Quanis Phillips going back to prison for lying about contact with Vick


Quanis Phillips, the dog-fighting co-defendant of Michael Vick who was shot outside Vick’s birthday party last year, is heading back to prison.

Phillips has been sent to prison for 11 months for violating his probation by lying to his probation officer when he denied having contact with Vick at the party.

All the Associated Press report indicates that his contact with Vick was Phillips’ primary probation violation, it wasn’t the only one: He also failed to tell his probation officer about being questioned by police that night and on other occasions, skipped a mandatory mental health appointment and failed a drug test.

Phillips was originally sentenced to 21 months in prison and three years of probation after he, Vick and two other men pleaded guilty to running a dog fighting ring.

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  1. I think they need to rename this site. ProFootballTalk.com just seems so inadequte. Considering Vick, Talib, Bryant, Johnny Jolly and all the other reprobates and miscreants populating the NFLPA, maybe they should call this place ProFootballCrimeBlog.com. Or maybe “De Dig IT’s Deviants.com”.

  2. These are the people he used to hang out with.

    I sure hope he cut off the other people who didn’t get busted. I give him credit for staying clean on his probation, but he also need to find some new friends.

  3. So Quanis gets locked up for having contact with Vick yet Vick never gets anything for having contact with him? Terms of his probation were to not associate with other convicted felons especially ones who you commited the crimes with! I guess its hard for the FEDS to lock him up and not be able to tax him on the 16 million he’s getting next year.

  4. Running an organized dog fighting ring, being involved in a shooting, being a drug addict and… sagging. All roughly equivalent offenses in your mind?

  5. I guess the sports media is making sure TMZ does not make a dent in their industry. They are really trying to cover all their bases in their news and gossip reporting.

  6. im pretty sure that if Vick had nails driven through his wrists and feet, he wouldnt be the most exciting player in the league….Comparing him to Jesus Christ is prolly the single handed most retarded statement i have ever had the displeasure to read on this site…and im not even into any sort of religion

  7. @wdevers

    Phillips violated his probation by lying to his PO, and failing a drug test. I don’t recall reading about Vick doing the same.

    As far as contact with another convicted felon, Phillips knowingly attended Vick’s party, which is presumably a probation violation. Vick didn’t invite him, had no reason to expect he would show up, and got out of there pretty quickly after finding out Phillips was there. That doesn’t sound like a violation to me.

  8. This Phillips guy is dumb as a box of hammers. He goes to a party where Vick is, makes a scene in public then thinks his probation officer will magically remain unaware of it???
    What the bleep is he smoking?????

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