Time hasn’t softened Fran Tarkenton’s opinion of Brett Favre

Vikings Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton believes there are 5-6 quality quarterbacks in this draft, and the Vikings need to pick up one of them.

The team is looking for a new quarterback, of course, because the Brett Favre era ended in ignominy last year.   (We think.) Tarkenton was an outspoken critic of the team’s decision to bring Favre to the team, and says it was ultimately unnecessary.

“The Vikings, they had been winning division championships.  I think they’ve had the best 40-man roster probably in football the last 3-5 years.  They were winning a division title with Gus Frerotte who is about 80 years old!”

For the rest of Fran’s great take on the labor situation, you can download the entire show via iTunes or watch the whole interview on the PFT Live homepage.

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34 responses to “Time hasn’t softened Fran Tarkenton’s opinion of Brett Favre

  1. Best roster in the last 5 years? Lol! Yeah their super bowl case proves that theory. They won two division titles and that makes them the best? Division titles mean nothing. Just ask Bears fans.

  2. Did he really just say that? The best 40 man roster for the last 3-5 years? Yeah their defense has been pretty good and their offense wasn’t bad but to say they’ve had the best roster over the last 3-5 years is over the top. How can you even support or defend that claim? I would say they are in the top 10, prolly the up side of 5 but not the top. Their defensive backfield has been exposed. Teams were able to throw on them quite a bit and Jared Allen struggled. Before Percy Harvin arrived they had a below average group of receivers. Pre-Adrian Peterson wasn’t a great time for the Vikes either. Outside of Robert Smith name the last good back.

  3. He’s right. The Vikings had most of the pieces and the addition of Favre screwed it all up. I don’t care that Favre “almost got it done” in 2009….he’s a cancer, and he messed up a very good chemistry that didn’t need him in the first place. His “my way is the only way” attitude is what got him on the train out of GB. Vikings management went all-in with Favre instead of building the few remaining pieces they needed to sustain a top-drawer level of consistency and competitiveness. They wanted it all……right now….and now they are paying the price. They may get lucky and draft a decent QB that is able to take advantage of whatever talent remains before it all slides backwards, but the odds are against it. If they had done so three years ago, their QB pick may be leading them to a SuperBowl very soon, but they got blinded by the light of Favre. Too bad.

  4. Why does Fran Tarkenton think his opinion means anything. Didn’t this man lead the Vikings to 2 or 3 Super Bowls and LOSE THEM ALL. All when the Vikings were the favored team? This man couldn’t seal the deal when he had his time. I’m definitely not a Brett Favre supporter, but Favre does have a Super Bowl victory. Fran, just shut your mouth. Go into obscurity. Nobody wants to hear you talk about the labor negotiations & nobody cares about your take on Favre.

    And I’m a Vikings fan. Just shut up.

  5. Kind of hard to say you had the best roster for the last 5 years when no one knew the Vikings were even in the league until Favre got there and at that point, they only knew about it because Favre was sending junk pics to sideline assistants, propositioning physical therapists/masseuses and slapping dudes on the ass.

    I mean it’s not like they actually won anything really.

    But hey, keep holding onto the dream that the Vikings matter to anyone but LA football fans.

  6. @ teal379…

    You should take a minute and stop talking out of your a$$. If you think that the fans in Minnesota don’t care about their team you’re sorely mistaken. You don’t sell out every game since 1998 without a solid fan base. You’re probably a packer fan though, so you won’t ever produce an informed, reasonable comment.

  7. I’ve mostly agreed with Fran on Favre, but the ‘best roster’ comment might be the dumbest thing I have heard from a supposed credible source in recent memory. Anyway, when did teams start playing with 40 players?

  8. The name is Francis Tarkenton……..but everybody calls me psycho. If any of you guys call me Francis, I’ll kill you.

  9. The Vikings were a .500 team in the three years prior to Favre and had won one division title in the last 7 years. That hardly qualifies them as the best team in the last 3 to 5. Their defense is only effective in climate controlled crowd noise enhances environments. Offensively, they are average everywhere except at running back.

  10. Happy Francis Tarkenton. He’s so happy (wink*wink) Mr Twinkletoes needs to pay back the investors he defrauded.

  11. As a Packer fan, I obviously don’t want the Vikings to win and have strong opinions about Favre. With that said, if you are a Vikings fan I don’t see how you can be too critical. They rolled the dice on a future hall of famer who still had a strong arm and came one, stupid interception from a super bowl.

  12. Shut up Fran! How many Super Bowls did you win??? Oh yeah thats right….Zero! Just because we didnt win the Super Bowl doesnt mean it was a mistake to get Favre. We had a great season and just because it didnt work before doesnt mean it cant work this year. If we stay healthy and Favre comes back we could win it all. I still say we should draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round but i hope & think Favre will come back.

  13. “They rolled the dice on a future hall of famer who still had a strong arm and came one, stupid interception from a super bowl.”

    Negative. If Favre threw an incompleteion it would have still taken a career long FG from Longwell (who Ted Thompson cut because his leg was getting weaker with age) to win it. Either way, the game goes into OT. The biggest reason the Vikings lost was due to fumbles (the biggest of which was that of Peterson at the end of the first half, though charged to Favre, he put it in his bred basket and Peterson fumbled the ball) and a horrible Pass INT call in OT.

    Vikings don’t make the playoffs in 09 without Favre and the Packers win the Division that year.

  14. Why the Vikings are the most inept team in professional sports history

    ** 4 Superbowl losses

    ** 5 straight losses in NFC Championship games

    **Gary Anderson who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history (not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year), missed a 38-yard attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining in NFC championship game that most likely puts Vikes in Superbowl in 98.

    **in 2003 Arizona’s last second touchdown on 4th and 28 against Vikings eliminated Vikings from playoffs. The moment of Arizona’s touchdown was actually the first moment the entire season in which the Vikings hadn’t led their division. The Vikings became the second team in football history to miss the playoffs after getting off to a 6-0 start

    **The “Hail Mary” pass Drew Pearson caught against the Vikes in 75 NFC championship to give Dallas the win in the final minute.

    **Jim Marshall’s wrong way run

    **The Herschel Walker trade in which Vikings gave Dallas three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder in addition to 5 players. Walker lasts only 3 seasons in Minnesota
    ** In 1999 the Vikings select Michigan State Defensive end Dimitrius Underwood with the 29th overall pick. Underwood spent one day in camp and walked out. It was eventually shown Underwood suffered from mental Illness. The ineptness of the Vikings comes into play because his coaches at Michigan State warned NFL scouts that he was not mentally stable enough to play in the NFL.
    **Vikings despite being favored, The Vikings lose 41-0 in NFC championship game in 2000.
    **Green Bays Antonio Freeman makes one of the all time great miracle catches in overtime to defeat Vikings in 2000
    **2003 In yet another move of ineptness the Vikings are on the board in the first round of the 2003 draft with the 7th overall pick. The Vikings missed the deadline to make the pick. Meanwhile, the two teams immediately behind Minnesota on the board Jacksonville and Carolina rushed their cards to the podium in New York and made their picks before the Vikings.
    ** With 19 seconds remaining in the 2010 NFC Championship game the Vikings call a timeout on 3rd and 10 at the Saints 33 yard line. They had one timeout remaining, so the smart money was on them running the ball and hoping to gain four to five yards — thus setting up an approximately 45-yard field goal as time expired to win the game. On that next play the Vikings are penalized for 12 men in the huddle. The penalty pushed them out of FG range and most likely cost them a trip to the Superbowl. See below for nail in the coffin on the next play
    **2010 Favre`s 4th down 4th quarter interception with seconds remaining vs Saints in NFC championship puts New Orleans in Superbowl.
    * Between 1986 and 1990, nine Vikings were arrested for drunken driving, and receiver Buster Rhymes was treated for cocaine dependency.

    * In 1988, citing “overwhelming negative response” from the public, the Vikings released convicted sex offender Mossy Cade.

    * In 1994, Joey Browner is charged with third-degree rape in Minneapolis. Charges are later dismissed.

    * In 1995, running back Keith Henderson pleaded guilty to three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

    * 1995, Star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is arrested in Houston and charged with misdemeanor assault after he slapped his wife, choking her “nearly to the point of unconsciousness.” Moon is later acquitted after his wife refuses to testify. A few months previously, Moon had been charged with sexual assault by a Vikings cheerleader in a case that was settled out of court.

    * That year, Moon allegedly struck his wife in the head with an open hand and choked her to the point where she almost passed out, according to police in Missouri City, Texas.

    She did not press charges and, although the case went to trial anyway, Moon was found not guilty.

    * In 1995, the Star Tribune reported that the Vikings paid $150,000 to head off a sexual harassment suit against Vikings assistant coach Richard Solomon, coach Dennis Green’s closest friend on the staff.

    * In 1996, James Harris, Minnesota Vikings defensive end, pleads guilty to third-degree assault for beating his wife.

    * In 1999, safety Orlando Thomas was disciplined by the NFL after pleading no contest to the misdemeanor charge of simple battery on his wife.

    * In 2002, receiver Randy Moss knocked a traffic cop to the ground with his car, then was charged with drug possession. He later reached an out-of-court settlement with the officer.

    * In 2002, two women claimed to be sexually assaulted at the team’s Arctic Blast fundraiser.

    * In 2004, linebackers E.J. Henderson and Michael Nattiel and tight end Steve Farmer were arrested after officers said they saw the players assaulting a man outside the Tabu nightclub in Minneapolis.

    * In 2005, running back Onterrio Smith was suspended by the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, two months after being caught at an airport with The Original Whizzinator, a kit designed to circumvent drug tests.

    * Also in 2005, coach Mike Tice was fined by the NFL for scalping Super Bowl tickets, and defensive tackle Kevin Williams was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.

    * Wide receiver Kelly Campbell driving a stolen SUV high with a stolen and weapon, with 16 grams of marijuana

    * Daunte Culpepper’s SUV involved in drug arrest

    * Former running back Ted Brown was indicted by a Mille Lacs County grand jury in late 2003 on first-and third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after an incident at a team function on Lake Mille Lacs. He remains free on bail.

    Brown is charged in a February 2003 incident during the Vikings’ annual Arctic Blast event at Eddy’s Resort. Prosecutors allege that Brown forced sex on an intoxicated woman who was unable to consent.
    *Koren Robinson getting a DUI
    * Tommy Kramer DUI
    * Donald Igwebuike involved in drug trafficking
    * Robert Tate threatening to have the mother of his child beaten up by his cousin
    * Kenny Mixon not 1, not 2, but 3 DUI’s while with the team
    * Former Executive Mike Kelly getting a DUI going to bail out players at the Arctic Blast
    * Denny Green Sexual Harassment Allegations
    * EJ Henderson DUI * *While every team makes draft blunders I especially like this one. In 2005 the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers … twice. Once, to draft wide receiver Troy Williamson at No. 7 and again at No. 18 picking defensive end Erasmus James. Neither lived up to their hype and even more noteworthy both aren’t on the roster
    * January 2011 Vikings De Everson Griffin being arrested 2 times within 3 days. He was Drunk in public and then 3 days later was tased by the police after trying to run away after being pulled over for suspicion of felony battery.
    * 2010 Vikings trade a 3rd round draft pick to Patriots for WR Randy Moss. Moss is cut 4 games later

    *Oh, yeah, that whole sex boat scandal too.
    * 2011 Vikings sign Johnny Jolly ??
    I`m sure there are things I missed but this is why

    I believe the Vikings are the most inept team Professional sports history

  15. Before Favre arrived in Minnesota, everyone appreciated Fran Tarkenton. He took MN to 3 Super Bowls. I believe Viking fans would take that nowadays. It’s unfortunate that his criticism of Favre would taint his Minnesota legacy.

  16. Fran was an awesome player in his day. At least he still cares about the team he played for most of his career. As a Packer fan I want to say mountaindont you’ve pasted that boring crap enough. Who cares how many games the Vikings won or lost or what their players do off the field.

  17. mountaindont says:
    Mar 30, 2011 8:09 PM

    Did you have all that stored on your computer or do you have it memorized?
    Either way you have a serious mental problem.

  18. You should take a minute and stop talking out of your a$$. If you think that the fans in Minnesota don’t care about their team you’re sorely mistaken. You don’t sell out every game since 1998 without a solid fan base. You’re probably a packer fan though, so you won’t ever produce an informed, reasonable comment.


    Since 1998? Wow that’s a charged up fan base, there are only these teams ahead of you for longer streaks –

    Packers, Redskins, Steelers, Broncos, 49-ers, Giants, Jets, Bears, Cowboys, Patriots, Ravens, and the Titans ahead of you. Or about 38% of the league. You’re all of 5 games better than the Tampa Buccaneers.

    I’m sure some fans care about the Vikings, maybe a lot of fans do but they don’t care enough to be killing their elected officials to get something done on a stadium and the don’t care enough to make it darn near impossible to think about moving the team.

    On a macro, NFL wide radar, the Vikings simply don’t register across the country.

    Heck – jersey sales wise, no Vikings in the top 10 with Favre coming in at 12 for 2010. BUT guys like Eli Manning, Romo, Sanchez, Vick and Tebow are all ahead of him. There simply isn’t a National Viking fan base out there.

    AND a top 5 40 man roster over the last several years would or SHOULD create enough of a following to surpass such outstanding talent like Eli Manning or a third/second string QB like Tebow. That’s the point here. Fran claiming they have top 5 talent roster. OBVIOUSLY they don’t, because if they did, they’d have a full band wagon and you’d see the jersey sales and game sell outs to go with it.

    In other words – Eli Manning has more people on his talent band wagon than anyone on the Vikings. Explain to me again how that’s top 5 talent? (and before you cry about the population difference between the Twin Cities and NY – Aaron Rodgers from the Packers is #4 from a city of about 200k)

  19. OK, how many of you actually downloaded the interview to hear Grandpa Fran’s take on the labor situation? Yeah, me neither.

  20. People….such as MOUNTAINDONT, who come on here and leave multiple paragraph comments assure me of 2 things. 1, they are absolute losers with nothing to do with their lives, and 2, they’ve never seen women’s breasts’. PATHETIC.

  21. I swear, delusional thinking must be a requirement for being a Viking or Viking fan. Everybody is entitled to thier opinion but few get a chance to broadcast their stupidity across the US like Fran does.

    Best 40 man roster? I would think the easiest way to validate that claim would be to look at the number of Superbowls that 40 man roster won. The answer is zero, the same answer to the question of how many Superbowls that the vaulted 40 man roster even got to.

    Everyone realizes that the Vikings need to draft a QB, even Viking fans are coming around to that conclusion after years of defending T Jack Off. The only thing we know for sure is that the worse thing a team could do is reach for a player in the draft –much like the last two QB’s the Vikings drafted, both times they traded up losing valuable draft picks to do so and both times the Qb was a bust. There are real consequences for poor drafting, look no further than the last 35 years of the Vikings for proof.

  22. Wow, you Vikings haters have way too much time on your hands. I hope you are a college student or retired. If not, GET A JOB. Poeple like JimmySmith and mountaindont who post these crazy comments EVERYDAY need to get a life. It’s ok though, Maybe you’re just joulous of Vikings fans. Think about it. Look at all we’ve been through (thanks mountaindont for pointing out all the history)…. and yet we’re still here, chearing on our team. The fanbase keeps growing. You can call us delusional, crazy, or inept, and maybe we are. But the fact is, its not easy being a Vikings fan. We have no superbowls, and for whatever reason, this team just continues to disapoint. Yet, we love our team. You Vikings haters wish you had loyalty like that. It’s easy being a Packers fan, Bears fan, or Saints fan because your organization is run better and you have won. But next time you post a hater comment, tell yourslef….WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.

    SKOL Vikings

  23. So according to teal379, the loyalty of a fan base is determined by how many elected officials they kill, and the talent level of a team is determined by how many jerseys they sell. Last year was a terrible year but in 2009 Favre was the best-selling jersey by far and Peterson is always up there. Also, they had 10 guys in the Pro Bowl which was way more than any other team. I think that suggests that there was a little bit of talent on that team. They didn’t have a QB so they rolled the dice on Favre and it almost worked.

  24. @2dalake Obviously the Vikings fans do care what I post. Look at all the responses I`ve gotten over the past week or two. Actually I do admire any fan that sticks with his/her team through thick and thin. My list isn`t a opinion it is fact. The fact that the Vikings and the Packers are rivals makes it fun to post this list. I strongly encourage any Viking fan to make a similar list about the Packers. Of course you can list the Jolly`s Chumura`s,etc but I doubt you could come up with a list from any team to match the Vikings. People bashing teams onfield/offfield on this forum has been happening long before I got here. I just put together an accurate history of the Vikings. If someone doesnt like it then simply scroll past it.


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