With third lawsuit, Dez Bryant’s tab continues to rise


It’s been six hours since we’ve learned about a new lawsuit filed against Dez Bryant, so we were about due.

Court documents in Payne County, Oklahoma reveal Bryant was sued for rent and damages in January 2010 by his former landlord, according to the Tulsa World.

“He still has not paid us,” said property manager Bryce Campbell.  “He will not answer our calls.”

The price of this suit is small — $3,479.8.  But Bryant’s tab that he owes around the southwest continues to rise.

When Florio posted about Bryant’s second lawsuit this morning, it was believed he owed roughly $315,000 to jeweler Eleow Hunt.  The number is reportedly much higher.

ESPNDallas.com reports that the receipts for more than 40 pieces of jewelry Bryant “bought” totaled $588,000.   That means Bryant has been accused in two civil suits to owe more than $850,000, not including damages or legal fees.

82 responses to “With third lawsuit, Dez Bryant’s tab continues to rise

  1. And yet, I am supposed to “feel sorry” for the NFL players having to take a salary cut? Hearing/reading stories like this makes the players look bad, really bad.

  2. So happy my Broncos passed on this guy last year. Even if Demarius Thomas is injured he’ll cause fewer headaches than this dude.

    Good luck with all of that Dallas. Keep in mind he’s entering his second year!!

  3. Joke of person .Which follows in line with the owner and the org. LMAO!!!!!!!!!


    ( satirical mockery of another poster)

  4. He should be suspended by the league for his conduct off the field – Even if it is just related to his corrupt financial transactions.

  5. Sounds like Dez is investing wisely. Finally a young player listening to his accountant and buying up as much custom jewelery as possible.

  6. Three lawsuits! Amazing. First person in NFL history when the number of lawsuits pending are three times his Wonderlic Score!

  7. Stop it please….I can’t take anymore. I’m at a loss for words with this guy.

  8. this makes you wonder if this type of stuff goes on constantly but the nfl helps keep it quite. and maybe now they cant. the last two weeks has been insane for nfl players. they look worse every day. only jerry jones would draft this dude

  9. OMG this story continues to keep on giving! He’s going to be out more than a $1M on these debts, and I’m sure this isn’t the totality of his stupidity.

    I can’t imagine why the NFL owners aren’t more comfortable sharing their financial info with these geniuses. Make him refund his portion of the utilities used to make him comfortable in the public school system in which he learned nothing. He’s just an amazingly talented waste of space and resources.

  10. one word says everything you will ever need to know about this guy…..S C U M B A G!

  11. This is just money blown on jewelry. Just imagine the kind of money has probably blown on cars.

  12. This guy is case and point why the players will give into the owners. Most players are just like this guy investing all they’re cash in bling and scripers. Can wait to see all the bankruptcies filed in sept and oct if this drags that long. nice pick Jerrrrrra.

  13. Boorish behavior? A sense of entitlement? I’d say that warrants 4-6 games just like Ben Roethlisberger.

  14. Just the tip of the iceberg. Come September and you will see the ‘union’ fold up and turn up at the doors of the owners begging for a deal.

  15. This “kid” needs to mature real quick or he’ll be filing for bankruptcy before the end of his 2nd year.

  16. Those “character concerns” prior to the draft last year were truly legitimate. This guy’s a nutcase.

  17. Anyone still confused as to why a receiver that talented almost dropped out of the first round?

  18. Another guy who can’t wait for the lockout to end so he can have some money to pay his bills.

    “Idiot” just doesn’t do him justice!

  19. No question Dez is an entitled idiot.

    These jewelers aren’t real bright either. He didn’t make all of these purchases at one time. At some you need to quit extending credit to someone who’s not making his payments. Right?

  20. One thing good about the lock out, we get more and more info on the players that are just to stupid to run their lives without the NFL guiding and hiding their actions. Is this under the conduct rules?

  21. quick question: if you have over a half million dollars worth of jewelry that’s not paid for should there be issues with uniformed state officials, guys with funny blue hats and guns? Maybe I’m a little slow…?

  22. Enough already! He needs to go to jail for theft. It’s no wonder the players want all the owners’ money with idiots like this playing. Entitlement, just as bad as welfare coming out of social security.

  23. He can just get a loan from Jerruh. I mean the guy has billions. With the successful Superbowl that Dallas just hosted and the promising future at qb to go along with that billion dollar stadium, he should have no problem giving him a little cheddah on the side to help his new stud out.


  24. Well – again, it shows wonderlic scores matter. Like I said in the past, wonderlic doesn’t mean crud about field ability, BUT it shows who is and isn’t bright enough to stay out of trouble OFF the field.

    Dez scored a 16 (IIRC). That’s 2 points higher than a ham sandwich.

    That’s why a team should care just a little about a wonderlic score. Combine it with character issues and see what happens…..

  25. “Boorish behavior? A sense of entitlement? I’d say that warrants 4-6 games just like Ben Roethlisberger.”

    You are joking right?

  26. This guy must love making players look silly during the lockout.

    Let me guess what he would spend his extra money on if the players had thier way.

  27. This guy has got to be twins because no one man could be that stupid. Anybody know his Wonderlic score?

  28. This past week has really shown the value of character in the draft. Any good PR these guys earned for their team has been cancelled out by their behavior.

  29. Sorry, teal, I didn’t see you had already posted the wonderlic score of Sir Genious. I heard the ham sandwich with mayo scored a 17.

  30. Dude also owes me 20 bucks from 8th grade…i better get in on this lawsuit business before the lockout really hits and hes broke

  31. I’m waiting for his jackass lawyer to issue a statement saying they are working on a possible settlement for the rent. The only reason a creditor settles with a debtor is because the debtor has demonstrated their financial situation is in a state where they can’t pay the full amount. These cases will take 10 minutes in court…if they go to court, & Dez will pay 100% of the amount owed plus court costs.

  32. NFL players aren’t known for being smart with there money but Bryant is a special case and isn’t an example of the average NFL player. This guy was the son of a 13 year old prostitute and was kicked out of the house at age 8 for taking too much food. He has the mind of a child and needs a handler. Bryant’s in trouble if this lockout lasts too long.

  33. I have sympathy for a young man that has no clue how to handle money, thought the teams were helping players out with their money. He needs a lot of help in many ways, hard to help someone that doesn’t want it.

  34. His lawyer says these lawsuits are because his client is a high profile athlete. He is being targeted. I guess he doesn’t have to pay his bills. It’s like Whoopi Goldberg calling Donald Trump a racist for asking for Obama’s birth certificate. Every other president has supplied one but not Obama.

  35. What gets me is how everyone is questioning/calling this guy stupid for making an outrageous purchase, but no one is questioning the money hungry predators who gave this guy outlandish credit because they knew he was destined for fame…you bigots kill me!!!

  36. Let’s do some math. Dez is in the highest tax bracket, and gets to pay FICA/Medicare since he is W2. So…. let’s say he averages 35% (since FICA has a limit, Medicare goes forever, and the lower end of his income is at a different rate).

    Now, in order to take home $850k, Dez needs to make $1,307,692. That doesn’t include any living expenses.

    This dude spent how much on shiny bobbles? Wow. Sounds like he needs an allowance. Maybe they can ammend the contract to pay his salary to an irrevocable trust.

  37. Prime example of why there MUST be mandatory IQ tests before handing over any large sum of money to pro athletes. They also must be evaluated to have the responsibility of at least a well-behaved 12-year-old. Until they maintain a certain level of civility they must have a legal chaperon to do anything in public.

  38. Seems like instead of a life advisor Dez needs a fiancial advisor, because it’s ovibous he has some of his friends running things for him and that never works…

  39. Dez … your new nickname is Christmas Tree.

    You’ve got to have more tinsel hanging off you than the White House Douglas Fir in December.

  40. Good to see he got drafted by the right team.

    Hope he got Pacman Jones locker.

    Jerry….you ‘ole jock sniffer you…..did it again!

  41. looks like deion sanders menteroing of this kid has paid off.he may be a lower piece of festering dog $hit than deion is!

  42. cowboys should trade him to the eagles,he’ll fit right in with all the criminals playing for the eagles,and the ones that attend the games on sunday,all60 thousand plus of them!if i were gonna give the us an enema,i’d start in philly!

  43. paul82461 says: Mar 29, 2011 4:23 PM

    I think the words “WHAT AN IDIOT” just about wraps it up.

    Are you referring to the idiotic Bryant or the idiotic jeweler?

    How could Bryant “buy” $500,000 worth of jewelry if he didn’t pay anything for it? Don’t these idiots at least require payment with a credit card (Amex Gold) or a cashier’s check? Or can any of us just walk in and say “The check is in the mail”?

  44. According to the latest report, things have just taken another turn for the worse for Bryant!

    Not only didn’t he pay his COBRA continuation medical insurance, but his proctologist reportedly has read about him stiffing so many people he will no longer see him or write scripts for his hemorrhoids!!!

    Rumor has it that he has a case of the piles worse than the Dallas zoo-keeper says he’s ever seen on any of the zoo’s baboons!

  45. Jerry Jones proved what an self-centered egotistical maniac he is at this years Super Bowl disaster. Just like Dez is going around stiffing people right and left, where do you think he learned the tricks of the trade?

    Answer: Jerry Jones. Just look at all those people he totally stiffed that had legitimate Super Bowl tickets and the hundreds, if not thousands, of other dummies who paid $200 just to stand outside freezing their butts off, paying jacked up stadium prices for beers just to watch on a big screen tv not even up to good bar standards just to be counted in the official attendance.

    Like Father, like Son and Jerry Jones is reaping what he has sewn!

  46. Maybe all the questions last year about his mom being a prostitute had some foundation after all. Looks like Dez is gearing up to be a pimp after the NFL. What a turd!

  47. Ya gotta admit, Dez Bryant’s parents did a rock solid job raising this fine young man. This cat is plumbed up right. Does he have any sisters I can fix up my brother with? Wow.

  48. Reminds me of when Deion got in a little snafu regarding stolen items at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers when he was at FSU. Hmmmmm, wasn’t he mentoring Dez…………………………ahem.

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