Channing Crowder: Mel Kiper lied, made me spend too much money

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The Miami Dolphins selected linebacker Channing Crowder in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft, and that came as a surprise to Crowder, who had been expecting to go in the first round — and who had been spending money like a guy who was banking on a first-round contract.

Six years later, Crowder is still bitter toward ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr., whom Crowder says was the person who made him think he would get a multimillion-dollar rookie contract. Crowder said on WQAM that he watches the draft every year, but he watches it with some skepticism toward Kiper and the other so-called draft experts.

“Yeah I watch it and all,” Crowder said, via “Mel Kiper and all, he messed me over, he lied to me, told me I was top-20 had me go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff. So I don’t know the guys. They’re guessing just like we guess — I can guess who the Dolphins are going to take too. But I look at it a little bit and hear the ‘experts,’ I guess they call them, to see what they say.”

Crowder is right that at the time he left Florida for the NFL draft, Kiper had him projected as a first-round draft pick. However, Kiper’s projections often change quite a bit from January to April, and that was the case with Crowder.

“I previously projected the Colts to take Florida middle linebacker Channing Crowder [in the first round], but his stock is quickly falling into the third-round area thanks to injury/durability concerns,” Kiper wrote in April of 2005.

It’s ridiculous for Crowder to say Kiper “lied” just because Kiper changed his opinion of Crowder: Everyone who analyzes the draft changes his opinion all the time. That might make Crowder correct when he says not to put much stock into the so-called draft experts’ opinions, but it hardly makes Kiper at fault for Crowder’s foolish spending.

I have a feeling that Crowder knows that, though. Whether he’s launching into bizarre diatribes about Anne Frank and Helen Keller, or saying he has no idea where London is, I usually assume that when we laugh about Crowder’s ludicrous comments, we’re laughing with him, not at him.

So while Bill Tobin genuinely despises Kiper, Crowder probably just likes to have a laugh at Kiper’s expense.

127 responses to “Channing Crowder: Mel Kiper lied, made me spend too much money

  1. Well if dude would have done his homework,e would have known Kiper struggles to get many picks right. Not to mention, what did he expect with the all the injury concerns at the time? He needs to be angry at himself for giving himself that much credit.

  2. what really caused his stock to fall? was it injury concerns or something really important…like a smile that offended Nolan Nawrocki?

  3. “…. told me I was top-20 had me go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff. ”

    What did Mel Kiper have you go out and buy?? Hair gel? Count Chocula cereal?

    What about not spending money til you actually have it? Jeeeeeez

  4. who cares what channing crowder has to say? its not kipers fault crowder was an idiot and spent money like crazy when nothing was definite.

  5. So Crowder was irresponsible with his finances based on an ESPN analyst opinion of where he might get drafted.

    Hmmmmm and the players want the owners to treat them as business partners.

  6. Michael David Smith,

    How the hell did you not comment on the fact that one should NEVER count their eggs before they hatch?

    “Yea, Channing, you’re a first-round guy, so you might as well spend a ton of money you don’t have.”

    Come on, man.

  7. who had been spending money like a guy who was banking on a first-round contract.


  8. My guess is that he is in fact that dumb and that we are laughing at him and not with him.

  9. Crowder. You are exactly, and I mean exactly what is wrong with many of todays atheletes. Never responsible for your own actions.

  10. Kiper may be a tool, but that’s totally irrelevant here. MAYBE you should count your chickens before… you know… you actually ever sign a contract or see your first check.

    I wonder if this guy realizes how stupid he sounds every single time he’s ever opened up his mouth to the media.

  11. The only people who give any credence to the musings of draft pundits like Kiper, McShay and even the beloved Mayock are media types and morons. Which in itself is kind or a redundant statement.

    Somewhere, Jevan Snead is nodding and sobbing in agreement.

  12. The sad thing about this story is that Crowder went out and spent money he didnt have. Regardless of what Kiper said, and don’t think he lied at all – he gave an honest assessment, Kiper didn’t tell him to run out and spend money before he actually signed his contract. What was the urgency in shopping? Why couldn’t he wait a few more weeks? And where was his agent in all this? Did his agent not advise him of his draft position and whether or not he should be spending money he didn’t have (in all likelihood his agent would have been the one to front him the money in the first place). The agent is paid by the player for advise on these matters so why is he blaming Kiper?

  13. who’s he gonna blame for not living up to 3rd status…much less 1st.

    this guy’s so average

  14. Typical pro athlete. Second rate talent with a fifth rate excuse for a brain. DUDE take responsibility for your own stupid f’up decisions.

  15. Is he seriously blaming a draft analysis for him taking out loans that he couldn’t afford? I’m really fed up with NFL players they are flat out stupid. No two ways about it.

  16. And in typical PFT fashion there’s not a whit of context for this post; it makes it easier to throw up your hands and fault “both sides.” As if Mel Kiper isn’t a grown-ass man, or should I say parasite, in an industry that exists to pimp out guys like Crowder even before they put pen to an NFL contract. It’s not just Kiper; agents, personal trainers, Wonderlic coaches, PR people, on and on, make money from these kids without having any real sense of whether the kids will make a dime. How many NFL prospects are in debt when they sign their first deal? How about it, sports “journalists”?

  17. I don’t feel one way or another about Kiper but this is Life 101. Don’t spend money you don’t have in your pocket.
    PS: Channing, you’re going to get a HUGE surprise bonus this next season. Guaranteed money. Please buy me a car.

  18. Amazing that this guy went and spent all this money he didn’t have, just because he heard Kiper call him a top 20 pick. Crowder’s pretty much just going on record as a complete moron who doesn’t have a clue how to manage money.

  19. Why does the media even talk to this guy? He’s lucky to be in the league. I feel sorry for phins fans having to deal with this loser.

    Palm to face..head down shaking.

  20. What has become of the virtue of personal responsibility? Is it that difficult a notion to grasp that you shouldn’t spend money you do not have? Well, I guess it is for some.

  21. geeeeemen says:
    What did Mel Kiper have you go out and buy?? Hair gel? Count Chocula cereal?

    Hilarious, geeeeemen–

    BUT wrong. The answer is: miniature Easter Island souvenir stone heads,, and Robert Hall’s entire remaining inventory of suits.

  22. Kiper is almost always wrong, every year. He is very inaccurate when it’s all said and done. McShay and Mayock are actually better resources. I have no idea why ESPN still pushes Kiper, he is a joke.

    On a different note, Why spend that much money until you have it? That right there shows this guy is an absolute idiot. What if something happened before the draft, that caused him to go undrafted? Spend the money once you have it. Period.

    That was meant for Dez, Crowder, and any person reading this that drags down our economy. It’s really elementary, yet it’s why our nation is in the tank right now.

  23. another “partner” from the NFLPA. Who doesn’t think this guy should have access to all 32 teams books?

    Another day, another dollar in the bank for the NFL vs. the union.

  24. Crowder fell to the third round because he had character issues.

    Scouting reports suggested that he likes to blame other people for his own irresponsible stupidities…

  25. besides the hilarious comments above (and to follw I’m sure), I have just a small problem with Crowder calling Kiper a liar just because he was wr-, wro-, I mean, mistaken.

    Also, it’s not good for Crowder to be saying this publicly. With all the attention Dez is getting for not paying his bills, this might give him some ideas to blame Kiper (or the NCAA, lol, since if he weren’t suspended he maybe could’ve gotten drafted higher. And since it appears he “bought” at least some of this stuff prior to the suspension.)

  26. Is this guy serious? Next time listen to Mayock, he is the only one who’s opinion is worth anything pre draft…..The rest just talk because they are paid to. The talking heads know that nobody remembers the things that are said by “Draft Experts” after the draft is over.

  27. I know the NFL makes rookies take a course on how to budget their money, but really, with Dez Bryant’s money problems and now this guy, I wonder if flavor flav and Mc Hammer are teaching the course.
    Mel Kiper loves to hype guys up, it’s his job

  28. What kind of man does that ? Channing the clown
    Spent money he didn’t have and blamed kiper for it.
    Just because a draft expert like kiper says he’ll
    Be top 20 doesn’t mean NFL gm’s will listen to him.
    Sometimes that clown has got no common sense whatsoever.

  29. Mel Kiper MADE you blow your dough? I bet that holds up in court. Another day, another example of irresponsible athletes who have no business being handed millions of dollars.

  30. Mel Kiper and his ilk are all snake oil salesman. Anyone (fans, teams, OR potential draft picks) who thinks otherwise is a fool. And that includes this character.

  31. maybe they should give scholarships to people with a future and let these guys just play football(no classes). MORON! He obviously didn’t learn a damn thing in school.

  32. When I was 8, my dad told me that I could be in the NFL someday. I blew my allowance on gum, baseball cards, candy and toys. Now, Im not in the NFL. My dad lied to me. What a jerk

  33. Just saw a commercial that said I could make millions in the stock market if i buy their informational CD. Looks like someone’s going shopping tonight!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO I’m a millionaire.

  34. No, the Anne Frank comment was him just being a legitimate idiot – he was trying to make a point and be a hard ass, and failed miserably… he played it off, but no one was laughing with him on that one

  35. Maybe he should stick to what he knows..being a barely average linebacker and having verbal spats with Rex Ryan. What a Tool!

  36. Wow, another idiot player who thinks he is a victim for….being an idiot.

    He saw Kiper’s initial assessment and banked on it. Of course the players are playing for the “love of the game,” and not the money.

  37. The players are starting to sweat. Now they are talking about how much they owe . What they aren’t saying is that they have the money “banked” to pay these debts. Which of course they don’t.With the lockout they won’t have the money and I bet you will see more of the whining this idiot is doing and the stiffing people like Dez “I want to show my a– ” Bryant. They need someone else to blame ,because its sooooooo obvious they would have never done this to themselves. I say bring on some scab players. At least they want play the game not because they feel as if the world owes them the opportunity to play.

  38. message to players… you are in a very public dispute with the owners. every single person who has ever bought a beer and cheered you on is watching right now. you are being scutinized more than ever. even if you have to handcuff yourself to a radiator DO NOT go out and a) shoot someone b) get in sex trouble c) let your pants fall off in a mall d) forget to pay for $300,000 worth of pretty bracelets e) blame mel kiper for making promises he never made f) call yourself a slave. if you can’t get in the news by helping build a school playground or comforting sick people, be invisible. because being spectacularly stupid will ruin you all in this moment of great uncertainty.

  39. “told me I was top-20 had me go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff”

    Yeh, HE made you go out and spend money that you didn’t have yet. Idiot. YOU spent it before you had it. Why not wait and see how it ends up then plan accordingly? Oh, yeh that would make too much sense…

  40. You can never tell sarcasm in in text, one has to take things for face value. Crowder is always joking around and people take that for face value. He’s a smart guy that gets bored with things so he will say absurd things for the fun of it and watches everyone get up in arms about it. The guy scored a 30 on the Wonderlic.

    The London thing kills me. If anyone thinks he was being serious, then they are the idiots for taking the bait. It reminds me of people that are smug when they tell others that pro wrestling is fixed, acting like they are the smartest for figuring it out by themselves and they are the only one with that knowledge.

  41. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Yeah, Mel had a gun pointed at this losers head and “made” him spend all that money. What a fool. Did he ever consider the possibility that his draft stock fell because he just isn’t all that bright? Sounds like the lockout already has at least one foolish player worried about paying his bills.

  42. When I was a kid, my mom always told me I was special. I’m mad at her now, because I realize that I’m not.

  43. Hey Crowder,
    I bought a toll booth form the state of NH on interstate 93. I made my millions and am willing to sell it to you. I know you must be a little cash straped with the lockout and all.

  44. Your fault Crowder, you should have asked me, because I do a better job of predicting where people get drafted than Kiper. He’s the guy that had BMW #1 when it wasn’t even logical to have the guy ranked over Braylon Edwards as the best WR, let alone the #1 player in the draft. He makes all kinds of silly mistakes like that, I don’t. If you want an accurate draft grade, then you have to ask me, or take your chances with an unreliable gamble.

  45. This is what is wrong with American…
    Spending money you butt doesn’t have yet – IDIOT!
    Just for that your penalty is playing for the Dolphins, lol.

  46. Crowder loves playing the dumb guy. He’s pretty sharp actually and, if you read the bottom of the article it says so. He likely didn’t spend any money like he says he did. I am sure he was just upset about not being first round.

  47. Welcome to the new america, where nothing is ever, EVER your fault. Just find someone to blame.

    Oh yeah, our country isn’t doomed at all.

  48. He is the kind of guy that would make a silly statement, just to come on here and laugh about the responses from the public. Which is what i am guessing he’s doing at this very moment.
    This guy actually did good in school, grades-wise, and just loves to hear himself talk and people ridiculous responses to what he says.

  49. @ezmoover

    Actually Crowder fell in the draft because of knee issues during his last year in college. He has had lingering issues with the same knee- so i guess his drop was well founded.

  50. Well Crowder, you’ve got a great career with the Federal government after your football career. You spend money that you don’t have and will never get just like they do.

  51. This is the perfect example of the type of person who should be required to ask for permission before they speak.

    “He made me spend too much money.” spent money you didn’t have because you’re a moron and now you want to place blame on someone else because obviously that college education didn’t put enough emphasis on business courses, and apparently speech courses.

    Ever heard the phrase “too stupid to talk to?”

  52. This is why I wish the Dolphins would get rid of this moron. He is a decent back-up that is starting due to no depth at ILB. He plays hard when he actually gets on the field but he is not good enough to worry about keeping and stuff like this makes the team look bad

  53. jonscoit: seriously, did you say these “kids” are being used? Well, this “kid” (crowder) makes a lot more money than 90% of us ever will so how exactly was he used? Was he used like the owner of my company uses me to do a job that helps his company increase revenue? And you call that being used? What a moron!

    Anyone out of HS and over 18 is not a kid, they are an adult. I’m so sick of people calling college students kids. They are not and stop acting like they are. All you are doing is giving them an excuse for their stupidity. If you can join the military and die in war, you’re an adult!

  54. Let’s see, I guess it’s all part of growing up (even though he should be a full grown man and thinking for himself). Either that or he’s stupid.

  55. Like (rockymtnphinfan) said, Crowder is a smart guy that likes to play dumb. He is laughing at all the people that are taking this seriously.

  56. vadog says:
    Mar 29, 2011 3:05 PM
    What has become of the virtue of personal responsibility? Is it that difficult a notion to grasp that you shouldn’t spend money you do not have? Well, I guess it is for some.

    Yes, namely every Democrat in the country.

  57. i, too, laugh AT him. i would laugh more, i’m sure, if i were to hear his explanation as to just how kiper “HAD [him] go out and spend X amount of dollars and then owe the bank stuff.” he’s bitter … fine. what does he want? pointless, pointless comments that make him look really really bad.

  58. Kiper lied to me too! I’ve been walking around with this ridiculous hair style for 2 years cause Kiper told me, “Hey, I look cool with this hair-do…so will you” when I met him at an airport in 2008!

  59. I didn’t know that Mel went around holding a gun to a guy’s head while making him spend money that he doesn’t really have.

    What a freaking idiot!

  60. Only dolphin fans get the fact that the joke is on everyone making fun of him in this response section………
    He surely isn’t helping out the players case with this timing of his joke.

  61. There are 1 or 2 thumbs down on all the responses. I wonder who the hell these people are and how they spend their money.

  62. Gullible! Believing Kiper is like listening to your Mom telling you where your going to get drafted. Sour grapes after going in 3rd, get over yourself.

  63. Maybe Channing is out spending money right now because De Smith told him the new CBA will be real lucrative.

    He has a built in excuse that Smith lied to him too!

  64. Mel Kiper has done pretty well for himself. Meanwhile, where are Bill Tobin and Tom Donohoe…finished.

  65. Leave the dude alone, us Dolphin fans need to have some entertainment besides watching field goals instead of touchdowns, when he speaks we laugh at his sayings, then we watch the game and cry, give us a break, we need our Channing to keep us entertain. Bill

  66. i wish more people got channing crowder’s jokes. or at least, i wish people by now would realize that he’s joking.

  67. WOW can’t any of these guys think on their own without blaming someone else for their complete lack of money knowledge? I have some swamp land for sale.

  68. Wow. I would have thought that an early indication that just maybe you should take Kiper’s opinion with a grain of salt would be the fact the he is a TV personality that works for Disney, not an NFL scout nor ever was. Next we’ll start seeing players blame internet bloggers for projecting them too high and being broke before they get their first paycheck. What a clown.

  69. Channing you are the one who spent the money before you had it!! Also you have certainly lived up to the band aid label. Stop talking and stay healthy or go find another team! Mr. Ireland please trade him for a draft pick.

  70. Channing Crowder gave me 6 numbers and none of them panned out on the Mega Millions … I charged a bunch of it and now can’t pay …

    Oh … the Farmer promised me Chickens and sent me eggs …

    What an @$$ !!!

  71. …and come to think of it the oracle at Delphi told him to trust Kiper after the fortune cookie directed him to the oracle – man, there’s some suin’ to do here!!!

  72. I’m sure Crowder would’ve budgeted more carefully had he not caught the 11am Sportscenter.

  73. Guess he was too busy spending the money he didn’t have to read the April report, maybe then he would have kept the receipt’s.

  74. Mel made you spend too much money?

    Well golly Channing … just how much crap did you buy anyway?

    Please provide a list! I’d LOVE to read it!

    And then of course, I’ll help you bitch-out that evil Mel too!

    And by the way … what idiot issued you a credit card with no spending limits? Was it that dang jewler that Dez likes so much?

  75. this isn’t a real story…somebody please tell me this isn’t a real story!!!

  76. It’s called a SENSE OF HUMOR. If you guys think he is being serious, then that’s on you lol.

    Crowder doesn’t have the stats, will never have Zach Thomas’ stats, but he is the glue of the defense. Too many “Madden” fans quantify a player by stats, because they may not know enough to see the positives and negatives outside of the one side of the story stats show.

  77. @someguyiniowa: AMEN. thank you. it’s nice to see everyone who reads this site isn’t completely retarded.

    @ everyone else: IT’S CALLED JOKES YA’LL

  78. What a moron… You don’t spend money you don’t have and then blame it on someone else. Especially another moron that gets paid to sensationalize the draft.

  79. Mel doesnt draft people. Dont spend what you dont have dude . I think he said he didnt want to go to Japan because he didnt like chinese food. This guy needs a tutor a financial manager and to apologize to Kiper. Im sure thats coming . His off season crack smoking sessions are not working.

  80. To all you folks that don’t follow the Fins, so you wouldn’t know how to take Crowder, the man is funny as hell! I have never heard him give an entirely straight answer to something without cracking some kind of joke.

    Oh, he’s pretty smart and knows football, so when he gets around to being serious the guy says some pretty insightful things. But you gotta get past the goofing around to get to the serious.

    He was just bustin on Kiper and the rest of the “experts” and I think it pretty damn funny.

  81. If the NFLPA has the control over the players that it claims, one smart move might be to put a gag order on the players and tell them to shut up. It seems lately that every comment that comes from a player makes me feel less sympathy for the players.

    Oh wait, nevermind, the NFLPA cannot really do much of anything with the players because the union decertified. Sham and joke.

  82. This is why all these guys will go broken if the lockout continues. They have no sense.

    I got hit by a drunk driver a few years ago and my lawyer told me I was gonna get a TON of money but it would take about 3 years until I seen it. So bc of that he gave me 10% advance of the money he figured I would get. I could have went out and spent it because I had alot more money coming in a couple of years but instead I invested it just in case the lawyer was wrong.

    Well guess what happened the lawyer was wrong. A schock right? I only ended up getting about 20% of what the lawyer was expecting. I ended up with around 80k which isnt bad it wasnt the 400 the lawyer said but its still a big help.

    But anyway if I had no sense like these football players that orginal 10% would have been gone and I would have only ended up with 40k instead of the 360k I was expecting. But I wasnt I invested the orginal 40 and a loan I got from a bank on a property that I later sold and now with the money I made off of that after paying back the bank loan plus the other 40k I got for the accident I have roughly 115k.

    My point is these NFL players are impulsive and dumb I could have went out and blew my money figuring more was coming but I didnt and now Im better off bc of it. And it bc of stories like Crowders that make me believe that the players will never last if a lockout continues.

  83. Dear Mr. Crowder,

    STOP MAKING PUBLIC STATEMENTS! All it does is make you look dumb.

    Why did he have to go to my school? Why did my pro team have to draft him? This guy is an embarrassment to both fan bases. I hate when I tell a Jets fan that Cromartie is an idiot who needs to shut up, only to respond with “and Crowder is any better?”

    Come on, man!

  84. Wow, somebody lied in an opinion??? Hey, my opinion really can be righter than yours.

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