Pats add Jon Morris to Hall of Fame

The New England Patriots have announced that center Jon Morris, who played for the team from 1964 through 1974, will join the franchise’s Hall of Fame.  He’s the first inductee to be selected by a newly-formed senior selection committee.

“It was overwhelming,” Morris said in comments released by the Patriots.  “I thought my days were numbered.  This announcement came as a complete surprise.  I consider this the crowning achievement of my football life and I am so thankful to the Kraft family and the selection committee for allowing me to experience this feeling.

“When I first retired from the Patriots, the alumni were not meant to feel welcome.  I don’t say that to be critical, it was just different.  Once your career was over, it was over.  You cannot be a player forever and we understood that.  But, when the Kraft family came along, they changed all that.  It hasn’t been just a one-time thing, either.  They have maintained a relationship with the alumni since he bought the team.  I just think that is the neatest thing that has ever happened.  It is one of the reasons that being in the hall of fame is such a big deal.  They have made it a big deal.  I give the Krafts all the credit for making the alumni feel so special and I look forward to being a part of this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony.”

Morris and a modern-era player will be inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame later this year.

10 responses to “Pats add Jon Morris to Hall of Fame

  1. This guy belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame. A member of the all time AFL team, and too few OL in the Hall. There are more QB’s in the Hall than OL. Funny there are at least 5 OL on the field for every QB. The NFL has dropped the ball on some of the all time great AFL players.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that teams show respect for dedicated former players. That doesn’t mean that the teams/owners should bend over for arrogant greedheads and incredibly entitled future players who have not yet played a down in the league (e.g. Non Von Draft Miller). Guys like Jon Morris are the players who really love the game and sacrificed to build the AFL and NFL!

  3. Just another way Robert Kraft has improved the team and catapulted it to one of the league’s finest.

    He was once a fan who sat in the stands. His love for the team is deep and profound. We are lucky to have him and he is an example of what dedicated and intelligent stewardship can provide.

    Go Patriots!

  4. Regretfully the Pats informed Jon that inclusion in their Hall of Fame conferred only a limited form of immortality, and that in fact “[his] days were [still] numbered”.

  5. To see Jon Morris be honored like this gives an old fan a warm heart.

    Congratul;ations to a solid piece of Patriot history, and kudos to the Kraft family for this tradition.

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