Madden 2012 cover voting moves to second round

Last week, the folks at EA launched a bracket-style contest for determining the next cover athlete for the game, which will be sold this year even if there is no football.

The voting has now moved to round two, with the 32 candidate cut to 16.

The matchups for the second round are:  Aaron Rodgers vs. Sam Bradford; Hakeem Nicks vs. Danny Woodhead; Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Jamaal Charles; Peyton Hillis vs. Matt Ryan; Philip Rivers vs. Adrian Peterson; Mark Sanchez vs. Drew Brees; Mike Vick vs. Andre Johnson; Patrick Willis vs. Hines Ward.

For what it’s worth (and it ain’t worth much), only two upsets occurred in round one.  Tenth-seeded Peyton Hillis knocked off seventh-seeded Ray Rice in one of the brackets, and ninth-seeded Adrian Peterson topped Julius Peppers in the other one.

The second round runs through April 3.  The quarterfinals commence on April 4, with polls open until April 10.  The semifinals span April 11 through 17.  And the final two square off on April 18 through 26, with the winner presumably announced on April 27 or April 28, the first day of the draft.

75 responses to “Madden 2012 cover voting moves to second round

  1. Adrian Peterson over Peppers is not an upset.

    And I’m sorry, but PEYTON HILLIS won me my league. Dude is a stud.

  2. @dbellina

    Of all the dumb team representations (12th man, Jake Long, Steve Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, ect.) you’re wondering why a moderately successful second year QB is still in the voting? Pffft, I’ll be sure to take you real seriously from here on in.

  3. This is just a distraction from the actual gameplay. Man, I miss the PS2 days and not the trash that is next generation Madden (PS3, XBox360). Why improve gameplay when we can have pink breast cancer awareness gloves. They are not getting my 60+ bucks this year.

  4. dbellina says:
    Mar 29, 2011 9:31 AM

    “Why is Mark Sanchez even being considered for this?”

    Because the curse might actually make him a good quarterback

  5. The bigger question is why is Drew Brees.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Drew is great, but it’s pretty uninspired to be on twice in a row. Could EA really not think of anybody else on the Saints roster worthy of gracing the cover?

    Or does that only apply to the Seahawks.

  6. There’s a whole lot of nonsense in that list…

    Andre Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick and Adrian Peterson are the only players that deserve to be on the cover (except maybe Vick, I wouldn’t want a dog murderer to be the face of my product when there are equally as popular non dog murders available).

    Really LOL @ Bradford, Sanchez, Hillis, Ward, and Woodhead

  7. OMGZ so important…not.

    APF 2k8 even 2k5 are still technically superior to everything EA has put out since they won the license.

  8. And I was scoffed at for asking why even bother putting offensive linemen as representatives for teams. Yet here we are, round two, and no offensive linemen are around.

  9. If it’s anyone but Aaron Rodgers I’d be shocked.

    He is the new Golden Boy of the NFL.

    Sorry Brady, til you win another ring…..your yesterday’s news.

  10. bengalsown – Are you tryin to say that Patrick Willis doesn’t deserve a shot? Anyway, I’d rather not have Willis on the cover, we can’t afford to lose him.

  11. itll be aaron rodgers…plain and simple. it comes down to who had the most exciting to watch season and that was either rodgers or vick. vick wont make it twice, so rodgers it is

  12. The Super Bowl MVP should get first dibs n this every year. Then the regular season MVP. After that, they should go the Offensive player of the year, Defensive player of the year, Comeback player of the year, Offensive ROY, Defensive ROY, PRO Bowl MVP and then some other order. If all of these people would decline then you could put the 12th man.

  13. can someone tell me why revis isnt nominated for the jets over sanchez? did revis say he didnt want to be in the running, or is it because EA loves sanchez and since he was on cover of NCAA, they want him on the cover of madden as well?

  14. I agree with one of the comments above, line up all of them up and Peyton Hillis will mowe them over or jump over them. Not only should he make the cover, it should be that shot they showed on sportcenter of him running over a linebacker for the Jaguars.

    “Upsets are not made by teams, they are made by the people making the brackets not being abled to judge talent very well” Sincerely VCU & Butler University.

  15. yo..

    if Vick wins this stupid thing.. we need to really re-evaluate trading Kevin Kolb..
    I’m not supersticious, but then again, i dont walk under ladders or break mirrors either.

  16. Here’s two thoughts,

    One, why not use, I dunno, John Madden as the front of the cover? Has he ever been on it? I don’t recall.

    Second, why not setup a picture of a stadium full of fans together wearing the colours of all teams as a thank you for making billions of dollars for both the players, the owners and oh yeah, EA Sports too!

  17. @nyjalleffingday

    Yeah because 54% completion 17 tds and 13 ints is REALLY successful. His team was successful, not him.

  18. joe6606 says:
    Mar 29, 2011 9:47 AM
    if Tim Teblow is so “popular” why did he get blown out, 66-34% by Jamaal Charles?????????

    It’s sad that you care so much.

    Also, perhaps people were smart in thinking that Tebow only started 3 games and was good in one and decent in two.

  19. Madden gameplay has plateaued, and even gone down in quality perhaps, ever since they bought out the rights to the NFL gaming world after ESPN NFL 2k5 (best game ever, period) whooped EA’s butts in graphics, gameplay, franchise capabilities, and sold their game for 19.99 to boot. That game ruled, I still play it today, almost daily, and there are others out there too. If you don’t know, you just don’t know. ave fun with madden, people. I’ll have to switch over when my xbox breaks and I can no longer get refurbished ones on ebay for 20 dollars. But until then, I’ll be happy to play the greatest football video game ever instead of the crap that EA puts out year after year. the product of no competition is slackity slackness. Remember that, youngsters. ESPN 2k series was one or two years away from REALLY having the perfect football game… and EA knew it, so they shut them down.

  20. I would never vote for Peterson. I don’t want his modern day slavery wages to be raised even more!! What a joke hahahaha

  21. Should be Rodgers or Hillis.

    On a side note, which should make Harrison happy, Madden has stated that they will be adding a late/helmet-to-helmet hit stick.

  22. Speaking as a Steelers fan, I don’t want Hines on the cover. I don’t want Troy on the cover again. I don’t want any Steeler on the cover. I don’t even want a Steeler logo on the cover.

    Not that I believe in curses … 😈

  23. @thedudesnotin

    Wow… I’m at a loss for words. I can honestly say that you are not a true football fan if you do not know the answer to that question. Madden stopped appearing on the cover in 1999, for the cover of madden 2000. Madden just isn’t a Video game, it is a testament to the popularity of the sport. Also, does it really matter whose on the cover? Most local video game retailers now sell their own “cover” with a local favortie that looks identical to the original. This isn’t new, nor just for the Madden game. I own NHL 2011 with Ryan Miller as my cover athlete.

  24. What people don’t realize is that some players request not to be considered for this. Well, this is obvious, or else Tom Brady would have definitely been in the running.



    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  26. How about this:

    IF there is a lockout then a picture of a big fan with a huge beer gut sitting on his couch with a remote control in one hand and a sign with “Locked Out” in the other. 🙂

  27. I still think the cover should have THE FANS on it. After all…isn’t it all ABOUT US and OUR MONEY? When will the fans ever get some love besides the same Santa Claus dressed up in multiple team colors/garb in the video game?

  28. If EA is stupid enough to put Vick on the cover I can honestly say I will never buy another EA game again. (And I own or have owned Nhl 09, 10 and 11/Madden 09 and 11 / Skate and Skate 2 / Tiger Woods 09 and 12 etc)

  29. Speaking as a packer fan, I think it would be perfect to see rodgers on the cover *this year*. No football means no curse!

  30. dbellina says:
    Mar 29, 2011 11:02 AM

    Yeah because 54% completion 17 tds and 13 ints is REALLY successful. His team was successful, not him.
    What about his 60% comp rate, 95.5 qb rating, 5tds to 1int in the playoffs against the best teams in the league this year . I don’t know the stats from last season but I know he had good numbers in the 09 playoffs too in his rookie season. I agree Sanchez shouldn’t be a candidate from the jets but don’t make it like he’s some scrub who has done nothing good in his first two seasons cause that’s crazy. Revis should have been chosen he is their best player hands down.

  31. wouldn’t a picture of woodhead scare customers off? i get scared everytime i see him then i remember hes just a patriot nothing to be scared of

  32. @johnnyb216—> There’s always car accidents… 😉 Rodgers can have it. Vick will win it though, sadly… So u better keep Kolb, andy!

  33. Put Goodell and DeMaurice on it standing back to back.

    EA’s Madden NFL 2012, The Lawyer Edition.
    “Bigger Lawsuits, harsher lockout rules, felonous players gone wild, and more name calling than Mark Sanchez’ teenaged woman and her friends could spew in a day.”

  34. Mel Kiper Jr. has projected Channing Crowder as the winner. (If I was Crowder, I’d be out spending my winnings ASAP.)

  35. @rabidbillsfan says:
    Wow… I’m at a loss for words. I can honestly say that you are not a true football fan if you do not know the answer to that question. Madden stopped appearing on the cover in 1999, for the cover of madden 2000. Madden just isn’t a Video game, it is a testament to the popularity of the sport. Also, does it really matter whose on the cover? Most local video game retailers now sell their own “cover” with a local favortie that looks identical to the original. This isn’t new, nor just for the Madden game. I own NHL 2011 with Ryan Miller as my cover athlete


    Seriously? What are you, 12? “I know you are but what am I?”

    Grow up.

    I asked the question not I must not be a true football fan. Hmmm…how original. You should make that into a movie.

    And please stop talking about a sport nobody cares about. Ryan who?

  36. Wow, why are we even voting, Rodgers or Vick will win this reward, because everybody jumps on the bandwagon for these two guys. Seen a bunch of Packers and Vick jerseys everywhere in Texas.

  37. It should be Rogers, the SB winning QB. And I’m not really a GB fan.

    Some of these finalist should be on a milk carton. Sanchez, Peterson, Bradford, Jeeeeese!

  38. to everyone who thinks the new madden game sucks… i don’t know if you guys have ever watched a football game, but the new madden engine is the best football engine fore a game yet. everything is better, the AI is amazing, especially in the running game.. if your having trouble running the ball it’s because you dont understand blocking schemes and cutback lanes. and getting rid of the sprint button was genius, because who isn’t going 100 percent all the time on the football field (unless your shaun rogers)… I have nothing bad to say about madden 11 and I have owned every madden since the super nintendo day, if you hate it, then you prolly suck at it and you prolly suck at building a game plan and game strategy.

    P.S. I like the 2k games also, but who doesnt love to rush for 380 yards every game with william green.

  39. @mkmoorebrowns–> to be fair, I have not played the new madden. I was beaten into mediocre gameplay again and again submission after madden 09 and haven’t revisited. If it’s great now, that’d be awesome. You hardly ever see a monopoly stay on the cutting edge battle that a competition creates, though, so I am skeptical. But maybe they got tired of being told their game sucks by the few people who tell them that and they made changes. That’d be nice to see…whenever I get a 360.

  40. “A Viking should be on the cover every year. They’ve been cursed for 50 years, so another curse isn’t going to hurt them.”

    or maybe it’s because the Vikings just plain suck.

  41. @eaglesnoles05 -> yea man i agree with the monotony of madden 06 to 10.. but they have a completely new game engine.. rent it and check it out man, i love it

  42. It doesnt matter if God himself is on the cover. This game is still a piss-poor attempt at simulating professional football. 2k5 is still better.

  43. If there is anything to the Madden Curse, why not put Roger Goodell and all the lawyers (both sides) sitting around the table on the cover? May they all taste the curse!!!

  44. Suprised no one voted the 12th man…

    how would the madden curse get them?
    Have a tornado hit seattle?
    Matt Hassleback healthy for an entire season?
    Have all their away games on the east coast?

    Brees and Vick were already on the cover, I would have put Darren Shaper(da hardest hittin’ safety in da league!), Matthew Stafford, and DeSean Jackson on the cover….they’re all injury prone and popular, so when they’re hurt, the low IQ people can blame “DA MAddEN CURSE!”

  45. Because of the Madden Curse, I didn’t vote for Suh. I’ll be da**ed if I vote for the guy and then he gets hurt. I voted for players that I didn’t like.

  46. From what I’ve been told madden has to get the players permission to be on the cover so maybe a Darrell Revis or Tom Brady declined to be on the cover there for madden had to go to the next and so on … i cant remember the article link but i read that Revis defiantly declined to be on the bracket . As for the seahawks lol i have no clue what happen maybe no one was worthy of being on the cover i would think , nevertheless good choice for the 12th man that stadium is the loudest in the nfl because of the fans.

    My vote is Adrian Peterson even though i would’ve liked to see Chris Johnson on the cover he believes in the madden curse so he probably aint want no part of the cover lol.

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