Dez Bryant adviser: “He’s in a dark place”


With lawsuits piling up, it’s not a good time to be Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant right about now.

His adviser David Wells — not that David Wells — joined ESPN Radio in Dallas to answer a few questions about the young receiver.

Wells says Bryant wants to settle his debts, and is currently in a “dark place.”  (That caused Tim McMahon to wonder if Bryant has paid his electricity bill.)

Wells helped Bryant get expensive jewelry when Bryant was still a student at Oklahoma State.  He does not believe that is a NCAA violation.  (Reasonable minds may disagree.  Like the NCAA.)

Deion Sanders also sat in on the session, and we’ll pass along anything else newsworthy that was said.   It’s not like we have actual football news to report on.

63 responses to “Dez Bryant adviser: “He’s in a dark place”

  1. Of course he’s in a dark place, because everyone knew he was capable of putting himself there and drawing the wrong kind of attention, long before we was drafted.

    Except, of course, good ol’ Jerry Jones. And now it’s his problem, too.

  2. Dez Bryant adviser: “He’s in a dark place”
    Is he being sued for not paying his utility bill as well?

  3. As a Giants fan who can see that Dez has the potential to be the next Randy Moss skill-wise, I hope he screws up and leaves Dallas. But Jerry Jones would never cut a guy who misbehaves.

  4. Bleh. Eh. Meh. Not sure why this is news. As long as he isn’t running around breeding like Shawn Kemp, and someday being so broke, that he’s a deadbeat and it costs the taxpayers money, I don’t really care what his problems are.

  5. Hey Dez,

    Fire your ‘advisor’. Higher an accountant and a financial services company to manage your income.

    sheesh…ain’t too hard to figure that out, is it dude?

  6. “It’s not like we have actual football news to report on.”

    Come on guys, do you ever?

  7. $800,000.00 in the hole is pretty deep. So yeah, deep down in a hole would be dark.

  8. This Wells guy was also Adam Jones’ adviser as well. Seems to be failing at his role.

  9. I feel so sorry of Dez. He’s having all of his hard earned money taken from him. Maybe all of us rich fans should contribute to a fund to help the poor guy!!!hehehe

  10. Geez, this site has become so negative…how about a post to mention the 8 players that are currently in Rwanda trying to help the people of Africa, not a mention of them….the ones who deserve their names in a headline or two.

    Ill thank you since nobody else will publicly!

    Derrick Morgan
    Gerald McCoy
    Roy Williams
    Tommy Harris
    Vernon Davis
    Vontae Davis
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Bryant McKinnie
    Larry Fitzgerald.


  11. “square cut or pear shaped
    These rocks don’t lose their shape
    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

    Does anybody else wonder whether a guy who buys this much jewelry for HIMSELF is gay or a cross-dresser? When I buy jewelry, it’s for my wife.

  12. I’m an admitted Cowboys fan, but it’s hard to feel bad for Dez, or anyone else, when their “dark place” is entirely self-inflicted.

    I hope he gets things properly taken care of, but he needs to do it on his own and without the help of this “adviser”, or any other hanger-on that’s doing everything except offering him solid, responsible advice.

  13. This is the same guy who co-signed for Dez’s jewelry and loans. The one who encouraged the Jeweler to give Dez the stuff, so he could prove he was a viable agent/adviser. This dark place he speaks of….he helped put him there. After this is all done..the lawsuits, NCAA investigations and penalities against Oklahoma State he won’t be able to advise a pig.

  14. Dez Bryant adviser said: “He’s in a dark place”

    Dez Bryant adviser meant: “His head’s in his ass”

  15. With an adviser like Wells Dez will be the second coming of MC Hammer in no time….Nothing like the three Ds (diamonds, debt, and dark places)

  16. Dez Bryant, though talented, is an absolute idiot.

    MY question is, how can he be this ignorant? That’s just stupid to spend all that money on something like bling. I am barely older than he is, and I would have never done that, knowing it to be a poor financial decision. I invest my money more wisely, as in assets like a home and IRAs and the like. You can’t blame his age, as many young adults know this is foolish, but he was clearly not being given solid advise from his adviser, who admitted that he got him the jewelry to show Dez he could do the job and for him not to listen to other agents’ pitches. What a terrible person this Wells has turned out to be as well. He basically has stated he was in it to profit, and has no care for Dez.

  17. Time to grow up and put away childish things young brother.

    If you can’t, or don’t want to, pay for the jewelry, sell it or give it back. Ebay is your friend.

    Take a nice island vacation with your lady. Get away from the hanger-ons, media, and knucklehead friends. Clear your mind.

    Then come back, settle your debts, and spend the rest of the offseason working out with your teammates prepping for the season.

    See what I did there? He’s paying this Wells character for horrible advice when I just solved his problems for free. I’m in the wrong business.

  18. Thanks Wells.

    Here I was thinking that torching through 8 million dollars in less than a year, 3 lawsuits in 24 hours and getting banned from a mall added up to unicorns, cotton candy and rainbows.

  19. When is the last time a celebrity or pro athlete did something stupid and admitted to it? Really…

    These guys NEVER take responsibility for their actions. It is either “they are in a dark place” or they go to rehab.

    You never see a player come out and say “hey I did something stupid, I learned my lesson, It won’t happen again.”

    Sorry, no sympathy here, pay your freaking bills like the rest of us.

  20. I find it hard to feel bad for stupid people who dig huge holes for themselves and look up from the bottom of that hole saying, “I need help”. Being a late first round pick, he didn’t get a huge salary last year, even including his signing bonus. Too bad.

  21. Aww, poor Dez. I think we should all go to church and say a prayer for Dez in this difficult time and ask that Dez be given the strength to pay his bills and not ass out in the mall, and, you know, act like a reasonable adult human being instead of a total ass clown.

  22. “Wells helped Bryant get expensive jewelry when Bryant was still a student at Oklahoma State. He does not believe that is a NCAA violation. (Reasonable minds may disagree. Like the NCAA.)”

    Would it be a violation when he had already been suspended for the season for lying? Even if it was, that’s a case of not much else being able piled on the guy so what did he worry? What’s yet another violation to him?

    Start defaulting on loans and accruing debt and then it becomes a legal matter.

  23. My cracked skull advisor told me to study hard and be an asset to my community…crap I could’ve had jewelry??

    Now I’m in a dark place.

  24. “Wells says Bryant wants to settle his debts, and is currently in a “dark place.” (That caused Tim McMahon to wonder if Bryant has paid his electricity bill.)”

    Nice quip Rosenthal. Too bad McMahon was the funny one.

  25. Is this really a surprise? I mean, when your mom is a “lady of the night”, and your father is her pimp, what do you expect? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  26. Dez (Cam Newton) Bryant was a (Cam Newton) high character (Cam Newton) risk who seems to (Cam Newton) be proving the cynics (Cam Newton) correct.

  27. Anyone remember the prostitute quesion ? Seems appropriate now,,,dont it ? Wonder if Jerry Jones asked Bryant any questions. AFter years of not having to, you know actually pay bills, is it any wonder why Bryant doesnt pay them now ? Sherman is gone,,,alls dark in Dez Bryants world. How many young Americans are fighting and dying in Afghanistan/Iraq as PFT wonders about the dark world of Dizzy Bryant ??

  28. Dude..Fire your advisor…his advice sucks! It really makes you wonder why teams even bother with wonderlic tests and the like. This guys is LIVING PROOF that retards can play football at a professional level! What’s even more disturbing is he graduated from college. That’s a hellova school with fine program right there, without a doubt.

  29. I’ve said this before but this guy had a tragic childhood. He was kicked out of the house when he was 8 by his dad for eating too much food and just lived all over the place. He never lived in a structured household until he was 18 when he moved in with his girlfriend’s family. He obviously doesn’t have all of his life skills down and has the maturity of a 10 year older. And if guys like Wells are advising this kid, then yeah, He won’t retain a single cent when his playing days are over. And it’s a shame because from what people say, he’s a goodhearted kid. He just needs chaperone.

  30. hobartbaker says:
    Mar 30, 2011 2:12 PM
    Dez (Cam Newton) Bryant was a (Cam Newton) high character (Cam Newton) risk who seems to (Cam Newton) be proving the cynics (Cam Newton) correct.

    Cam Newton is a different animal. Dez can’t function properly in civilized society because of lack of structure in his life. Cam just sounds like a deceitful dirtbag.

  31. These players have way too much discretionary income…..and they’re complaining about not getting ENOUGH!!!

    I think the next CBA should have a provision in it where the players have to donate at least 20% of their salary to a recognized charity.

  32. I just have to realize there is a reason I’m no GM, cause I surely would have taken him over Gresham.

  33. Dez Bryant is ‘in the dark’ because he’s just not that intelligent … he can play ball, but he sure is wasting the opportunity he has.

    But Jerry will clean up the mess, hoping #88 will have 90 catches and 10 TDs in 2011 – and Dez will continue to act like a moron.

  34. “Wells helped Bryant get expensive jewelry when Bryant was still a student at Oklahoma State. He does not believe that is a NCAA violation. (Reasonable minds may disagree. Like the NCAA.)”

    If he didn’t pay for the jewelry, then it was a gift. If it was a gift, it was an NCAA violation. OSU is going to get nailed for that.

  35. Hey, Jeff Ireland saw this coming. Well, I am sure most reasonable people would have seen this coming.

  36. The teams were warned BEFORE the draft that Dez was a Diva and not too bright,but Jerra didn’t listen and drafted him anyway.
    Then right away in training camp all the warnings were confirmed when Dez refused to carry the shoulder pads of his veteran team mates,because ,after all,he was Dez Bryant and he was above the rest of humanity ! That might have been standard proceedure for all the OTHER rookies but Dez after all is special !
    I wonder if he wears all his bling during practice ? I wonder if his collection includes a crown ? 🙂

  37. Chapter 11, Dez and the debt goes away (sort of). But you’ll probably loose all your BLING. Was wearing that crap actually worth it?

  38. Dez is a “hat turned sideways pants on the ground” kinda these problems are to be expected.

  39. Dez Bryant’s adviser is an absolute idiot. He’s not getting paid because if he were, he’d be sued for incompetence.

    He’s an old dude who gets off on having these young guys dependent on him. Your little joke about “We wonder if Dez Bryant paid his electric bill” doesn’t make any sense because DEZ BRYANT LIVES WITH THIS DUDE.

    That’s right. The millionaire NFL athlete, who has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of customized bling, lives with a 50 year old retired bail bondsman/private investigator/body guard. I’m already working on the sitcom pilot.

    He gives Dez Bryant invaluable advice on how to be a man, such as the importance of cleaning your room, making your bed every morning, and washing your clothes.

    I don’t know what Dez Bryant would do without him. Maybe he’d hire a maid.

  40. I think that the Cowboys should cut Bryant when his credit score drops below 500.

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