Ochocinco made an “honorary member” of Sporting Kansas City

Chad Ochocinco’s romance with soccer is not over yet.

Sporting Kansas City announced Tuesday that Ochocinco can continue to train with the team’s reserves indefinitely as an “honorary team member,” although he won’t be offered a contract.

“He’s been a pleasure to have here,” coach Peter Vermes said, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star.  “He’s progressed in the days he’s trained with us . . . He has been fantastic in all ways. In the locker room with the guys, and just with the staff and everyone else, it’s been a real pleasure.”

After practicing Tuesday, Ochocinco said he would head back home and get some things so he could get situated in Kansas City for a long time.

“Words can’t describe how thankful I am to be able to be here,” Ochocinco said.  “Playing with these guys on this type of level . . . People don’t understand . . . I understand because I understand the game, but I’ve been away from it so long, how good these guys really are. To be able to stay out here and practice with them until the lockout gets resolved . . . I’ll be in ridiculous shape.”

Yes, it’s a public relations stunt for the team.  It gets them noticed.   Yes, it keeps Ochocinco’s name in the headlines.

We still think it’s pretty damn cool.  Ochocinco’s love for soccer comes through when he talks, and he clearly understands he has no business being on the field with professionals.   But the team allows him to practice, he knows his role, and it’s a fun way to spend an offseason away from football.

It certainly beats getting kicked out of the mall or getting involved in a gunfight with the rest of your family.

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  1. Hey any and all publicity KC can get for our soccer team is good. We are building a nice new stadium for the team and this might get more attention on the team. I personally like Ochocinco he seems to like to have fun in all that he does. Maybe he can join another KC team after the lockout. Although I don’t think a hard headed receiver and a hard headed coach will work well together.

  2. I agree with Rosenthal on this one. I applaud Ocho. He seems to have put his narcissistic nonsense aside on this occasion. I say, good for him.

  3. I’d love to see how many football players could even try and train with these guys. Soccer players run MILES compared to football players.

  4. Good for him. I can think of a few other things that he could be doing with his time that aren’t as good as working out with a professional soccer team.

  5. “It certainly beats getting kicked out of the mall or getting involved in a gunfight with the rest of your family.”

    damn straight!!! Go Ocho!!

    not a bungals fan.

  6. Chad may be an annoying loudmouth at times, but he stays out of trouble and seems to have his priorities straight for the most part. He is probably my favorite of all the flamboyant loudmouth receivers in the NFL.

  7. Haynesworth can’t pass the “fitness” test in DC, imagine him trying to make it 5 minutes on the soccer field. Ocho is a flat stud for showing that first and foremost he’s an athlete who loves to compete. Nothing but mad props for him, and for the KC soccer team for accepting him.

  8. Och will be given a tiny kit to wear that is an exact replica of the team’s uniforms, with a matching knit cap.

  9. Before the games, Och will come out holding the captain’s hand in front of the entire crowd. All the players will rub his head for luck before the start of the match.

  10. @ selgaeinla

    but if football was dudes just running MILES, it wouldnt be football now would it? it would be track, or cross country…

    yes soccer is physically demanding, and so is football.

  11. It’s really a great deal for Ocho, since he’s able to get access to all the training, trainers, conditioning coaches, and workout equipment (presumably) for free, all in exchange for some publicity.
    Remember, all those players who are locked out no longer have access to the regular training equipment and must pay out of their own pockets for gym memberships just you like and I.

  12. See, these are the kind of things I like to read about players in the off-season. Even though I don’t care much for soccer.

  13. Next thing you know, Ocho’s radio program buddy and former teammate, T.O. will be joining him.

    Say what you want about these guys, but at least they’re not getting arrested or doing drugs or all of the crap that other NFL players get into. Sure, they’re a little eccentric, but at least its good, clean fun. Nobody is getting hurt by them.

    Speaking of T.O., I’m surprised that he hasn’t been invited on Dancing With The Stars yet. You’d think the show would be clamoring for someone of his notoriety.

  14. The only reason they did that is because he is a professional football player. If he was a nobody he would have been gone after day one. Gimme a break, an honorary memeber means your not good enough.

  15. @ medtxpack: If any football player is going to benefit more than most from the physical demands of soccer played at the highest level (conditioning for lots of running/sprints to the ball, using footwork and body control to get separation from defenders in traffic) I’d say it’s a WR. What better offseason training regimen for a guy whose job description in the NFL requires similar skills?

  16. nothing wrong with this…he changes his offseason workouts every year.
    Like him or not hes in better shape than you.

  17. paul82461 says: Mar 29, 2011 4:16 PM

    The only reason they did that is because he is a professional football player. If he was a nobody he would have been gone after day one. Gimme a break, an honorary memeber means your not good enough.


    But……….. he’s not a nobody, he’s Chad Ochocinco and has attracted more press/attention to Sporting KC than it has gotten in probably forever. Not just national attention either, also local attention. I live in the KC area, and you very very rarely hear about Sporting KC on the radio or on the news, hell I didn’t even know they changed their name from the Kansas City Wizards to Sporting Kansas City until Chad tried out for them.

    And thank you for that ground breaking revelation that “honorary member” really means you weren’t good enough. I’m sure no one else was able to pick up on that. /sarcasm

  18. Good for Chad Johnson. This country would be competing for the World Cup if we had better athletes on the team like Chad who kept playing soccer instead of joining other sports. At least Chad isn’t shooting at sisters of sisters, stealing jewelry or getting in trouble with the law. Instead he’s playing in another sport and raising the level of their publicity while being a good teammate.

  19. Hey, here’s a thought, Ocho! Why don’t you also try out for the Kansas City Command of the Arena Football League. You’d have more chances to tweet in between offensive series.

    Oh, and one more thing. If you’re going to change your name, change it to “Ochenta y Cinco”, which is the proper way to translate “Eighty Five”. Right now, your name is Chad Eight Five, pinhead!

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