Ochocinco’s time with MLS team figures to wrap up on Monday

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Since there isn’t much NFL news these days, we may as well keep you updated on distractions like Tom Tom Zbikowsk’s boxing career, and Chad Ochocinco’s Major League Soccer tryout.

Days three and four of Ochocinco’s tryout have been low key.  He’ll get to show his wares in a “reserve” game involving the team’s backups against a local minor league team on Monday.

Sporting Kansas City coach Peter Vermes is giving Ochocinco the opportunity as a nod to his work ethic and attitude during the tryout.

“There’s not much that he’s going to do on Monday that’s gonna [make me] be like ‘Oh my god,’ ” Vermes told the Kansas City Star.   “It’s obvious he’s not going to have a major impact on our team. But I’m giving him the full benefit of going through the process of a tryout because . . .  he’s been a class act around here.”

Monday’s game figures to be Ochocinco’s final day with the team, despite noticeable progress in Ocho’s game. The Bengals receiver says he’s made “baby steps” but admits there’s no way he can truly compete at a professional soccer level yet.

And he doesn’t seem to mind.

“I’ve lived the dream already,” Ochocinco said. “Just to be able to walk in the locker room and wear this Sporting KC jersey is enough for me. I could die tomorrow and be satisfied. Regardless of what people say, this has been awesome.”

23 responses to “Ochocinco’s time with MLS team figures to wrap up on Monday

  1. People have been using this story as an excuse to call him a clown and whatnot. I personally think this has been pretty cool and he seemed to just be having fun. Good for him.

  2. Well done, Chad. More of us should have the courage to follow their dreams, whatever those might be. As a football, ahem, soccer fan, I had my doubts about 85s tryout. But I think it has helped Major League Soccer. The league, contrary to what some have posted on this site, is not a minor league. Yes, it might never be on the level as the Top 4 (England, Spain, Germany and Italy) , but its international reputation is improving every year and this story has shown non-soccer fans that they might have underappreciated the league and the sport itself to their own detriment.

  3. He is just enjoying himself. Something more people should try to do. Even as a Packer fan Finley should just keep his mouth shut and concentrate on being the player he can be for 16 games.

  4. Not sure soccer will ever really take off here when the most news attention they get all year is Ochocinco getting a tryout.

  5. Have to give Chad credit – he swallowed his pride and give those players the utmost respect.

    The entire soccer world has been talking about him. How many trialists can claim that? He’s been humble & respectful during the entire process.

    I wasn’t really an Ocho fan before, but I am now. His mom raised him well. Respectful person.

    I almost wanted him to succeed just to watch. Would have been interesting at the very least.

  6. I have played soccer since I was a kid and anyone who did, and enjoyed it, usually has a lifetime affinity for the game. Ocho is clearly one of those people. I’ve always liked the guy and don’t see why he wouldn’t do something as awesome as this.

  7. Not an 85 fan, but really nothing bad to say about this. He’s been gracious, grateful for the opportunity and realistic about his chances.

    There is plenty not to like about this guy, but give credit where credit is due.

    He handled this with complete class.

  8. Cinco is a great athlete and very entertaining. Its nice to hear the coach compliment a guy that continually gets beat up in the press. Atta babe Chad.

  9. kd75 says:
    Mar 27, 2011 2:39 PM
    He should write a book about his time trying out. He can call it “Paper Bengal.”

    Well played.

    I am pretty sure that the large number of thumbs down comes from most people on here being too young to get the reference.

  10. melikefootball says: Mar 27, 2011 1:30 PM

    Gee thanks so much for the update, I was up early this morning hunting for this info.


    Whenever I see a title for an article and find myself thinking, “That looks like it’s useless”… I DON’T CLICK IT.

    “But I’m giving him the full benefit of going through the process of a tryout because . . . he’s been a class act around here.”

    Gee… Somebody thought Ocho handled himself with class. Imagine that.

    Dez, call Ocho. He can help you change your image.

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