Stafford says coaches know how he’s doing


On Saturday, we pointed out a tweet from Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford that, given the lockout blackout in communication between players and coaches, could have been intended to serve as a message to his coaches regarding the status of his shoulder.

Specifically, Stafford said that he is “feeling good” after “throwing a lot” on Friday.

And there’s nothing wrong with Stafford doing that.  It’s smart.  It’s prudent.

But Stafford felt compelled to explain on Sunday that he didn’t post the message for the benefit of the coaches.

“Didn’t get twitter to let coaches kno how I’m doin…they know,” Stafford said, again via Twitter.  “Just want our fans to know how [we’re] doing.”

Key words:  “They know.”

How do “they know”?  The lockout is 16 days old.  The Lions knew how he was doing as of March 11.  Under the terms of the lockout, the Lions currently should be completely in the dark.

So in his effort to explain away something that he had every right to do, Stafford may have said too much.

UPDATE:  As to those of you who are under the impression that some type of contact regarding rehab efforts is permitted, consider these quotes from Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, via Howard Balzer of The Sports Xchange.  “There will be no direct communication with the coaches or even trainers,” Vanden Bosch said.  “As far as me, I don’t have rehab.  That’s all behind me.  But other guys who are in active rehab, I think trainers right now are trying to get information about where they’ll be rehabbing, what facilities they’ll be at; just making sure they’re comfortable with the guy’s plan during the offseason.  But [during a lockout] the trainers can’t directly contact players and find out where they’re at and how their rehab’s coming and how they’re progressing.  Players are going to have to do a good job of staying on top of it and making sure they’re doing the right things because the team can’t monitor what they’re doing.”

SECOND UPDATE:  Lions coach Jim Schwartz said last week that teams can keep tabs on players.  “Our trainers are in communication with — not the players — but the people who are doing their rehab,” Schwartz said, per Tom Kowalski of  “I’m not sure exactly how often they’re in touch, but I get reports on a fairly consistent basis.  That doesn’t mean I get a report every time somebody talks to a guy or something like that.  We can’t supervise, but we can communicate with the supervisors.”

24 responses to “Stafford says coaches know how he’s doing

  1. I should become a player advisor, I’m sure I could give a kid more prudent advice than what Stafford’s getting right now.

  2. Its my understanding that the Lions cannot have direct contact with Stafford. Indirect contact though isn’t outlawed. So if Stafford has a middle man, all is good.

  3. Please explain to me why the players are all upset over the lockout at this time besides not getting medical cover. I heard all last year how the players bitched about OTA’s and most of them never showed up unless it was mandatory. The players should only worry when it is paycheck time and none is coming.

  4. The coaches know how he’s doing as they are permitted to communicate to the people who are supervising Stafford’s rehab, they just can’t speak directly with him. Geez…seems rather than reporting news, we’re trying to create the news. Can’t wait for this mess to just be over.

  5. Of course they know. You’d be keeping track of your $78,000,000 investment too. Not even a story.

  6. Call me naive, but I can easily make myself believe that he simply means: “they know my work ethic, that I’m doing all I can to improve.”

  7. I swear I read somewhere that he’s allowed to submit some sort of progress reports, just not contact them directly. Can’t find where I read that though, anyone else?

  8. I smell tampering charges coming, but in the Lions case, it won’t matter. No harm, no foul.

  9. Coach himself said they can talk to the people in charge of his rehab and that they have gotten reports from Dr. Andrews staff. Besides if a coach has his wife, kid, brother/sister send a personal email to a player how in the hell would the league know unless a player ratted him out.

  10. There’s a million and one ways they can “Know” without breaking the rules.

    The easiest way being Stafford telling his buddy Joe Blow to call up one of the trainers and give them an update.

    Simple and perfectly within the rules.

  11. I’m telling you, these Lions are going to be winners….they have been in the news for things other than being apathetic losers.

    Like they say – if you aint cheatin’, you aint tryin’ and these Lions are finally a tryin’.

  12. Whatever, who cares, strum up a better story then this, better yet talk about a franchise that matters. Everyone knows that Matt Stafford aka – The China Doll will be broken as soon as some fat D-Lineman lands on him in week 1.

    This just in – The Lions will still have a better QB scenario then the Vikings after the injury occurs.

  13. Mike you have to do more research when posting Lion news. You proved my point with not one but two updates AND with the “Lions got caught red handed with the tampering charges, when the player in question and his agent were both “baffled” .

    I mean if your going to do a half ass job, why do it at all?

  14. Sounds like the kid knows what side his bread is buttered on…As the old saying goes….”Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

    Stafford has proven he has the “IT” factor, only hoping he has the “Longevity Factor” to go along with it.

  15. Did Stafford have contact with the Lions? Who cares. The important question Goodell wants to have answered is were Stafford’s socks the correct height during his workout? If not, someone is getting a fine.

  16. Stafford was fooling around with his Blackberry one day and discovered it had telephone capability.

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