“Most teams” don’t have first-round grade on Jake Locker


NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, a Wednesday guest on PFT Live, told Mike Florio that Washington quarterback Jake Locker is a “first-round talent” who could fall in the draft because teams don’t know if he’ll ever “be accurate from the pocket.”

It sounds like Mayock’s concern about Locker’s ball placement is shared around the league.

According to FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan, “most teams” don’t have a first-round grade on Locker.  His accuracy is reportedly viewed as a “major problem,” and may not outweigh Locker’s pluses in terms of athleticism and arm strength.

“There’s a lot to like with him,” writes Caplan, referring to Locker’s character and raw physical tools. “But he needs help with his mechanics, too.”

Our latest mock draft pegged Locker for the Vikings at No. 12 overall, although Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 covers the team closely and believes Minnesota covets Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. In order to draft Gabbert, G.M. Rick Spielman would likely have to trade up in the draft.

If the Vikings do settle for Locker, it appears most people in the NFL would view the pick as a major reach.

35 responses to ““Most teams” don’t have first-round grade on Jake Locker

  1. Be interesting to see who takes him if he does slip to the second.

    I’d say 49ers…

  2. I just don’t understand how a year ago this kid would have been a top five pick and now hoping to go in the first. Wow Matt Leinart!!

  3. First of all, doesn’t matter if MOST teams don’t have a first round grade on him you only need one to for him to go in the 1st…like anyone saw the Jags taking Tyson Alualu last year 10th overall, or Tebow who was considered by everyone 2nd rounder at the earliest was taken in the back half of the 1st…but tell me what changed from this year to last year, he played on a horrible team, with a horrible o-line, and probably wouldn’t have that much accuracy issues if he had a pocket to throw in…now I’m not saying Jake Locker is the best QB, nor do I care if he doesn’t go in the 1st, I’m just baffled at how he’s the consensus no. 1 pick overall last year, with nothing about “accuracy issues” mentioned, and now he’s not even a first rounder…is the same thing going to happen with Luck next year? And the year before that, when Bradford decided to stay in, it would have been him instead of Stafford being drafted first overall, and then last year everyone is questioning him because he had injuries and played in the spread and still went first overall. If Gabbert doesn’t fall to the Vikings and they don’t trade up, it’s possible they will try to take trade down and take him later in the 1st but what if Jacksonville likes him and takes him 16th? 8 teams out of the top 16 have horrible quarterback situations and definitely need to take one in the first two rounds, and that’s being conservative.

  4. really think Vikings should grab Ryan Mallet..

    pro ready, accurate,more than adequate arm…only knock on him really is his 40 time (pft,they just had favre so i think this is a non issue) and his character.

    If he passes the character part, i think the vikes might have a franchise qb in 4 years..

  5. Two things primarily translate to success at the QB position in the NFL – total games played and accuracy. I think you have a better chance at over coming inexperience then the natural ability to get the ball in the right place at the right time. That being said, I think Locker is going to struggle at the next level.

  6. I would love for Minny to take Jake!!! As a Lions fan, that would be a good thing. We need a qb in that division to throw passes off the mark. Yes, c’mon Jake love to have you go at 12th to the Vikings, then Prince can pick you of when he goes 13th overall to the Lions

  7. @skleech22…

    He wasn’t a Top-5 pick. He was a guy with a lot of athleticism but did not offer much of what you’d like of a “Round 1” QB, nevermind “Top-5.”

  8. The accuracy issues with Locker are overblown. People that only look at numbers on players game totals and then want to write like some kind of scout guru are doing a disservice to the player involved.

    The guy played on one of the worse teams in the NCAA and a coach who could not make his mind up on how to use his QB given the OL involved. Pocket versus roll out etc. Watch the games then evaluate. I have. A lot of GM’s are going to have egg on their face with this guy.

    He had two times as many drops 43 to 21 for Luck. He had more throw away’s then any QB in the PAC10.

    He is a competitor and had several late quarter drives to beat good teams. Take the Holiday Bowl numbers look bad 5 of 14 he had 6 each throw aways in the 1st half and one in the 2nd. His receivers could not get separation from CB’s all year and played with no tight end(suspended for the year).

    He is not the run first mentality that lots of people suggest.

    In the Senior Bowl practice he ws told to change his foot work and he did it. that was his problem with accuracy then. Ken O’brien has really set him up good. The guy is a gym rat meaning works.

    Personally I hope he goes late in the first or late 2nd round to one of the better teams.a

  9. Jake Locker will mainly be in high demand for the reason that there’s a lack of NFL quarterbacks right now. Playing in the Pac-10 gives him an added advantage over some of the quarterbacks coming out who played in the smaller schools or smaller conferences, but the reality is it only takes one team to fall in love with Jake Locker. The kid has good arm strength, an great ability to read defenses and more experience than most from playing in Washington for so many years. Late 1, early 2

  10. Um, if ‘there’s a lot to like about’ Locker, shouldn’t passing accuracy be way up there for a QB?

    If he can’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass-fiddle, what good is he? The NFL is basically a passer’s league.

  11. Frazier knows that a future franchise qb is what MN needs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Vikings move up to take Gabbert if he is their man. Will be costly though.

  12. Locker really reminds me of Alex Smith. Similar sizes (locker is probably a bit bulkiers). Both have accuracy concerns. And both have the tendency to flee the pocket even when there is perfect protection. He should be a mid to late second round pick based on upside.

  13. @moseszd

    You’re wrong. Last year Locker and Bradford were considered equal prospects following the college season. If Locker declared for the draft there was a possibility he could have gone #1 to the Rams, especially considering the injury concerns of Bradford. Locker killed his stock with a poor college season this past year.

  14. Nor should they. Locker sucks. He was horribly inaccurate in college, so what makes anyone think he’s suddenly going to be accurate in the NFL? It doesn’t matter how strong your arm is if you can’t hit the broadside of a barn.

  15. Kind of like how they reached for Chris Cook last year. I wouldn’t say that to Cook’s face because he might pull a gun on me.

  16. he scored a 20 on the wonderlic. Its also considered the mean average not a reflection on how smart someone is.

    That test means nothing. Its 50 questons in 12 minutes. They don’t even put a value on it anymore. Just serves as a talking pint for basher’s who haven’t done their homework. Duh

  17. Aren’t most QB’s picked in the first round actually reaches because they are valued differently by teams in need of a qb?

  18. Locker’s success, like any QB drafted will depend on the coaching he gets. He has the tools, but if you are being taught by the Raiders, Bills, Bengals etc, you might as well reserve your spot on the unemployment line in 3-4 years.

    Locker has the work ethic, desire and attitude to learn, but if he’s being taught by a idiot organization, you can put a fork in him.

  19. He may slip into the 2nd round that means some team is going to get the steal of the draft. This kid is the best QB to come out of this draft….bar none.

  20. Locker was on a bad team, Ames passes sail on him for sure. Being a baseball player, he over strides, and that will cause the ball to sail. Christian Ponder is a better prospect than Locker any day of the week, but concerns over injuries have him down. Locker also doesn’t know how to win. Ponder does. Locker does know how to handle a loss, as does Ponder, which is huge when you talk about a rookie QB. someone who has done nothing but win at every level they’ve played in, then gets thrown to the wolves, has a higher chance of losing confidence. mark my words, if Ponder gets a chance, he will be a better NFL QB than any in this class. If, he gets a chance. By a chance, I mean a team with a defense.

  21. His record at UW indicates he should probably be a 2 or 3 round pick. It’s a reach for anyone taking him in the first round. But, someone probably will.

  22. I have never gotten why this guy has gotten so much hype. I have heard every excuse in the book about why his numbers sucked in college. I don’t care where he goes as long as he leaves Seattle and isn’t wearing a Seahawk Jersey next year.

  23. I watched Locker over the years & I never thought he was any good I think he actually held his recievers back & he had a strong run game he was just too weak with all those over throws

  24. apage53915 says:
    Mar 26, 2011 4:37 PM
    He may slip into the 2nd round that means some team is going to get the steal of the draft. This kid is the best QB to come out of this draft….bar none.

    And that assessment is based on what exactly? What has he done that would make anyone think he’s the “best QB to come out of this draft”?

  25. There isn’t a whole lot of separation between Gabbert, Locker, and Mallet as far as prospect status goes. I believe next year’s class will be stronger, highlighted by Luck, Landry Jones, and Matt Barkley, any of which appear to be better prospects (much like Locker appeared to be a good prospect last year at this time). As such, I don’t believe that some teams with a “need” for a QB will choose this year’s draft to select one. Teams like Carolina, SF, and Buffalo have other needs that can be addressed and QBs who can carry them through one more season, with the idea of selecting a better prospect in next year’s draft. It is entirely possible that both Locker and Mallet will fall to the second round, where they would be good value selections for whoever selects them. It is a gamble that most teams will choose to take, or possibly trading down or up into the back half of the first round to select them.

    Of course, there is the position no one is talking about….. Will Indy draft a QB who needs a little work in this draft? Arm strength is one thing that can’t be coached, and that is something that Locker and Mallet both have. A couple years sitting behind Manning may turn one of them into Aaron Rodgers. While Indy has needs that need to be addressed, just like everyone else, this seems a unique opportunity for them to secure Manning’s replacement. Don’t rule it out.

  26. If the Vikings can’t figure a trade up for Gabbert they should just draft defense for this year and wait for next year. Maybe tank the year and get Luck or Barkley? It’d be tough to watch them tank as a fan watching a team of veterans do that but it might be for the better. If only Mallet wasn’t such a headcase.

  27. reptar18 says:
    Mar 26, 2011 9:42 PM
    If the Vikings can’t figure a trade up for Gabbert they should just draft defense for this year and wait for next year. Maybe tank the year and get Luck or Barkley? It’d be tough to watch them tank as a fan watching a team of veterans do that but it might be for the better. If only Mallet wasn’t such a headcase.

    Would it surprise you to see them fire sale? There is still some value for guys like Allen, Williams, Hutch, even Winfield and McKinnie would get them some picks. Load up on picks and start a rebuild?

    Of course, in that situation, would there be value in holding on to Peterson? I think that would be the key…. If someone were to come and offer a trade too good to pass up for Peterson, then a complete rebuild might be feasible. That might not be the best thing for the stadium effort, of course…..

  28. Locker is going to be a star in the NFL and these so called experts are going to all change their stance in 2-3 years saying they all knew he’d be great.

  29. My wonderlic score was 36 but I’m a complete idiot. Dan Marino’s score was 16 and he was great. Michael Vick’s score was 20 and I think most teams would love MV. So, do you really think that teams put much value in wonderlic scores?

  30. Locker has been over-hyped since leaving high school. An excellent athlete but not a big-time QB.

    Five years later, he still is a very inconsistent passer from the pocket. He never came close to the position goals set by his UW former-QB head coach Steve Sarkisian: 63-65 % completions, 3:1 TD:Int ratio and completions 15-25 yds down the field. In 24 games for Sark, Locker completed < 57%, had a mediocre 38:20 TD:Int ratio and most passes were completed near or behind the LOS. Scatter-armed would be a fair description. His biggest problem is INCONSISTENCY! At least half of his passing yds were YAC after short dink-'n-dunk passes rather than down-the-field completions.

    Sarkisian's confidence in Lockers passing diminished over time as Locker was called on to throw 16% less in 2010 than 2009, and then 33% less in the last third of 2010. Even then his completions dropped off to 53% with only 3 TDs vs. 3 Ints.

    Locker's defenders complain about WR drops. His receivers caught 2-3 times as many bad throws as the number of drops they had. When charted, fully 1/3 of his completions were awful passes that were too high &/or behind the receiver or otherwise bad throws that the receiver turned into acrobatic gem completions.

    Locker's comment that his completions were down because of throw-aways is laughable.

    His issues seem to be more about his inability to process data quickly and then translate what he sees into a timely decision and a good throw.

    His Senior Bowl week and game play were a good microcosm of what he showed and didn't show at UW. His athletic skills are tantalizing, but he has not shown the consistent accuracy, touch & timing (AT&T) to be a pocket passer in the NFL, and he certainly is not suited to a West Coast offense of any kind because of his inability to read what he sees quickly enough and then throw accurately.

    If taken in the first round, he will be a reach, and certainly a 2-3 year boom-or-bust project from any round. Only a guy with a huge ego will take him in the first round. I am glad to hear that the Seahawks are "not real high" on him.

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