Simeon Rice says he still wants to return to the Bucs

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In 2009, former Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice spoke repeatedly about returning to the team with which he once won a Super Bowl.  He called himself a “super hero with no one to save,” and he claimed in June of that year that he had drawn some interest from the Jets.

Eventually, Rice signed with the UFL, and he had one unremarkable season there.

Two years later, Rice is still talking about playing for the Buccaneers again.

“All I know is my services are ready if they’re ready,’’ Rice, 37, told Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.  “When Raheem smartens up before I turn 40, whenever they need a guy off the edge, just call.’‘

Kaufman says Rice was “half-kidding.”  Frankly, Rice should be full-kidding.  It’s over.  In his heart, he knows it.

And, to his credit, he’s moved on.  His comments came after the screening of his 30-minute short film, When I Was King, at the Gasparilla Film Festival in Hyde Park.

Perhaps his goal in talking about playing for the Bucs was to get some buzz for his movie.  If so, it worked.

9 responses to “Simeon Rice says he still wants to return to the Bucs

  1. He couldn’t possibly do worse than the defensive end play we had last year.

  2. If the worlds need’s the next movie star, I’m ready, willing & available. Go for it Simeon!

  3. Bro!!!

    You’re a Hall-of-Famer with your sack totals and championship contributions!!!

    But if you fail your physical with Tampa before the start of the 2007 regular and can’t finish a 1-year $2.1 million (charitable) contract from the Denver Broncos during the same year … you’re done!!!

    Two years ago this guy said that he wanted to make a comeback when he called Jon Gruden a “scumbag” and still has not returned!!!

    Simeon, your shoulder issues ended your career and you have to face life in the real world!!!

    It’s time to get a job man!!!

  4. It is kind of sad when a one-time elite player suddenly becomes utterly unwanted by any team in the league. Simeon Rice was as good as any player in the league just 5 years ago. Now he can’t get work. Kind of crazy how things change so suddenly.

  5. Aside from Greg White(You have no Stylez, and I only know your name cause you changed it) Who is the sack master for this team? One year deal at the Veteran Minimum(if that even exists after the lockout) I can’t see him being any worse than the guys currently on the roster.

  6. I agree joe but I think rice is done on the field but if his ego would allow it he could help out with the young dline especially the ends.

  7. I loved to watch Simeon play, but I think his future contributions to the NFL should be in the coaching or advising end of things. He could really help some of these young BUCS coming up. No doubt the BUCS will have new DE’s this season.

  8. Simeon remember when you sacked Gannon at the beginning of the SB and held their mighty offense to a FG? That play set the tone for that game. Thanks again for all the great memories! Don’t tarnish your legacy. You are the man.

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