NFLPA* has meeting Monday to decide draft plans


The NFLPA* isn’t sure exactly what they are going to do on draft day just yet.

SI’s Peter King writes that the former union will meet Monday to discuss their plans, and there are “several” options that remain possible.

One option is doing nothing, but King says the chance of that happening is only slight.  The plan could still be to have current players welcome their new teammates to the stage, as reported a few weeks back.

“The one thing I feel sure about, though, is that it will have a welcome-to-the-family feel, with current players welcoming new players to pro football,” King writes.

It’s uncertain if the players will get this event broadcast.   (It seems apparent no broadcast agreement has been reached yet.)  King mentions the event would likely be live-streamed over the internet, like many player interviews and press conferences by the NFLPA* over the last few weeks.

That raises a few issues.  First — can the NFLPA find a production staff that could put on such an event and handle the traffic?  Their recent UStream interviews have been helpful, but they are watched by very few people — often in the double digits.

The players also haven’t really addressed the mixed message they are sending out. They may discourage rookies from attending the draft because they don’t want anything to be “business as usual.”  And yet they allow their own players to appear on NFL Network.

Perhaps union rep Jeff Saturday can explain the difference during his two day appearance on NFL Total Access starting Monday night.

20 responses to “NFLPA* has meeting Monday to decide draft plans

  1. Peyton Manning probably has his own production company with all the commercials his Frankenstein face is on TV.

    Funny, most of the players speaking out against the rookies attending were not even considered borderline 1st round picks so it is easy for them to say. It is a real shame that these “kids” may lose this moment. I remember watching Gronk getting picked by the Pats. As a fan, I was really excited about his being a part of the team.

    Everyone knows this will eventually be settled, its too bad the players may take away a moment that many of these players have been waiting for most if their lives.

  2. Does the NFLPA* realize that most fans watch to see who their teams drafts? As in ability, need, etc. Not to see someone walk across the stage and put a freakin hat on?

  3. Yet one more thing the players are ruining for the fans! Way to go guys! You get more popular by the second!

  4. Along with being long in tooth is the experience one gets being this old and one thing you can be sure about and that is the fact that the fans still will be interested in the draft and fans will watch it.

  5. I agree with chapnastier. Maybe is the fans can boycott the draft it will get their attention. I hope that everyone can ignore the draft. Is they get a 0 rating for the event it might catch let them know things can go badly for the NFL if they keep ignoring. Of course being a Bears fans it is easy for me to ignore the draft. I just hope you guys that route for teams that know what to do with draft pick can help in ignoring the draft.

  6. Translation:
    The Union realizes that it would be extremely stupid for any rookie that was invited to the draft to skip it. So instead of looking like morons for telling the players to skip the draft, and having them all show up anyway, the union is now changing strategy to soothing hat might be, you know, possible, so that it looks less dumb in the eyes of the public.

    (Too late.)

  7. Oh great! A shadow draft! Can wait to see this trainwreck of some wedding videographer holding a Hi-8 camcorder streaming a handshake over the interweb once every 15 minutes.

  8. The NFLPA* should endorse the draft, after all in the last round of negotiations they agreed to it. They should have as many players attend as possible and bring uninvited rookies with them and celebrate with them in the crowd when they get drafted. They could make the whole draft process better and show the NFL that by working together good things happen.

  9. I was reading Roddy White’s twitter some time ago and he said “I think incoming players should boycott the draft they gone be part of the NFLpa I wouldn’t even put on the hat don’t give them teams nothin. We must win this battle by any means necessary. Football will be back their are endorsement deals card deals u can get before u are drafted. I made almost 100k before I even got drafted.”

    I will admit that although I disagree with both sides, I’ve always sided with the players more but wow, reading his tweets made me realize that most players, just like the owners, have nothing but money on my mind and don’t care about the fans at all!!

  10. Not a draft broadcast? We can’t hear the false rumors Mort and Sheff will report! Remember last year, Darren McFadden to the Lions was immient by Sheff!

  11. So, if this event will be a self-serving, don’t ask the tough questions, type of situation, I guess Jim Gray will be handling the draftee “interviews” with all the skill, diploymacy and hard hitting reporting he showed during his “interview” of LeBron.

  12. The ex-NFLPA announced today that Ke$ha and Nikki Minaj will appear during intermissions at the Alternative Pro Football Draft Potluck. The stars will perform two songs each and then assist in collecting voluntary contributions to the Pro Football Players Defense Fund. The ex-union reminds attendees that there are enough dessert and salad commitments but meat dish commitments aren’t keeping up. BYOB.

  13. To me, if this gets anymore crazy, they could cancel the draft until after the CBA is …. nah that would benefit the players.
    So then, cancel Radio City and have the draft on conference only. NFL Network would have the Commish in studio and all teams conferenced in and each selection could be vidioed in for comments.

  14. Everyone associated with the NFL has too much self entitlement nowadays. The only group of people getting screwed are the fans. The players historically never cared about the Draft. They viewed the rookies as a threat. But now they are using the event as a soap box for even more self promoting. The NFL has already ruined the Draft experience by moving it from Saturday to Thursday, so why not let the players do their best to ruin it too.

  15. The decertification by the union was a farce. How can they meet and decide what to do with the upcoming draft. They don’t exist. They are done. Anything that comes out from them now means nothing

  16. The NFLPA, which doesnt exist, will get some attention and maybe totally screw up the NFL draft party. That will in turn piss off every football fan plus the owners who will now be out for blood. This work stoppage will last thru Dec. there will be no season, no super bowl, no nothing. Theres a real pissing match coming and it may kill pro-football as we know it. No draft, no free agency, no cap. Hopefully there are some folks who might want to just start over. New NFL, new players, new everything. Out with the old in with the new. Think about it…NO NFL,,,ever.

  17. I think the players should stand outside Radio City Music Hall with picket signs, slogans and chants; you know, like a real union. They could have a fire going in a trash bin, maybe have one or two people honk their horns in support. Or is all that just too plebeian for the NFL’s bourgeoisie?

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