Matthew Stafford says he’s feeling good after “throwing a lot” on Friday


During Friday’s edition of PFT Live, a reader asked whether NFL players, prohibited from talking to coaches, may use social media like Twitter and Facebook to keep coaches posted on what they’re doing.

The obvious answer is yes — the players can say whatever they want, and unless the NFL prohibits teams from “following” or “friending” the players, coaches will have access to the information.

And Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, plagued by a shoulder injury in 2010, has posted that he is “feeling good” after “throwing a lot” on Friday.

Since Lions president Tom Lewand (who’s new to Twitter) follows Stafford, Lewand knows that Stafford’s rehab is continuing to go well, even though neither Lewand nor anyone else with the Lions may call Stafford and ask.

As to Stafford’s shoulder update, Lions coach Jim Schwartz won’t automatically know about it since he doesn’t follow Stafford.  We’ve got a feeling that, before too long, Schwartz will.

14 responses to “Matthew Stafford says he’s feeling good after “throwing a lot” on Friday

  1. PFT posted a story not too long ago linking to an interview with Schwartz. In said interview, Schwartz made clear that while he cannot contact Stafford directly, they can still talk to the doctors and people putting him through rehab.

    You can’t really believe Facebook and Twitter are the ways Coaches are going to keep tabs on players???

  2. You can’t really believe Facebook and Twitter are the ways Coaches are going to keep tabs on players???

    Lol! Excellent observation…

  3. Stafford may well turn out to be the best QB drafted in the last 10 years. He just needs to find a way to stay on the field

  4. It’s easy to feel good throwing the ball when you’re not being chased by 300+ pound offensive linemen, unstoppable outside linebackers, and a free safety or two.

    Glad to hear the kid is doing better!

  5. if he isnt healthy for at least 12 games this year, time to move on. i bet he wont play more than 6. china doll.

  6. @ CBM – that’s the point right now, isn’t it?

    We need some serious protection up front.

    Stafford isn’t a china doll, he was roughed up hard in the early years with a WOEFUL front O line… that is only slightly better now.

    Can Suh play both sides of the ball for a while?

    I’m seriously jazzed about this year.

  7. I saw him play at UGA he’s an amazing talent and if your a Detroit fan he certainly is the answer to the QB question you’ve had. But the reality is he doesn’t take hits well not a lot of QB’s do, but Stafford really doesn’t do well when hit.

    He’s never going to be healthy all season long, at some point you have to start planning what you want your team to be without him. In a couple of years he will be a great “coulda been story” on the NFL Networks Top 10 program.

    I’m not a hater, just a realist.

  8. Everyone seems to forget that he played at one of the biggest football schools in Texas for 4 years without getting injured. Then he moved onto 3 years of SEC competition without being injured. You dont just become fragile, but your luck can change.

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