Aqib Talib surrenders to police


Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib has surrendered to authorities in Texas.  He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arising from a March 21 incident during which he allegedly fired shots at his sister’s boyfriend.  (Maybe he should have simply thrown baseballs.)

Per Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times, Talib spent two hours in custody as fingerprints and mug shots were taken.  He posted $25,000 bond.

Talib and his mother, Okolo, have both been charged.  Okolo Talib allegedly fired at the sister’s boyfriend before Aqib allegedly grabbed the gun and squeezed the trigger a couple of times.

Despite calls from some that the Bucs should cut Talib, they can do nothing until the lockout ends.  Even then, it’s unclear whether the Buccaneers will make a move.  Someone will end up giving the guy a second chance, given his talent level.  Why should it be a team other than the team that invested a first-round draft pick to get him?

33 responses to “Aqib Talib surrenders to police

  1. His shots missed? Oh, that’s why the police bulletin said: “Armed but not very dangerous”.

  2. Why should it be a team other than the team that invested a first-round draft pick to get him?

    You’re the lawyer, but all this is assuming he’s not in jail, which is where he should be if he’s guilty.

  3. For the most part, he’s very well liked by his teammates and more importantly his coach. Frankly I just can’t imagine Raheem being on board with cutting him (which wouldn’t be the coaches decision anyway). This is just the kind of kid that Raheem wants to save.

  4. The lesson as usual for NFL players: don’t shoot or otherwise try to kill people

  5. He already had his second chance, and he blew it. The league needs stiffer consequences and the union needs to advocate that as well. There is no reason that guys like this should remain in the league. Get serious and take out the trash because it is stinking up the entire league.

  6. Maybe Aqib was aiming at his mother, who was aiming at the boyfriend. Self defense is the right plea.

  7. Why should it be a team other than the team that invested a first-round draft pick to get him?

    Seriously Foolio………that’s the best you got. Who’s the turd here…him or you!

  8. Voted as the best DB in football in 2010 by the NFL Alumni Association. Over the likes of Troy Polamalu, Charles Woodson, and Darrelle Revis.

    Complete shame this guy potentially pissed it all away.

    It took him 15! 15!!!! Minutes to get to his sister’s house and he didn’t call the cops.

    Could have all been avoided.

  9. Prediction. Bucs won’t HAVE to make a decision for quite awhile. Lockout over, Commish suspends him indefinitely. Good chance he will serve prison time. So no reason to act quickly though that has to be weighed against the PR issues with the community and fan base.

  10. His mom has the additional charge of “Felon in possession of a firearm”…..Where’s dad?

  11. No way he is going to jail for this. The guy was running away, so no way he is sure identity of shooter. Any good Mom will take full blame, if necessary. And likely Mom will testify that son took gun away from Mom to STOP her from shooting to make him a hero, not a perp.

  12. Last seen out the back window of a squad car crying Momma I didn’t mean for this to happen. HA!

  13. The league is forever preaching a positive and healthy image for itself and day after day all we see is NFL players being busted for another infraction of the law!! The NFL needs to clean up its act and divest itself of these miscreants !Players are losing respect more and more everyday of this lockout, and then you add this to further fan the flames of player disrespect. Sooner rather than later, fans are going to get tired of throwing money at these turkeys !!

  14. The more information that comes out regarding this incident, the more I think Talib will be vindicated. Earlier reports made it seem as if Talib was the aggressor and was malicious in trying to harm his sister’s boyfriend. It now seems as if he was trying to prevent his mother from killing the boyfriend and fired the gun while taking it from her. If the police thought Talib was at fault his bond would have been more than $25k and he wouldnt be free.

  15. I agree. This guy will get another chance, I wouldn’t be so quick to cut him if I were the Bucs. Let him serve his time/suspension, don’t comment on what is going to happen, see what happens. The guy is too talented to let some other team enjoy the fruits of the Bucs’ labors.

  16. I can’t quite make out the seams on the ball in the photo, but if what he’s throwing is indeed a two seamer, I think he should come a bit more over the top.

  17. Guy’s, a dope. But with the mom being the aggressor I douby this will bring much time behind bars, if any.

  18. All of his shots missed? Well, the Bengals, Vikings and Cards all need a quarterback.

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