More info about George Martin’s meeting with the NFLPA* could be coming soon


Apparently, NFL Alumni executive director George Martin had a stressful meeting last week with the NFLPA* at its annual gathering.

Mike Freeman of confirms that the session was filmed, and that a transcript could soon be released.

Freeman points out that the NFLPA* doesn’t trust Martin, given that his group has received an interest-free loan from the league worth more than $1 million.

Freeman also reports that “the meeting became heated . . . when several crucial issues were raised.”  The issues included the perception that Martin is being paid by the owners, and Martin’s disagreement with the demand for financial transparency.  Furthermore, Freeman reports that there is “some concern Martin is attempting to operate a shadow union.”

That’s the first time we’ve heard that concern.  If it’s true, then we can understand why the NFLPA* would be leery.

Either way, here’s hoping that the transcript is released.  Or, better yet, the videotape.

18 responses to “More info about George Martin’s meeting with the NFLPA* could be coming soon

  1. Jeeze George you stay broke with us… Dont take money from them… Thats gonna cut from our piece of the pie…

    Players more and more are seeming like Jack wagons… Maybe instead of just a lock out they should do a Lock it Up and stop getting quoted saying absolutely the most uneducated disrespectfull crap….

    My message to the owners is to find some new Players and let these Slaves come find a job in this economy.. See if when they twitter from the construction site how many people will care….

  2. Two members of the group who accompanied George to the cafeteria for “a quick snack” still have not been located.

  3. MEmaurice should be worried about what will happen to himself if he is ever left alone with Martin.

    MEmaurice is a leech, and a little leech, and Martin would snap him in half. Players if any of you are reading this please take note>>
    STOP following this little shady lawyer into doomsday.

    Think of yourselves and the owners as a couple having problems. You both seek “advice” from experts to heal your bond. But these “experts” are divorce lawyers and divorce lawyers don’t make money by getting you back together quickly. They make money by getting you to fight and drag out the process until their billable hours have drained you dry.
    MEmaurice is no different than an ambulance chaser or a divorce lawyer.
    Thelonger you follow the Pied Piper, the sooner you will end up in ruin.

  4. Mark my words. Write this down. Take it to the bank. Heck, take a photo, frame this, and sleep with it under your pillow for all I care.
    When this is all said and done, the players are going to look sooooooo foolish.
    MEmaurice will be forced out of the union, (oops, I mean the “association”) and
    The owners will have a CBA that is very much identical to what they offered in the very beginning.

    A.P. and Leonard Weaver should apologize to each and every owner along with Roger Goodell. They are just more prime examples of ignorant, undereducated, urban instigators.
    The players are obviously under appreciative of the status, bank account, and lifestyle the league and owners have afforded them. Oh how I wish as part of the rookie symposium all incoming players were required to spend one week working at factories, farms, city work, etc.
    I for one would not care one bit if replacements were used this season.
    Shut down the whole year.
    The NHL did it until the players caved and gave back over 20% of their pay, reduced future salaries and benefits. Now the league is stronger and more popular than ever.
    Coincidence ? I think not!

  5. A shadow union? A shadow union? If the former NFLPA had demonstrated one substantial bit of concern for cutting the vets in – even just to seek their counsel regarding negotiations that concerned them – then Martin would be a relative non-issue. D’Maurice Smith: raw ambition saddled by the Peter Principle, lack of football experience and breathtaking blindness about how his lame machinations are being perceived.

  6. If players quit spreading out of wedlock, illegitimate kids all around the country. Stopped committing crimes. Stopped thinking they are owed special priveledges. Stopped using HGH and PED’s. Stopped acting like A-holes in public. Stopped making assinine comments like Adrian Peterson. Learned how to wear their pants in public. Stopped deadbeating on their bills.
    If they stopped doing all the above, maybe, just maybe, the public would think different of them.

    But until that happens(which will be never) the players are just spoiled, unappreciative, and greedy kids whose parents, principles, deans, coaches, and teachers all enabled and condoned the brattish, and entitled behavior that these brats still display today!!!!

  7. They are leery because the NFL Alumni received money from the league? Wow, then they ought to be leery of themselves because the NFLPA’s players received tons of money from the league and then used some of that to fund the union. Sounds to me like Smith might be a little leery of someone who might have some influence. I’m sure Martin has had a cordial relationship with the league. Why wouldn’t he? There are only two ways for his group to get any money/benefits. 1) the league hands it to them outright 2) the league gives it to the current union who then give it over to Martin’s group. Either way would require the league to give up some money.

  8. C’mon… A shadow union? Is the NFLPA* really that paranoid & delusional?

    I’m sure that Martin would have taken the no interest LOAN from the NFLPA if they would have been so generous. Actually, I’m surprised that De didn’t try to offer 2 million in the spirit of one upmanship.

    If only Fran Tarkenton would have been at this meeting…this would not have happened.

  9. If anybody is interested in why the NFLPA and De “Dig it” act the way they do, consider that this players “union” is a subset of the AFL-CIO, under the leadership of Richard Trumka. Google the name “Eddie York”, a father of three, who was murdered in 1993 by AFL-CIO gooons working for Trumka. You’ll get a better understanding of how these people operate.

  10. Wait, why would it be a big deal if Martin is operating a “shadow union.” My understanding of labor law isn’t perfect, but as I understand it anybody could come along and unionize any subset of the former NFLPA members.

    So if Martin wanted to reform the union, minus say the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, he could just be up front about it.

  11. A shadow union is basically what they have already. NFLPA decertified, they don’t exist anymore. Get rid of the hot heads (it became a little heated-predictable) and get with their bosses (owners) and come to an agreement stopping the lockout and end the upcoming court battle.

  12. Interview or interrogation? I can’t remember any meeting I’ve attended that was videotaped and transcribed. Sounds like DeWhatever Smith and the NFLPA/spoiled children association have a paranoia problem.

  13. iknowfootballandyoudont says:

    The NHL did it until the players caved and gave back over 20% of their pay, reduced future salaries and benefits. Now the league is stronger and more popular than ever.

    Would that be the same NHL that allows NBC to televise their games for free?

    The same league who’s only revenue generating TV deal is with Versus? For about $75M a year compared to the billions the NFL gets?

    Good thing your screen name isn’t “iknowhockeyandyoudont”

  14. First of all concerning the headline of this article,no one met with the NFLPA,because they no longer exist,right ? (yeah right 🙂 ).
    Secondly,since the union no longer exists in law (we know it is all a sham but the reality is that in law it does not exist,at least until they form it back into existance again one minute after they get a judge to rule in their favor etc ),so,why don’t the owners use this little sham against the union and disolve the NFL as a business and close the doors and then open up next week as a new NFL (NNFL ?).Form a new union the next day with players from the AFL and UFL etc,and fire anyone who was in the old NFL who doesn’t join the new union. Then just sign a new CBA with the new union that has a clause in it that makes the maximum salary in the “new” League $100,000 .
    Then sit back and watch the players panic ! About a week later ,after the owners of the “new” NFL signs several players from the UFL and AFL to contracts,the old NFL players will fire Smith and get down to a fdair negotiation !
    If a Judge buys the sham from the union then how can he say the sham from the NFL is any different.

  15. …and…If the judge rules against the union because he knows the decertification is a sham,then the owners will have won already anyway and the players will have to come back to the table and negotiate a fair deal. (probably not as good a deal as they could have got from the owners last week !).
    Either way this goes and no matter what happens,the owners can’t lose ,we all know that ,it’s just a matter of how much the players have to give back to the owners from their overly large share of the pie they have been getting.

  16. shadow union


    shadow union*


    martin did not decert.

    decert was a sham.

    duh wants it both ways all the time.

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