Report: Bowers failed multiple physicals


It’s a big week for Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers.   On Friday, he gets to prove that he truly hasn’t had any setbacks in his recovery from knee surgery.

He can also try to pass physicals from teams that failed him at the Scouting Combine.

SI’s Peter King reports via a team scout that Bowers failed at least two team physicals previously.  Bowers said he was “100%” at the Combine, but those failed physicals and his lack of a Pro Day in March indicates that he still had more healing to do.

Contacted about the report Monday, Bowers’ agent Joe Flanagan says that he addressed the problem in the statement he released last week.  The key portion:  “[Bowers] will also participate in the medical re-check in Indianapolis, which will lead to updated medical information being provided to all 32 clubs.”

Translation: Bowers may have failed physicals in February, but Flanagan is confident he will pass them now.   Flanagan says he’s “looking forward to Friday” when Bowers can show his stuff on the field again.

Bowers is feeling the same way: “Seems everybody who picks up a pin knows more about my health then me!!! Not!! #failure!! 4 days!!” Bowers tweeted Monday.

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  1. he clearly went to football, and not college..

    it shouldn’t shock me/us anymore, but it still does. These are words students learn in early grade school. There/their/they’re, your/you’re… And it isn’t just the grammar and spelling errors. It is the constant ignorance towards the fact the world can see what you post. Give it a quick looksy maybe? How about asking a friend (or agent) “Does this make me look unintelligent?”

    “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

  2. #
    stealthjunk says: Mar 28, 2011 2:07 PM

    A “pin”? #failure is right.

    stealthjunk says: Mar 28, 2011 2:10 PM

    Lucky for him you don’t need a “pin” to Tweet.

    Maybe he’s talking about the “pins” in his knee!!! yaowsers!!!

  3. jahbird says:
    Mar 28, 2011 2:45 PM
    People looking for perfect style and grammar in a Tweet need to get a life.
    Not perfect, just 3rd grade level or better. Is that too much to ask? Then again…or maybe it’s/its than again…it’s a good thing being literate is not a prerequisite to athletic success.

  4. I love that Bowersocks wears glasses in his photo above. He tries to make himself look smart. Polo + Glasses + No Dreads = BUST.

    New Name:

    Da’Pin Busters

  5. I guess you can pencil him into the Eagles roster then.

    A player with health problems and a lineman? That’s Andy Reids wet dream.

  6. FinFan. Twitter has nothing to do with even base literacy. It’s an informal communication tool that dictates 140 characters per. His typos would be inexcusable in an academic paper or business letter. Last I checked, twitter is neither.

    Unless your prepared to sit down and review an academic paper of his, commenting on his level of literacy is mostly just prejudicial nonsense.

    Yes, using “pin” in place of “pen,” and “then” in place of “than” is incorrect, but then again so is your use of the ellipsis and I’m not here calling you uneducated. Besides, really, who gives a sh!t? Can he tackle? It’s twitter for christ’s sake.

    For future internet comments, the ellipsis is used to indicate an incomplete thought, not to provide a break in a sentence. Accordingly, you should have used a long dash or commas.

    Just saying…

    (^^^^ see like that)

    Sure he sounds like an ignorant ass, but so do the majority of the people who post here; especially when they spew off about grammar and language.

    Finally, I write professionally, and my standards are as high as they come. I just don’t hold people to them in situations where standards aren’t traditionally applied.

  7. @jahbird

    I teach English and commend you on your knowledge of the ellipsis. I also agree with FinFan, however. It is offensive to see a young man make a mockery of the education that was given to him. I stress given to him. He had a scholarship and did not put forth any of his own money during his stay at Clemson (I dare say).

    The least he could do is make sure he doesn’t look like a moron on Twitter. Twitter makes people look dumb enough. I am ok with some missed punctuation; the rules are always changing. But to mistake “pin” for pen, that is just sad.

    Go Pats!

  8. Appears to be someone the cowboys to add to their roster. But he’ll be long gone by then. How close was he towards a degree? Basket Weaving Major?

  9. Yep, Peter King is where I go when I want to get solid draft guidance.

    His 10 draft truths today were beyond value.

    Let summarize:

    1. Cam Newton might go in the top 5
    2. Ryan Mellat might go in the top 75
    3. Marcell Dareus might drop
    4. Bills might draft Von Miller or Patrick Peterson
    5. Solid players might get draft higher
    6. Tyron Smith might not get picked high
    7. Julio Jones or A.J. Green will be picked in the top 6
    8. Nick Fairley wont get picked high
    9. Da’Quan Bowers wont get picked high
    10. Corey Liuget will get picked in the middle of round 1

    Gold Jerry, solid gold.

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