Browns say Delhomme hasn’t given an ultimatum


Eyebrows were raised last year when the Browns pounced on quarterback Jake Delhomme after he was cut by the Panthers following a Steve Blass-style erosion of his skills.  (Yeah, I used to be a baseball fan.)

Delhomme started in Week One against the Bucs, and Delhomme promptly was injured.  Again.

Eventually, rookie Colt McCoy took over, and as McCoy told PFT Live at the Super Bowl, he fully expects to be the starter in 2011.

So where does that leave Delhomme?  Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal reports that Browns G.M. Tom Heckert says that, contrary to a report to the contrary (and, yes, it’s contrary to our usual style to use the same word twice in the same sentence), Delhomme has not told the team he has no plans to return as a backup.

Delhomme appeared in five games and started four in 2010, throwing two touchdown passes against seven interceptions.

With Delhomme due to earn $5.4 million in 2011, the question isn’t whether Delhomme wants to be a backup.  The question is whether the Browns want to pay him that much money to hold a clipboard.

Thus, if Delhomme isn’t in Cleveland come September (or whenever the season starts), it won’t be because he doesn’t want to be paid $5.4 million to serve as the understudy to Colt McCoy.

19 responses to “Browns say Delhomme hasn’t given an ultimatum

  1. Jake DelHomme should wear a ski mask when and if he plays……He has stolen more money from the NFL……

  2. Maybe they could bring in brett favre for the long awaited reunion between him and holmgren.

  3. Of course he hasnt given them an ultimatum, the second he does its bye bye Jake. I wouldnt talk either for stealing 5 million a year.

  4. They jumped at the chance to sign Delhomme because the Browns had zero options at QB, now that they have Colt McCoy, Delhomme is done. He was a last resort at best and even with the high demand in the NFL for QBs, Id much rather have a Bulger or K.Collins at the helm.

  5. What I never understood was every year, during the season, everybody talks about how important it is to have a decent backup in this league. Every year during the season we hear how difficult it is to find that decent backup QB. THEN, every off-season everyone wants to get rid of the decent backup because of his salary. Pay him! He’s not demanding anything. What are the better options? Would Browns fans feel better about having Quinn back? He’s cheaper.

  6. Delhomme is not in any position to make ultimatums. His time has passed. He no longer is a reasonable back up for McCoy. Time to hang up the cleats.

  7. Wow..

    You guys are really not thinking about it here.

    Delhomme is slated to make $5.4 million next year.

    He’s not giving an ultimatum to anyone – he’s just collecting his check and crossing his fingers he can start.

  8. I would give Colt McCoy a raise and boot this bum out of town. Seneca Wallace is a decent enough back-up for the time being. Let’s get another younger QB to develop as the third stringer just in case of McCoy doesnt pan out or because of injuries.

  9. While I am glad to see McCoy play well last year, (Face it no rookie QB could have played any better with their schedule and TALENT), I would have liked to see how Delhomme would have played had he not gotten hurt so early. If anyone was watching he was playing real well late in the preseason. Go Brownies!!

  10. McCoy loves Jake and Jake’s good for the kid. Wallace is NOT interested in being anyone’s mentor from all I have heard from him nor is he the one helping McCoy all the time or ever. Jake has always been a realist so it’s likely that after some thought he will realize he’s a mentor now. He believes in paying it forward from when he was in NO and another guy lost his job basically because he helped Jake so much.

    I think the uncertainty of this offseason and lack of coaching access makes it imperative that McCoy has a guy like Jake on the sidelines with him. Jake knows the WCO, he learned it from Mike McCarthy.

  11. I think I speak for all of Browns’ Nation when I say, ‘Phhewwww’
    We are all feeling much better knowing that Delhomme might be back next season.

  12. Regardless of his reasons, Delhomme came to Cleveland when no one else would. He then steps up and helps the kid take his job. I think when everything is considered, Jake has a place on the Browns in whatever capacity they can work out. His skills may have left him but he is a class act.

    Seneca Wallace is just trying to make his mark, somewhere within the NFL. You can’t fault the guy for that. He is a very capable backup, but who with any pride at all, WANTS to be #2?

    Finally, while Colt did okay, is he really the long-term answer? We should not close the door to other possibilities.

  13. A. How well did Carolina do without Delhomme?

    B. He went to a team where the starting QB has ended the season on IR every year for 3 years.

    C. Wasn’t there an article posted on this very website week 1 of the season with the headline “Delhomme must be french for redemption” when he was picking apart the Tampa Bay Buccanneers defense prior to his injury just before half time of that game. Where the coach should have pulled him instead of him playing QB hopping on one foot.

    D. The guy still had the teams highest completion percentage after all was said and done and was miles better than the two QB’s the Browns dumped when they got him.

    I agree with Cleveland that it is time to groom McCoy (I was under the impression the Browns organization didn’t know what that meant) but Delhomme as a backup is great thing. Unless their line gets better he will probably see game time.

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