NFL backs off claim that NFLPA* can’t do group licensing deals

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On Monday, we pointed out a position recently taken by the NFL regarding the inability to the decertified players’ union — known in these parts most efficiently as the NFLPA* — to negotiate group marketing, advertising, and licensing deals.  The league believed that, by converting to a trade association, the NFLPA* had forfeited that right, as explained by Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

We suspected that the league was merely trying to attack a potential source of player revenue during the lockout.

Per Liz Mullen of SBJ, a strongly-worded letter from Ahmad Nassar of NFL Players, the NFLPA* player marketing arm, to NFL Senior V.P. Gary Gertzog prompted Gertzog to explain in response that the league has “not engaged in efforts to denigrate or attack the validity of your current group player rights.”

The notion that the abandonment of collective bargaining rights prevents the NFLPA* from engaging in group marketing efforts is, frankly, a bit ridiculous.  Players aren’t required to participate in the group marketing program; most notably, former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington opted not to do so when he was playing, resulting in the presence in the Madden game of a player with Arrington’s height, weight, and appearance, who was named merely, “Linebacker.”

10 responses to “NFL backs off claim that NFLPA* can’t do group licensing deals

  1. NFLPA should pull out of the exclusive madden deal for videogames and screw the NFL out of a videogame.

    then 2k can swoop in like a vulture and score the NFLPA and get a 2k football game going.

    madden has gotten so pathetic that the cover boy story is this years new feature lol

  2. No truth to the rumor that when they added a GM function that the Lions GM was named “Moron” instead of Millen. 🙂

  3. @edgy

    This may be a terrible shock to you, bro…but Matt Millen hasn’t been the Lions’ GM for a few years. The current Lions’ GM is named Martin Mayhew, and he’s doing a fine job.

    The Millen jokes are actually getting stale. Don’t quit your day job.


  4. Isn’t group licensing for the NFLPA football revenue? Why isn’t it being divided 50-50?

    To the players, a partnership is a one way street.

  5. If the NFLPA* is a trade association, and licensing is about trade, it sounds okay to me. But keep in mind that I don’t have a law degree, which means I have to rely on common sense.

    “Linebacker” reminds me very much of the Football Outsiders observation that there is no Rex Grossman, there is no Kyle Orton, there is only “Chicago Quarterback.”

    That works for my Panthers too. Delhomme’s been gone for a while and we’re still throwing interceptions before the national anthem.

  6. blackheld says:


    Gee, I guess I must have missed that — Or NOT.

    BTW, my best friend is a fan of the kitties and he still hasn’t forgotten OR forgiven Millen and he never will.

  7. revenue for the nflpa, which doesnt exsist, is a one way street as is coverage of this story.

  8. PFT acts as though the players werent doing the exact same thing when they said they would do a show at the same time as the nfl draft and have the college players attend the players draft. the players did that to try to screw the nfl draft tv ratings.

    maybe the nfl backed off this thing so that the players would back off their draft thing.

  9. @sagnam

    Isn’t Jurry Jones appearance money at speaking events NFL revenue? Why isn’t it being divided 50-50?

    To the owners, a partnership is a one way street.

    And, by the way, it’s the owners that first started calling the players “partners”.

  10. @DonRSD

    So you really want to play as Manning or Rodgers or Brees. But if the NFL isn’t on board with the game, you won’t be playing with the Colts, Packers or Saints. Tell me how that worked out for All Pro Football 2K8.

    Personally I care about the Seahawks. Players come and go, I’ll back the players we have but once they leave they are part of the enemy. I don’t want them to get hurt, but I want to crush them every Sunday. ( And I know how rare that it up here in the Pac NW).

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