No one knows when ruling will come on motion to lift lockout

There’s a report from Adam Schefter regarding the expected timetable for a ruling on the motion to lift the lockout while the class-action lawsuit between the NFL and its players proceeds.

An NFLPA source tells Schefter that no ruling is expected until the middle of April, at the earliest.

But here’s the thing.  No one knows when the ruling will come, for the same reason that no one knows what the ruling will be.

Last week, NFL officials indicated that Judge Susan Nelson could issue a ruling “from the bench” at the conclusion of oral arguments.  It’s unlikely, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented.  As of today, she has all of the written submissions from the party.  (We’ll break down the players’ last word soon.)  Judge Nelson could come to a decision, and she could decide to issue that decision in open court if she hears nothing from the parties that would change her mind.

Courts generally take motions for preliminary injunction very seriously.  They realize that time is of the essence, and they try to move as quickly as they can.  Complicating matters (or not) is the judge’s schedule.  Is Judge Nelson in trial?  Does she have a conference to attend?  Is a vacation scheduled?

Bottom line?  No one knows.  And those who say they know don’t know what they don’t know.

14 responses to “No one knows when ruling will come on motion to lift lockout

  1. And as a reporter with a law degree, you’ve done some investigation into the events listed on the Judge’s calendar. And you’re going to explain those events and the impact they might have, rather than just aimlessly speculating.

    Oh, nevermind.

  2. No one knows when the ruling will come on motion to get me to spend my hard earned money on the NFL again.

  3. “Is Judge Nelson in trial? Does she have a conference to attend? Is a vacation scheduled? Bottom line? No one knows”

    Really? I would have thought someone would.

  4. If the players don’t win the preliminary injunction, then the lockout will persist into September, or at least late enough into the summer to threaten the first few games of the regular season. The owners seem to have made the decision to drive the NFLPA* into submission, and that won’t happen until their paychecks are threatened. Once they’ve missed a few paychecks though, enough pressure will be put on labor management to finally get serious about getting an agreement signed. The real question is assuming that the usual training camp period is missed due to the lockout, how much time will they need to adequately prepare to play regular season games? I’d guess at least a few weeks, and I’d also be surprised if there aren’t even more injuries than usual, due to players not being in playing shape when the games start to count.

  5. Since the former NFLPA union decertified its status into a trade association, has it not created a formal name for the trade association? NFLPTA? Anything is better than the asterisk version ( NFLPA*) that doesn’t really designate the trade association at all.

  6. realfann says: Mar 28, 2011 5:41 PM

    “Bottom line? No one knows… Really? I would have thought someone would.”

    Ask iknowfootballandyoudont.
    He knows everything about everything.

  7. The players wil get bounced immediately out of court on this one. No one, not even a federal judge, can force a business to operate against its’ will.

    It is as plain as the nose on your face that the decertification was a sham, as the player representatives (stupidly) went on the record proclaiming decertifying the union was a “bargaining tool.” Well, the move will turn out to be a tool only for idiotic player tools and their attorneys who are separating the players from their money.

    After the initial judgement, the union/trade association/union will run to the appeals court and catapulted out of there too.

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