Mike Pouncey says he’ll attend the draft, if invited


Though the NFLPA* has yet to give an unequivocal green light to attending the draft, it’s clear that there’s no red light.  Even before the NFLPA* adopted that stance, one of the members of the incoming draft class made it clear that he will attend the festivities, if the NFL asks him to.

“I haven’t been invited yet, but I’m hoping to get invited,” Florida center Mike Pouncey told Sporting News on Monday.  “I’ll bring my brother up there and a couple of my family members.”

His brother is Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, a first-round pick in 2010.  Maurkice Pouncey did not attend the draft last year.

I’m going if I’m invited,” Mike Pouncey said.  “I just feel like it’s a dream I’ve wanted my whole life.  We’ve busted our tails to be in the draft, and it’s a dream come true.”

Mike Pouncey also said he fears no eventual backlash once he arrives at the NFL.

“I’m not too worried about that,” Mike Pouncey said. “I respect their feelings because they’re great players.  But as far as them keeping us from going to the draft, I’m totally against it.”

So, basically, the Pouncey brothers could be engaging some lockout lip-lock at Radio City Music Hall.

16 responses to “Mike Pouncey says he’ll attend the draft, if invited

  1. can’t believe that they were even asked to skip it? maybe if they would stop trying to be selfish about a cut of 9 billion $$$ this kid wouldn’t even have to worry about it. amazing what problems our( fans) hard earned money causes.

  2. Anyone who watched Mike make a mockery of the center position last year at UF would be shocked if he was invited to the draft.

    Perhaps Mr. Pouncey can find time to read the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” while the lockout looms into September.

  3. He has every right to go if hes invited . They have worked their asses off to be in this position and if invited , its a day they will remember for the rest of their lives . The NFL player association has no right to call these kids and ask them to stay home . They are not part of the league or this lockout and to deprive them of going is rediculous .

  4. I know that one guy said he’d shake Roger Goodell’s hand…..is it true Mike would tongue kiss him?

  5. Steeler are not going to have chance at him. If he is there at 29 the Bears will take him.

  6. Pouncey.

    Twice as much fun to say as it was during draft time last year.

    Pouncey pouncey pouncey

    Fun, right?

    Tied for “most fun name to say over and over” in the 2011 draft with “Kaepernick”.

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