Denver Post tells Broncos to stop looking for quarterbacks

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Woody Paige of the Denver Post was perhaps the most vocal media supporter of John Elway’s return to the Broncos, well before Elway was named executive vice president.

Now that Elway is in place, Paige wants to help Elway do his job.   Paige writes Sunday that Elway and the rest of the Broncos should quit their “astonishing” investigation of quarterbacks in this year’s draft.  He wants the team to focus on defense.

This stance makes little sense.  Let’s count the ways.

1. The Broncos’ pre-draft visits, interviews, and workouts don’t necessarily mean anything.  The team would be insane not to look at who is available and create the impression it’s possible they could take a quarterback.

2. The Broncos don’t have a top-12 NFL quarterback on their roster.  They don’t have a guy they know they believe in.  Until the Broncos have that guy, they should keep looking for one.  If Tim Tebow proves himself to be an elite signal caller, consider it a good problem.

It’s not like Denver plans to draft this high again every year.  Having the right franchise quarterback in place trumps every other possible need.  Broncos fans know this better than anyone.  If the right quarterback is in this draft, you take him.

Elway and coach John Fox don’t need to be married to Tim Tebow just because Josh McDaniels loved the kid.  It would be great if Elway and Fox did love the kid too — Tebow looks promising.  If the current brass doesn’t buy in, however, there is no use pretending.

3.  It’s very possible, if not likely, that the right quarterback for Denver is not in this draft.  But Elway and the rest of the Broncos brass won’t know that unless they do the homework.  A mix of Tebowmania and the mile high air has apparently intoxicated Broncos fans; they  think their quarterback position is settled.

Paige attempts to address some of these concerns in the article, but he undoes any logic by writing the following is a “reality” of the situation.

“Smart people in Denver will not accept the Broncos drafting still another quarterback in the first round or starting Orton again,” Paige writes.

We don’t know if Elway will ultimately make the right decisions as Denver’s head honcho.

We do know that the “smart people” of Denver — Paige included — should have no say in the team’s quarterback decision.

35 responses to “Denver Post tells Broncos to stop looking for quarterbacks

  1. wow one writer going out of his way to go after another writer? every writer has an opinion…as a writer, you should know that they are paid to critisize the team. But I guess there isnt anyone a writer can criticize in a lock out besides…other writers

  2. Get the CBA done, trade Orton and trade down in the draft with Cinci or Buffalo, still get Von Miller at 3 or 4 and take Ponder or Mallet early in the 2nd. Then just cut Quinn. Now I’m done.

  3. Maybe PFT should worry less about other reporters and more about their own content. While Orton was 15th in rating last year he was 4th in yards per game (a better measure than total yards(ranked 10th) since he didn’t get to finish the year out). Trent Dilfer proved you don’t need a top-12 quarterback rating. During Ravens superbowl year he was the 20th rated QB. He also only ranked 32nd in yards per game(a fair measuring stick since he didn’t start the whole season). But boy did they have defense. A quarterback like Orton or Tebow(maybe) can win a superbowl. A swiss cheese defense that ranks 32nd out of 32 teams does not and will not win Super Bowls. Maybe PFT should do a little research before jumping all over another reporter.

  4. This is all on Mr El The Stalking Horse. Ever since he stuck his muzzle in the barn door and started nibbling on the daffy old guy’s ear, things have gone south in Denver. There was so much promise there and now it’s a big pile of steaming horse turds.

  5. Paige is the WRONG person to be giving football advice. Heck, he isn’t even qualified to be a sportswriter. How in the world did he get his job anyway?

  6. regarding a stat I cited in an earlier post. That Denver rank of 32 out of 32 was for scoring defense. The most important stat for a defense there is…you know how many points they allow.

  7. I would make every effort to ship Tebow to Miami or Jacksonville and see what draft picks you can get out of him. Mcdaniels had no clue what he was doing giving up three draft picks for him. Great college player but I don’t think he will amount to much in the pros. They need defense.

  8. Woody is right, the Broncos need a defensive tackle. Period. Tim Tebow can’t play defense, Kyle Orton can’t play defense, John Elway can’t play defense. We have to get a stud DT in the draft. Tebow hasn’t been given enough of a chance to play for them to be able to determine whether or not he’s the right fit and it’s way too early to go in another direction. Bronco fans want wins and progress and drafting a 3rd QB in 5 years in the 1st round would be taking another step backwards.

  9. I moved out here to Denver going on 7 years. It is easily my favorite city but the local sporting news coverage is something to be desired.

    If I was a Bronco fan I would call for the entire’s teams front office’s head on a pike if they weren’t doing their homework on every player available to them including QBs. Even as a Packer fan I want my team looking at QBs.

    Best player available. Ron Wold never stopped bringing in QBs even though the Packers had Favre. Tebow most likely isn’t the solution, maybe I am wrong but enough people agree with me that a back up plan is the smart way to go.

  10. The Broncos investigation of QB’s would make sense if there were a couple Bradford or Luck types in this draft. Instead, its a pretty dang weak field, filled with guys with as many or more question marks as Tim Tebow. Coming off a season where the Broncos made the likes of John Skelton, Jason Campbell and Mike Tolbert look like HoF candidates, there’s more than thin air and Tebow mania adding to Broncos fans unease. The fact is, if the Broncos continue being soft and heartless on defense, they will still routinely lose by 20 no matter who’s playing QB. Throw in the fact that Tebow more than earned a longer audition and the whole investigating QB’s charade seems nonsensical at best, amateurish at worst.

  11. “It’s not like Denver plans to draft this high again every year.” Right, just one more superbad season & they can get Luck in ’12. Why not? It’s not like the team is going to be a contender next year.

  12. Denver sucks. That’s what that stupid town gets for stealing away my Quebec Nordiques.

  13. I would be more likely to listen to the Woody from Toy Story, than the Woody from the Post.

  14. If you think Kyle Orton is going to win a super bowl you’re mistaken. He is no where near good enough. Trent Dilfer was definitely l the exception, not the rule. All you have to do is look at recent Superbowl winners. Its a passing league, if you don’t have a quarterback who is at least in the top half of starters you aren’t going to win.
    That said, I don’t think that the Broncos should take a quarterback in the first or second round this year. I don’t buy anyone in this years QB class. But quarterback is absolutely a potential need, and whenever that is the case for your team, you must painstakingly look into the incoming quarterback class.

  15. Surprised I agree with Woody Paige, but he’s right. The Broncos defense was abysmal last year. You could have put Elway in his prime at QB on that team and they still would have lost nearly as many games. Drafting another QB in the 1st round isn’t going to improve anything on that team.

  16. “If you think Kyle Orton is going to win a super bowl you’re mistaken. He is no where near good enough. Trent Dilfer was definitely l the exception, not the rule. All you have to do is look at recent Superbowl winners. Its a passing league, if you don’t have a quarterback who is at least in the top half of starters you aren’t going to win.”

    I would argue Orton is exactly as good as Eli Manning or Brad Johnson (lets throw out Delhome for good measure even though he came up short) who also won rings with defensive teams so no, Dilfer really isn’t an exception to me. I don’t know what’s harder though, to build a great defense, or find a championship caliber QB. You almost always have to have both to win a ring so it doesn’t really matter which direction you go in the draft, as long as you don’t draft a bust.

  17. The Broncos indeed would be giving up on Tebow by drafting a QB in the 1st. Paige’s real problem with taking another QB is having another Broncos’ regime saying that “This is the [magical] answer to our problems.” When the real work to building a team is really on the defensive side of the ball.

  18. If you lead in total yards and total defense that doesn’t mean you’ll make the superbowl… Just ask San Diego

  19. The Packers had Favre and looked at QBs and who did they get? Rodgers.

    Franchise QBs are a rare commodity. You should ALWAYS look. And if anyone thinks the Broncos have a franchise QB, well, I’m sur e missing something. I’m not saying their QBs are bad, but they sure aren’t franchise QBs.

  20. Woody Paige has always been a huge moron / giant idiot, and must have sold his soul to the Devil to have any kind of sportswriting career. Take nothing that guy says seriously.

  21. The Broncos have never drafted a decent long term QB that wasn’t a career backup (the Colts drafted Elway and traded him). They have; however, drafted excellent defensive players. Fox is a defensive coach. It makes more sense to draft 2-3 D players with the high picks than to waste one on any high pick QB in the draft. Also, there have been a lot of successful undrafted/late draft QBs.

  22. Tim Tebow?!? Isn’t he the son of Jesus who won a few national championships and a heisman?
    I think he will do fine in the nfl.
    If Eli and Dilfer can get a ring….so can Tebow.
    Defense wins championships. Ask Billy Belichick.

  23. I like paige as a TV personality, but his writings about the broncos of late have been tainted by his incredible man-crush on Tebow, which he doesn’t even try to hide.

  24. Please don’t let the Broncos become the next Raiders. One effed up draft after another. The quarterback position isn’t the problem, the defense was. We honestly could use every draft pick on defense, we are that bad, but leave the offense alone. Tebow needs time before people start throwing him under the bus. What more do we want, the kid has the perfect attitude and tuff as nails. He will be fine, just get off his ass, atleast until he deserves it.

  25. I see a lot of comments stating that you don’t NEED a top tier QB to win superbowls. Just because Trent Dilfer wasn’t a stud and won a superbowl doesn’t mean that it’s commonplace. In the last 20 YEARS there has been 3 times where a stud QB didn’t win the Superbowl. The 3 QB’s were Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Mark Rypien. Other then that the other 17 were won by Brady(3), P. Manning(1), E. Manning(1), Roethlisberger(2), Rodgers(1), Warner(1), Favre(1), Young(1), Elway(2), Brees(1), Aikman(3). So don’t tell me that a team is better off keeping an average QB and selling out on defense…it’s not true. The numbers don’t support the theory, just because it happens a few times in 2 DECADES doesn’t make it some magical formula. Still not a believer? Just ask the Chicago Bears how it feels to dominate on defense and special teams every year and have nothing to show for it. Or, how about the Steelers before Big Ben showed up? Or, how about the Vikings and there great run defense that goes for not because they never have a QB that doesn’t play like a chump? Bottom line, anyone who thinks there team will win a Superbowl with a below average QB is simply not looking at the numbers, I would expect Broncos fans, especially, to understand this fact. Where have you guys been since Elway left? Denver will not have a historic defense like the Ravens and Bucs did, they are much better off trying to build around a stud at QB. Truth.

  26. Why down on Orton. He was having a great season until Mcdaniel gave up. He’s easily better than what they have in Minn,az,buff,oak.

  27. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure that Orton can’t be a top 12 quarterback in the next year or two. He’ll never be top or anything, but I think he’s got a better shot at being to 15-10 than Tebow does.

  28. I have been saying this for a long time: Elways does not believe in Tebow and he will pick a QB with their top pick and trade Tebow to get additional pick or picks probably to Miami. Nothing that I have seen since Elway took over changes my mind, and I don’t know why so many people don’t take what he is saying and doing as fact. When you have the second pick, you don’t have to put up smoke signals because short of whoever is picked first, you have your choice of anyone in the draft.

  29. Read between the lines: Woody wants Elway to humor the masses and feed the “need” for Tebowmania. After all, Bowlen needs BUTTS IN THE SEATS… what if it all blows up down the line? This is a crisis of FAITH…..the Broncos must promote the myth of the Tebow savior to save the finances of the franchise……..

    Elway, however, (I am really getting to respect the man’s INTEGRITY) sees the folly of the short term hype and consequent BUST….Elway KNOWS quarterbacks…and, TEBOW is no franchise quarterback………

    Remember MC HOODIE THE TERRIBLE picked Tebow……consider the SOURCE!

  30. Broncos are not drafting a QB. They are clearly tempting a team who needs a QB to trade up with them so the Broncos get the extra picks

  31. Ik people won’t agree but u dont need a qb. The bucs won with bj. R D led us cause they could score. So it is possible to go straight up D

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