d have one of the best QBs of all-time.

  7. vicktator says:
    Mar 26, 2011 12:37 PM
    thats funny, since cutler is the kind of player that gives up


    here’s another thumbs up b/c i could only vote once…well played!

  8. Trade would have been good for both sides but Broncos fudged their side of the deal by picking bad players like Ayers and then mudded the other first round pick so nobody could say: you traded Cutler for Ayers and this ahole?

  9. Cutler should have been told – you’re an immature little b*tch, and you’re OUR immature little b*tch, so shut up and do what you’re told.

  10. You’d think with all that money Morose J would be able to afford to leave a few of his extra chins in a cosmetic surgeon’s sink.

  11. Elway needs to be reminded that Kyle Orton has had better passing numbers than Not So Stellar Jay the two seasons since the trade.

  12. Like any SMART football person, John Elway realized before the draft last year that Tim Tebow is never going to be a top-tier QB in the NFL. By his comments, since taking his job, he’s not happy with his QB situation, especially his future QB dilemna.

    Denver made the equivalent of Oakland taking DeMarcus Russell with their 1st round pick. This will necessitate them using a high draft pick on another QB sooner, if not this year, than later.

  13. “Little Hitler left a mess, that’s for sure.”

    Hunh? Dude.

    “I played for the Broncos in 2010. Now I know what it must have been like at Auschwitz.”

    I’m a lifelong Browns fan and am enjoying every minute of this. Keep opening that mouth of yours big guy, eventually you will have to put a hoof in it.

  14. Chicosmith summed it up best

    If I was a broncos fan after hearing these comments from elway I would be terrified..If Elway sees cutler as a player you hitch the wagons to…the broncos arent going anywhere anytime soon :)..which is fine with me

  15. I’m just glad the Browns got Hillis for Quinn before McDaniels left. I would have been happy with a 6 pack of Natty Light in exchange for Quinn.

  16. Attention Mentally Challenged Community Members!

    1. Which quarterback went to the Conference Championship game behind the WORST line in the League?
    2. Which quarterback in the Conference Championship game had the WORST receivers?
    3. Which quarterback was sacked and hit more than any other in the League last year?

    The GOAT (Elway) knows quarterbacks…..Cutler knew a turd when he saw one (How did McDaniels work out for you Broncos?) and refused to work for him….funny, Elway did the same thing…..

  17. Tell you what Broncos fans. I’ll take Cutler, Hillis, and Marshall and whip the crap out of Orton/Teblow, Moreno, and Lloyd every day of the week. The owner’s first mistake was running Shanahan. His second was letting that turd McDaniels get rid of all the talent. Enjoy last place in the AFC West for the next several years.

  18. ursushorribilis says:

    “Attention Mentally Challenged Community Members! ”

    Oh so now you’re going to facts and reason against emotional knee jerk reactions? That doesn’t seem fair.

    Everyone thinks they know Cuttler because of commentators, sports writers and (worse of all) other comments on this board.
    Once a player starts getting slammed here it soon becomes pile-on time, whether it’s based in fact or not.

    Facts are no one here knows for a fact what was said between McDaniels and Cuttler. No one here knows the exact extent of his knee injury.
    No one really knows how many of his statements were taken out of context or manipulated to show him in the worst possible light.

    The fact is that no NFL player is really as bad or good as what they’re made out to be by the media.

  19. Mr. Elway is correct about not giving up on the talent that Jay Cutler has.
    BUT Jay Cutler will not be any better then Jeff George because they both do not have the heart or team tangibles to compete in really tough situations.

  20. I knew Denver was in trouble when a coach with NO credentials tells
    a reporter the starting QB has to compete for his job based on no reason.

    I’m glad Rex is my guy, cause he is winning the Super Bowl this year, or maybe next, who knows, he is my guy though.

  21. Elway is going to be a car wreck. He might want to think about alienating his current players before he starts waxing poetic about players that are no longer in the organization. The next thing you know, Elway will say that the Broncos would be playoff bound if they would have kept Cutler, Hillis and Marshall. When will teams learn that a former player’s success on the field doesnt guarantee success in the board room.

  22. He was the best QB that year in the draft. But he still needs a strong coach to straighten out his fundamentals. Having such a big arm can be a curse.

    So the Tebow experiment is over? Just let the guy play this year. Let him loose. Let’s what McDaniels saw in the guy.

  23. Elway seems in denial of Cutler’s serial surliness, lack of consistent aptitude as a quarterback, and the lack of improvement from his game. He began as a volume stats quarterback who was not smart enough or tough enough to handle real pressure and he then went out and proved he can’t hanlde it when he actually got into the playoffs.

  24. Moron Fan: “Cutler has no heart..blah, blah, blah…He’s a quitter

    Intelligent Fan: Give me Cutler. You keep Orton and Tebow and make sure you take that “heart” with you.

  25. Wow. From what I gather, Josh Mcdaniels is a total creep as a head coach.

    Good for me. My head coach is Steve Spagnola. My offensive coordinator is Josh Mcdaniels. My QB coach is Josh Mcdaniels. Mr. Spags will beat down (seen his nose?) any punk ass bitch who messes with HIS team. And, it looks like it’s going to be quite awhile before anyone offers Josh a Head Coach contract.

    The stars are lining up. Looks like the Rams are lining up too.

  26. I was quite happy with Mcdaniels singlehandedly melting Denver down in a year and a half-Elway has the teams best intentions in mind as opposed to Josh who only had his best intentions in mind.
    Elway was an elite qb, he can look at Tebow and can tell the kid doesn’t have it, he’s in a precarious situation- Get rid of Tebow without pissing off the fans-if he drafts a qb(Gabbert) and he’s successful within two years I’m sure Denver will have completely forgotten about tim and will be fully embracing Elway and Blaine-
    Does Elway want his own qb ? Yes. This year? Who knows..

  27. pppath says: Mar 27, 2011 3:49 AM

    Looks like the Rams are lining up too.

    It is too bad they are lining up like sheep to slaughter.

  28. dino2997 says:
    Mar 27, 2011 2:48 AM
    Moron Fan: “Cutler has no heart..blah, blah, blah…He’s a quitter

    Intelligent Fan: Give me Cutler. You keep Orton and Tebow and make sure you take that “heart” with you.
    Fan without eyes: “Don’t rip on Cutler he has done so many things!”

    Fan with eyes: “That guy throws a lot of picks. Why does he look so bored?”

  29. I posted this before and I will again. The Broncos are going to take either Newton or Gabbert in this draft. They will either pick one of them with the number two pick or they will trade down and do it then.

    This is not a smoke screen. There is no reason to put out this much information about QBs that he likes other than Tebow unless he and the rest of the management team have already made up their minds about what they are going to do. There is no upside to talking about other QBs besides Tebow this much unless they have already committed to go in another direction.

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