Brees doesn’t plan to attend April 6 hearing


Saints quarterback Drew Brees, one of the 10 players whose names are attached to the lawsuit filed on March 11 after decertification of the NFLPA, has the right to attend every proceeding in the case.

He won’t be exercising that right for the perhaps the biggest battle between the players and the league, short of the full-blown trial.

Per the Associated Press, Brees said Wednesday at a charity golf tournament in California that he won’t be present in Minnesota on April 6, when Judge Susan Nelson hears arguments regarding the players’ desire to lift the lockout.  And, frankly, that’s unfortunate.  A member of the NFLPA* Executive Committee, Brees could benefit significantly from experiencing first hand the questions, statements, facial expressions, and body language of Judge Susan Nelson, who will preside over the litigation.  Since Brees is smart, conscientious, and passionate about the cause, the players would benefit from his presence, too.

Beyond Brees, every named plaintiff and every member of the NFLPA* Executive Committee and, frankly, every NFLPA* player rep should attend.  Every owner should be there as well.

Why?  Because the parties need to understand what’s happening.  They need to experience it so that they can make good decisions in the future regarding the case.  And the lawyers need to remember that they are working for the parties, not the other way around.

Indeed, our guess is that Brees isn’t attending because the lawyers representing the players have told him he doesn’t need to be there.  If so, the lawyers are wrong.  Drew needs to be involved.  He needs to ask tough questions of the lawyers, so that they don’t take over the process, any more than perhaps they already have.

(Maybe that’s why they told him he doesn’t need to attend.)

We respect Brees for attaching his name to the lawsuit.  But this isn’t the same thing as endorsing a product.  He and the other named plaintiffs have assumed a responsibility to all players, past, present, and future.  If they are going to do it the right way, they need to be fully involved.

Drew strikes us as a guy who does things the right way.  And that only reinforces our belief that he currently doesn’t plan to attend because the lawyers have downplayed the importance of his presence.

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  1. well he has crapped on the retirees before…

    but as a player i like him and he has a helluva work ethic.

    perhaps he isnt going cause he is doing his pontius pilate impersonation.

  2. Brees, Brady, Manning, and all the other big name players are treating this whole thing EXACTLY like an endorcement deal. Put their name on it, read a prepared script, then go wait until their big paycheck clears the bank.

    They really don’t know the implications of what they are doing with this CBA trial crap.

  3. Drew needs to be involved. He needs to ask tough questions of the lawyers, so that they don’t take over the process, any more than perhaps they already have.

    Are you kidding me?

    What tough questions would Brees ask, exactly, about a lawsuit he had nothing to do with drafting?

    The union lawyers wrote the suit and stuck Brees’ name on it. Other than the highlights, Brees probably couldn’t even tell you what’s in it. And you expect him to ask “tough questions”?

    What do you expect him to do? Stride up to the bench and demand that the union lawyers tell him what the hell it is he signed?

  4. @commandercornpone …

    Pontius Pilate? Would hate to think how you’d refer to Brees if you didn’t like him. The attorneys have probably told the players not to bother because they’re not “really” involved in the proceedings. I hope Brees and the other players ignore the advice and attend. Their case–and their attorneys–can benefit from their presence.

  5. Considering the lawyers keep getting paid the longer this goes on, it only makes sense they want as few people to come as possible.

    “Yeah, we didn’t get anything accomplished. Maybe next time.”

  6. I agree that he needs to be there. This is an important matter and if he is one of the lead plaintiffs he owes it to the rank and file to show up for the proceedings.

  7. I have been concerned about what the players’ lawyers have told them on a number of issues.

    For example, some of the players complained about the mediation process, but from what they said, it was a standard process. They apparently were never told that a lot of the time was spent waiting and that it is not unusual not to have much face to face time with the other side. A good lawyer will explain in detail how the process works and what the client can expect.

    Another example, one player (I don’t remember his name) basically said that they were told that they will win the first round and that the process will be finished up by August. Any lawyer that tells the truth will tell the client that no one knows what will happen or how long the process will take. You NEVER know how a judge will rule or how long it will take. Again, any lawyer who tells his/her client how a judge will rule is simply lying to the client.

    There are other examples, but I believe that everyone gets the picture.

  8. I rarely ever had a client appear at a hearing. It’s just odd. I mean, once in a blue moon they would want to go, but unless there is the presentation of evidence by the client, they’d show up about 10% of the time.

    Him showing up would be the odd thing.

  9. I would hope that all named parties show up. To not be there in person suggests an apathetic attitude towards the outcome. If he (or anyone else involved) doesn’t feel the need to show up, then why should the judge feel the need to rule in their favor? One would think that a group so closely monitoring issues like “disrespect” from the other side of the bargaining table would take caution on “disrespecting” the process or even the judge.

  10. Man this deal has been terrible for Brees, Brady, and Manning. They must be crying all the way to the bank.

  11. I agree with nflfan101. The lawyers need to infrom players of all the processes. I remember a player mentioned wanting to negotiate without lawyers’ presence. I like that idea becuase I think the lawyers just want to drag it on.

  12. He probably decided playing golf is more important then being in court. He might want to work on his golf game so he has something to do this fall since football might not be around.

  13. I agree with what reality police posted…what in the world is brees or any player or owner supposed to march up to the bench and ask the judge that is going to make any difference in the ruling…they are in the middle of a lockout both sides know this is serious no judges facial expression is going to change either sides mind

    also getting all the owners to show up isnt going to happen considering it was pulling teeth to get anymore then 5 owners in town for the whole mediation process..and when they finally got a couple more to grace the room with their presence they stayed for about a grand total of 10 minutes and then they all left town

  14. This takes place in a courthouse, right? So quite a few players should be there, albeit in front of different judges.

  15. I guess he was asked if he’d go and he said no, and it turned into this story.

    It’s just a hearing.

  16. The Judge had a look of mild horror when Brees and his birthmark entered the room. The Judge yawned, fidgeted, and briefly dozed off when Manning came in. But the Judge glowed, squirmed, and clenched her thighs when Brady arrived.

  17. Maybe, just maybe, he can’t afford the plane flight. All the players need to watch their spending these days. And it is spring break as well. Those days on the beach are hard to give up.

  18. There is no reason for any player or owner to attend. It’s a hearing on matters of law that will be dealt with in legalese between the Judge and lawyers.

  19. It’s funny how people will bad mouth Bree’s for not showing up yet the fact he got involved in something that hes not getting paid for nor needs the money I guess means nothing.
    I think he’s taking advice from the lawyers and is probably relying on them being professionals and knowing what is best. I do think in this instance it is important for all players with their names attached to attend, if nothing else to keep pressure on the their lawyers during this whole process.
    I honestly think Brady, Manning, and Bree’s should remove themselves from the lawsuit and let the guys who mismanaged their money put their faces on this lawsuit. I would love to see how a Cromartie or Peterson would conduct themselves in a professional setting.

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