Bud Adams guarantees lockout won’t cancel 2011 season

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Tennessee fans, if you’re worried that the lockout will last all year and wipe out the 2011 season, Titans owner Bud Adams wants to reassure you: He personally guarantees the NFL will have a 2011 season.

“It’s going to be a few months here, but we’ll be playing this year. I guarantee we’ll be playing,” Adams told the Tennessean on Monday.

Adams didn’t really offer any specific reasons for optimism, however. He simply reiterated what the other owners have been saying about the owners wanting to negotiate and the players declining to negotiate. So all Adams is really expressing is a hope, not a promise.

Even if he phrases it like a promise.

“But we’ll be playing football this year,” Adams said. “I’ll tell you that for sure.”

16 responses to “Bud Adams guarantees lockout won’t cancel 2011 season

  1. I happen to agree with him. The owners and players are not that stupid to ruin the gold goose and it will have nothing to do with the fans, it is about the money and the greed but it will get done.

  2. If I were him I wouldn’t guarantee it, but I agree with him. I am 110% (I know its not possible, but hey everybody else uses it) convinced that players are absolutely determined that they will not miss a season (a game or two maybe but that is even unlikely). If you agree with that premise, then you know that if the players get the injunction and lift the lockout there will be football, and if they don’t get they will resume negotiations to get back on the field before they start missing paychecks. Either way the ruling on the injunction goes the season will get played. And even if the one side or the other appeals the ruling on the injunction, the appeals process should play out well before the 2011 season ends if not well before it begins. So, I think Mr. Adams’ guarantee is a safe bet.

  3. His guarantee could also mean that league would use replacement players but I don’t think it will come to that. Either the court is going to force the league to allow the players to return or the players will return voluntarily when the prospect of actually missing games becomes real.

  4. There is ONLY one way he can make that gurantee , if the lockout contines…..

    SCABS ……Players…not disease [ some would say they are one in the same ]!!

  5. Lol, we’re going to Adams for insight? He was unaware that his head coach and starting QB hated each other late into that debacle, so I’mnot sure he is even aware of what is going on day to day.

  6. this is acknowledgement that the owners arent stupid enough to ruin a great thing…they are just pushing it as far as they can for leverage…

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