Mayock: Jonathan Baldwin has “well-earned” diva reputation

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock held a live chat on Friday afternoon, and the draft community’s top prognosticator pinpointed the main concern about Pittsburgh receiver Jonathan Baldwin that may result in a slide down the board in late April.

Calling Baldwin “one of the bigger questions in this year’s draft,” Mayock explained that Baldwin has a “well-earned reputation as a diva.

“And publicly trashed his starting QB at Pitt.”

The situation Mayock is referring to was documented by John Taylor of CFT on December 8. Prior to the Pittsburgh Panthers’ January bowl game, Baldwin was asked whether it was “safe to say” he’d leave for the pros after his third-year junior season.

“No it’s not safe to say that,” Baldwin replied. “It doesn’t change my quarterback! … Heck yeah I’m leaving. It can only get worse.”

According to Mayock, Baldwin “could be the third (wide receiver) off the board” next month, “or he could be the fourth or fifth,” depending on NFL teams’ feelings about his attitude.

Baldwin was a guest on PFT Live Friday. You can listen to Baldwin and make your own judgment.

18 responses to “Mayock: Jonathan Baldwin has “well-earned” diva reputation

  1. More often than not, Mayock is dead-on about his on-field player talent analysis, but I’m not sure I agree with him about this.

    I don’t buy that Baldwin is a diva. He was certainly frustrated because he was a fierce competitor on a not very good team who knew he was maybe their only capable offensive playmaker and could have helped them a lot more if they gave him opportunities to do so. He made no secret of his confidence.

    The potential upside to this coming out now, however, is that Baldwin knows he will have to work that much harder as a teammate to shed that label in the NFL.

  2. Im tired of the word diva being thrown around at every wideout that has an honest opinion, all I want to know is can he run, catch, and score touchdowns if it’s yes to all of the above then what is the problem, and quiet as kept Pitt’s QB did suck last year.

  3. Well, he did have some really bad QBs. I can’t blame him for that. At least he is honest…

  4. Given the choice between having Baldwin or the likes of Chansi Stuckey, MoMass and Robo at wide receiver, I’ll go with Baldwin. Maybe working with Fitzgerald and Revis will help get this kid on the right track. He has the physical tool to succeed and hopefully he has the brain too.

  5. @ bigmike:

    There’s a difference between privately (or publicly) having an honest opinion and being a non supportive teammate that throws your QB under the bus. Do you know how many guys can ‘run, catch and score touchdowns’ that never amount to shizit in the NFL? The list is loooooong…

    Character isn’t the only thing, but it certainly counts for something.

  6. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up at a team with iffy QB play, or that team’s QB better ask Tino Sunseri how the tires from that bus feel.

  7. Just think how peaceful life would be in the NFL if they eliminated the wide receiver position. Is it too late to get that on the owner’s agenda?

  8. Anyone who saw him play last season with Tino Sunseri would get his point.

    Bill Stull sucked too. But the ONE thing he could do well was throw deep to Baldwin.

  9. Sunseri was awful. Baldwin was open time after time and Sunseri missed him and the ones he caught were cirus catches.

    Sunseri cost them four wins.

  10. I have yet to see one player who complained about teammates publicly not be a “dish it out but can’t take it” guy.
    The odds are not in this guy’s favor to break that trend.
    I don’t care how sucktastic your QB or WR or whoever was, publicly slamming a teammate is not something I would take lightly in a player.

  11. elrushbo2 says:
    Mar 26, 2011 10:00 AM

  12. Yet another irresponsible comment from Mayock. Baldwin trashed his QB, so what, is that the only instance he has where Baldwin is being a diva? If so that is an unfair description based on Baldwin telling it like it is. Tino Sunseri is garbage. I dont think anyone who saw Pitt play last year will argue that.

    I believe Mayock made a similar comment about Mike Williams from the Bucs last year. I dont think Williams caused the Bucs any problems last year. The character thing is a bit overblown. Just like work ethic its one of the latest buzz words to describe draft prospects. 20 year old kids do stupid things, but unless they have been arrested several times or have serious problems with teammates you might want to save the character issue for the guys who actually deserve it.

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