Bills will go after defense, lie about their draft plans

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When Chan Gailey took over in Buffalo, the defense actually looked to be in decent shape.  In four seasons with Dick Jauron, the Bills never ranked below 18th in points allowed.

Gailey transitioned the team to a 3-4 defense, and the team fell all the way to the 28th in points allowed.  (They remained 28th in points scored.)   Suddenly, defense looks likes the team’s biggest priorities.

“If I had to say today, I’d say we’re going to use most of our picks defensively,” Gailey told Bills season ticket holders Tuesday, via  “I think we have to try to shore up our defensive football team. We have to try to get stronger there, get quicker there, get nastier there.”

We would still bet on the Bills taking a quarterback at No. 3, although Gailey said quarterback is not the team’s biggest need.

Then again, Gailey’s buddy G.M. Buddy Nix had another quote worth keeping in mind for the next month.

“It’s not a sin to tell a lie pre-draft,” Nix said.  “Everybody does it.  It’s accepted.  So everything you hear or read or see, you need to keep in mind that about 10 percent of it’s the truth.”

11 responses to “Bills will go after defense, lie about their draft plans

  1. If we take Gailey at his word (??), then he’s only telling about 10% of the ‘truth.’

    … was that statement in the 10% or not?

  2. Like any team changing defensive schemes … they need some big help in their front 7. They have 2 players worth a damn in Kevin Williams and Poz, now they need to add some pieces. They could also use some O-line help, but there’s no one worth drafting that high. I’d be surprised if they passed on Von Miller. Newton makes sense if he falls since he fits the Chan Gailey mold, but I get the feeling the talk of other qb’s is just a smoke screen.

  3. Yea, its like good cop bad cop – Gaily is a straight shooter, Buddy Nix lies 90% of the time – They work well together.

  4. Gailey doesn’t know the difference between offense and defense. Not a clue. The Bills are doomed to the bottom of the ranks with him there.

  5. This article was dumb. Chan is the man. He wants Defense, and they will end up drafting mostly defense. Not taking a QB at 3 because none of them are future QB’s. I say they will either get peterson, dareus, or miller…Go Bills

  6. HEY you lie to…trying to pass yourselves off as fair in your coverage of the labor debate……..Your lying……get over it.

  7. Alright, finally! I think Chan knows what he’s doing. I think it’s expected that a team drafting in the top-5 says they’re intrested in the top quarterback prospects, just to please the media. He knows what he has more than anybody else. Also, it’s Kyle Williams, not Kevin. And Poz really isn’t worth a dang anyways, I’d like to see him replaced, or paired with a better ILB. I think we have 4 solid pieces to build on, on defense. Moats, Williams, McKelvin,and Byrd. I honestly wouldn’t mind drafting Peterson either. Lets Go Bills!!!!

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